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  1. Hey, I'm back online, how is this corner of the internet faring?

  2. Hey, I'm back online for a short while. How are y'all'

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      Hello! I'm Currently doing Great, Thanks!

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      I'm doing good thanks

  3. Hey guys, known I've been offline for a while. So Hey.

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      Thanks Illusive, how you been faring?

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  4. I'm bored. Curses.

  5. OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/155746-the-lost-worlds/ RP: Not Yet Up Inspired, but not fully, by the video game Destiny Introduction/General RP Backstory: A long time ago, the worlds of cosmos were ordered, and in peace. Everything was in order, and every creature that existed in the Equestrian Quadrant was content and happy. Offworld travel was common, and many creatures, not just ponies and dragons, came to and from the world of Equus. Technology had sprung rapidly ahead: Laser rifles, autonomous vehicles, land-to-space craft, mechanized prosthetics (that were affordable), and o
  6. Bored out of my mind.

  7. Segundo thought it was probably wise to leave this pony alone. Segundo said "Good Day, Sorry for disturbing you." Segundo set off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@Colenso Rivers, A while later he was on the outskirts of town, and he heard gunfire. Segundo crouched and lept onto a building, trusting he could make the jump. It was a bit taller that he expected, but he managed to catch a ladder and climbed up the railing. He looked over and saw a pony with a sniper rifle about to fire... And some armored pony had just transformed. "By the stars... That's the last one. Though... could it be
  8. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    Façade leaned over a computer terminal and grabbed a glass, and handed it to Indicus. "I'm good Redwood. I think I'll check that shipment now. Feel free to explore and ask around," Façade then set off through a new blast door in the library into the armory, which contained about ten to fifteen large crates.
  9. "Huh, well nice to meet ya. My name is Segundo. How are you this fine evening Mr......" Segundo extended his paw, and very quietly muttered to himself, which casted a quickened spell invisible to the eye. He smiled warmly has he extended his paw to the... Segundo guessed shy(?) pony.
  10. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    Façade took a couple of them and flipped through them. "Your cleared. So if you need anything, just run by me. I'm going to head to the armory and take a look at a shipment I had recently ordered. You're welcome to come along. And Indicus, I need an ID." Façade adjusted his shirt and smiled. He then looked at the hologlobe. "And just in case you're wondering, no magic is being used."
  11. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    Façade eyed the dog tags, "Yep, that will work." Façade smiled as he entered the library, and there was an command station amougst the books. The bookshelves have been moved to the walls, and the room had been restored and refurnished. A holographic globe dominated the room. And computer terminals surround it. On the far wall, a blast door sat, and a dropship is being lowered into the expansive room. "We've kinda retrofitted the castle into a command base.
  12. @@SigmaBrony, Nice to meet you, and yes, I'm a wizard. I'm currently about to head to the park—" A loud engine was heard. Segundo then said, "Well sorry, but that is my train, nice to meet you," Segundo boarded the train and smiled as the items he had enchanted were disenchanted. "Well that worked out well. It's coming together. Segundo memorized the signature dismantling his spell work." @@Sinusoid, Segundo got off to the park, and sensed a pony behind a tree. Rounding about it Segundo just looked at the unicycle. "Huh."
  13. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    Façade smiled and stood up. "Follow me." Façade began walking to the library. "Just to tell you all now, since you're here, name's Dark Façade, and yes, it's a c that sounds like an s. You may ask why? Does it look like I care? I've been sent by Captain Holiness the I, and yes I referred to the Sun Princess that way because I don't like her. I have been assigned a mission: to take down a major arms dealer in Saddle Arabia. However I do it is up to me. And I am allowed to call on help. I chose you. So what do ya say? You in?" Façade said with a smirk.
  14. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    A slurp of coffee was heard, "Hello Redwood," A voice said, "You're here first, that's good, the others should be soon. Name is Dark Façade." Façade smiled and then proceeded to yawn. "I'm not quite awake yet." A damaged chair laid on the floor, and Façade picked it up and sat down on it, to wait for the others.
  15. I had a feelin we would agree. ^^
  16. I'm thinkin' Anthro, so we'll do that.
  17. Want to put it to a vote? I can work with whatever.
  18. @@Rokkurin,@@Shadow Dancer,@@crispy fries, RP is up!
  19. DarkHaert

    Open Out with a Bang

    OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/150793-out-with-a-bang-ooc/#entry4491588 A letter has arrived at your residence today.... How curious it's on rather fancy paper. The letter inside appears to have come from the Dual Crown of the Princesses! This is what is transcribed on the letters: To whom it may concern, "Two monthes ago we had began a process, to gather several individuals... with particular talents such as yourself. Being such, you have been selected to participate in a program regarding Equestra's safety. On orders of her Sun Holiness, you must come to the Castle of the Two s
  20. @@crispy fries, ACCEPTED I had already reviewed your character. @@Rokkurin,@@Shadow Dancer,@@crispy fries, SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED. YOU GUYS ARE THE PLAYERS.
  21. Alrighty then, @@Rokkurin,@@Shadow Dancer, ACCEPTED
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