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    For the Valacirca!
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    Horses (Shetland ponies), blue jays, sulphur-crested cockatoos, barn owls.

    Roman, Norse/Viking, Eastern European (especially Baltic and Slavic), medieval Western European, Victorian England, Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union, 50's-70's America.

    Writing stories, writing descriptions, drawing, poetry, inventing fictional languages and cultures (worldbuilding), researching and subverting cliches, shapes, geometry, architecture, cultural/exotic fashion, researching behaviour.


    Classical Western music, Jazz, Medieval violins, church choirs, (sometimes Dubstep, ogh!), Japanese music, Javanese music, composing music, singing, Arabian music (and melodies), *PIANO*, medieval European fiddles, pipe organs (like those in churches).

    Subcultures/Fiction (other than MLP:FiM):

    Lord of the Rings (especially the Quendi of the Silmarillion), Doctor Who, G-Mod, steampunk, Assassin's Creed, cyberpunk, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Mummy films, European medieval fantasy, science fiction, ANACHRONISM, Gulliver's Travels (especially Houyhnhnms), randomness.

    Languages I'm interested in (not use every-day):


    Russian, Manchu, Latvian, Classical Latin, Old English, Old Norse, Classical Greek, Lithuanian, Sanskrit, (occasionally) Old Chinese, Khalkha Mongolian,.

    (also, outdated spellings are best)

    conlangs, such as Quenya.


    Mythology, video-games, outdated norms, speaking in a British accent, daydreaming, social life in regions or countries, constellations, cultural holidays and festivals (like Chinese New Yesr, Tanabata, and Japanese Matsuris).

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    Equestria Girls

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Gilda the Griffon
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    Changeling or Other
  1. A picture inspired by a comment on Derpibooru about Gallus in Myanmar. Here, I made Gallus into a Garuda, with Sri Vishnu riding on his back. It is actually a dream. The Kawi (ancient Malay/Sanskrit) text reads: (Above Vishnu): Shrī Vishnu (Below Gallus): Gallës sī Garuda (Above Sandbar): Sī Sendbār (Sandbar's words): Sūsvapnāh (sweet dreams)
  2. Here, Prince Fang has to choose between two beautiful, powerful princesses: the cool and frigid Whitney, or the fiery and mischievous Audie. Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/horsesplease/art/A-Ice-and-Fire-849225516
  3. Sailodroz garhvjawaz nauvi naknoroz?
  4. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    What part of it did you like the most? (I also hope you can buy a copy -- a horse's perspective and how it handles technology makes a fun read!)
  5. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    It's been a long while since I've been to this site, but I would like to give something in return for the influence MLP has on my life. On January, I have written and published my first book on Amazon, "Unicorn Farmhand". It is about an intelligent horse who loves to write messages to his owners, and after noticing that he writes in fluent sentences, they take him to sports and talent contests where he becomes famous. The horse, Dok Saau, also wants his owners to help him get rid of his recurring nightmares: the names of his abusers that hurt him when he was a foal. This science fict
  6. I had this idea from the MLP Movie trailer, in which Party Favor's despair over his crushed balloon friend makes him look like a howling wolf, and by extension, a dog. So, if Party Favor were a dog, which breed do you think he would belong to? Alsatian, Husky, or Retriever?
  7. No, what I meant is how would the movies of those humanised ponies be different, such as what kinds of stories do they tell instead?
  8. When Equestria Girls was first released into the public, some feminists condemned the movie for its stereotypical high school premise being a bad influence to its target audience of young girls. Say, if the makers decided to make EqG more "feminist" (to cater to those critics, and also to appeal to the "SJW"s of Tumblr and the like), how do you think the humanised ponies would be different?
  9. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Gilda Fan Club

    Is there anyone here who plays Total War: Warhammer? Whenever I see gryphons or the Empire, I think of Gilda:
  10. Absolutely not. On the other hand, I would like to sit by and laugh as I watch her force somepony else into her obsession with makeovers.
  11. Sometimes, I like to imagine Twilight Sparkle (especially her EqG form) as a villain, because since she is like the "leader" of the main characters, it would also be fun to imagine her as something like an "evil empress who brings death". One idea I had about her involves a fictional country treating her as if she were like the Grim Reaper (as she resembles a tyrannical death goddess in their mythology): either they freak out and run from her very appearance, pretend to be her to scare their friends, or cosplay as her because they just like folk dances or her beautiful dress. So this idea le
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