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  1. wardomatic

    S07:E04 - Rock Solid Friendship

    Hi guys, Wardomatic here. I'm popping my head in to say that I had the great honor to work on this episode! I'm a Maud fan now. For the record, I boarded out the first half of the episode, and the fantastically talented Sherann Johnson (she's been in the industry for YEARS - worked on Ed Edd and Eddy, among others) did the 2nd half. My favorite thing to board out was the dichotomy between Pinkie Pie and Maud. Both are so very different, making the acting and poses a lot of fun. ENJOY! PS: sorry, can't respond to any questions here since I'm currently working on S8 stuff. SO BUSY. bye!
  2. wardomatic

    Season 7 Confirmed

    Yay! Finally I can say that I worked on an episode for Season 7. *WHEW* The suspense was killing me!
  3. wardomatic

    S06:E22 - P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)

    This was probably my favorite episode to storyboard, along with The Times They Are a Changeling. It was crazy hectic working on it, though, as I boarded out all the flashback stories each of the ponies told (in their own viewpoints). Was a LOT of fun doing expressions for Applejack and Pinkie Pie, and interesting to see how each of the ponies viewed each other. To answer your question, ggg-2 - RASHOMON is a classic film from 1950, directed by Akira Kurosawa. It's considered a classic because of the way the story is laid out: there's an event that happened and it's told by three different people - with three different versions. Now, they call it the "Rashomon effect" - and P.P.O.V.'s story is done like that. It's a pretty fun technique, story-wise, as we get to see interesting characterization for each pony telling their version of the story. For reference for this episode, I watched RASHOMON (would've been my 2nd time) and took notes and sketched out some staging and layouts for possible ideas. I had some interesting boards that borrowed heavily from the film at one point in the MLP story, but it proved to be taking up too much time. However, sketching from the film did help me get in the right mindset and helped with other staging, etc.
  4. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    I really don't think they go back to the writers' if something isn't working. The story is pretty much locked down by the time we get the script, and I'm sure that Hasbro makes sure of that as well. I really don't know much of the story side of things, but if something isn't working, we make sure it's hashed out by the time the animators start animating. Editing for the animatic also helps work out any issues as well. I love movies and cinema, first and foremost. I love a lot of different genres, so many to list here. Some day I'll list movies that had a big influence on me. I promise! I haven't noticed that. Not sure why that is! No, not really. For one thing, I work remotely and do all my interacting with my supervisor and director via Skype. After me and the other board artist deliver our rough boards, we have a big meeting and do a walk-through of the episode and the director will see what's working and what's not. (We actually do the main walk-through BEFORE any boards are worked on, and I make notes for anything worth needing to know.)
  5. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    I had a lot of full background pans (from previous episodes) for me to work with. Sometimes I used the BG's as-is - dropping them into my boards and then cropping however I choose for the story. Other times, I'd make some background scenes for myself, but knowing full well that I can't do TOO much since we are under a budget and/or time. The angularity was a challenge, but not so much as I thought it would be. I did a lot of scenes in the ice cave, actually. I would say that the FANS could be the students of Twilight, but not entirely. Even though there's educational value to the show, it's still entertainment!
  6. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    Yes, I'm familiar with Fraggle Rock. I remember when it first aired on HBO back in the late-70s/early-80s. Great show! I think I was a bit too old for the demographic, but I watched it anyway because I loved anything Jim Henson related (Dark Crystal!). Just so you know, I don't work at the same place as all the MLP artists and animators, so I can't really pass on anything to them. I'm pretty sure that Big Jim and others who work on the show are aware of Fraggle Rock. It's a great show that has timeless themes throughout the series.
  7. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    No, board artists do not work with the writers. Their work is pretty much done and then it's given over to us. It's up to the directors to keep the nature of the story in line with the rest of the show. That's why I think Big Jim is a fantastic director and has been doing his best to keep the MLP torch going strong.
  8. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    Yeah, I did the Thorax flashback scene with all the grubs! That was pretty fun to do. Also, drawing all the little grubs squirming through Chrysalis's legs. Lots of good natured grossness! Spike's a fun character to board out because of his arms and actual hands with fingers! Yes - it was nice to change out to a bipedal character for a bit while working on this show.
  9. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    Well, not really, but since I'm a perfectionist, that does hinder my progress. So, when a deadline is looming BIG, I have to give up a lot of details I normally would include, just so I can deliver on time. Thank you! It was a lot of fun working on this one. For the record, I didn't do any writing on the show - that's left up to the writers. We storyboard artists are the first to start imagining what the characters are going to do for the episode. We first get a script and then usually get the audio track of the entire episode - that way, we can base our expressions and posing from the voice actors' work. We then do a rough stage of boards, and then meet up with the storyboard supervisor and director and then make changes, tweaks, plussing. After my delivery of final boards, they'll sometimes have storyboard revisionists go in and add or change some expressions or maybe fix a scene that might not be working for the director. I'm partial to greenish ocre! Thanks, by the way. It's a fun show to work on! By the time I'm given the script and audio track, any new characters or scenes, etc. are already designed and colored. So, Thorax was already "done" by the time I start working on the boards. He was a very difficult character to board out because of the details of all the holes as well as the fact that he didn't have any pupils. I just had to do more with his head and eyebrows for the expressions, and do more front hoof movements. And head positions, etc.
  10. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    My favorite parts were: Spike talking to the rock ("You're not a changeling, are you?") and when Spike does the mirror bit with Thorax. I referenced I Love Lucy for that bit. A lot of fun and great expressions to work with on those two scenes.
  11. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 3.0: Revenge of the Ward

    Hi guys! I'll do my best to answer all the questions today. And if not today, as soon as I can get to them. But I promise to answer every single question! Yes. I was able to storyboard the first half of the episode, so basically, I boarded the first time we see Thorax. Yes, he was a difficult character to draw because of all the weirdness to him, and mostly because his eyes are less expressive. So, basically I had to do more with his head and front hooves movements and poses.
  12. wardomatic

    Spoiler "The Times They Are A Changeling" Synopsis now up

    I was one of the storyboard artists for this episode. As you probably well know, each MLP episode has two board artists. The other one for this ep was Hanna Lee. That's not the part I was referring to.
  13. wardomatic

    Spoiler "The Times They Are A Changeling" Synopsis now up

    I worked on this episode! And, for the record, the Zap2It's description does indeed have a typo. That's all I'm going to say there.
  14. wardomatic

    S06:E04 - On Your Marks

    Yes, the song was the first major challenge for me since it was important to get timing and pacing right as well as make sure that the audience reads Applebloom's emotional state. What was fun was boarding out all the dance moves for AB and Tender Taps. Especially when AB bumps into all the other dancers! That was a lot of fun. Yes! I referenced Gene Kelly AND Donald O'Connor for both of those dance moves. We wanted something BIG and what better way than to do a huge backflip a la "Make 'em Laugh"? I had fun boarding those sequences.
  15. wardomatic

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 2.0

    If you watch the episode On Your Marks, you'll notice that most of my work dealt with Applebloom - her storyline for the 2nd half of the episode is an interesting one, since she comes upon Tender Taps, who has a great talent, but is too scared to share it. So, I really enjoyed having to board out AB - I didn't have that much time to work on Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Hmm, I would like to board out anything with Discord - I've seen what he can do and his acting is so over-the-top, it would be a delight to board out sequences with him! Regarding Batman, Superman or Spider-Man...uhh...I like them all! But for different reasons. Actually, that was a board revision - I didn't create that shot, but man, it was a great one! Since it was revised after my work on the episode, I'm guessing that it was suggested by the director or storyboard supervisor on that shot. Originally, I had AB still in close-up on the bridge and then she looks up when she hears the dance instructor counting off screen. It was a great moment to have the song end on that bridge, wasn't it? I totally understood why they changed it. Well, I think I enjoy drawing Pinkie Pie because of how crazy you can get with the facial expressions. But I also enjoy drawing Twilight - she's a thinker, so it's alway enjoyable to board out characters who are trying to figure out things.