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  1. Heading out to the see the movie today with my girlfriend. It should be great! 

    1. Trazyiana Jones (Mickey Adaptus)
    2. Kyoshi


      Listening to some of the music from the movie right now, it is all so good. <3 I am sure you will enjoy it. 

  2. Mega Thread

    I'm currently slowly going through the second omnibus of the Space Wolves. It's a story about a new Space Marine and his journey to becoming a Wolf Lord. Great price for three stories
  3. I recently purchased a Warhammer 40k model, a Forgefiend for my Thousand Sons army. Can't wait to build it when I get home
  4. At Hascon in Providence. Hopefully I can see Andrea Libman and get an autograph :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Derplight Sperkle

      Derplight Sperkle

      I did get the autograph! And I only got to get the autographs, was at lunch when the event was on

    3. PiratePony


      Congrats on mod promotion btw :D

    4. Derplight Sperkle
  5. This thread is sentenced to General Discussion, where it truly belongs.
  6. Technology

    Take a look at this checklist here. Maybe one of those steps make fix your issue
  7. Hey @kingfan, This topic fits more in Media Discussion rather than I'll move it for you.
  8. Staff

    Just want to make staff announcements interesting. Plus, we got a history of clever staff announcements, it was just my time to continue Still remember that eh?
  9. Everyone evacuate! We got a nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl! Again! You wonder if they even learned from the last time... Also, watch out for the lightning. Yeah, I may have forgotten to warn you that there is a thunderstorm too. Take it from the resident staff Changeling, don't roll in lightning. I wouldn't recommend it. @Pripyat Pony and @Lightning Roller are going to put on their rubber Hazmat suits and trudge through the RP World as Sectional Staff members. Welcome to the team!
  10. Hi! I love your (our;)) vise motto in your!

    1. Fluttershy Friend
    2. Derplight Sperkle

      Derplight Sperkle

      Thanks! It's actually a quote from one of my favorite universes, Warhammer 40k

  11. Complete atheist here. Definitely feel that religion is unnecessary. Then I would avoid the debate pit....
  12. Yes my family knows. They found out after I put up some of the vinyl figures on my computer desk. That started a apparent tradition from my little brothers gifting me some pony every Christmas for the last couple years
  13. Hey @Derpy Fan This post belongs in the Sugarcube Corner section, where we discuss everything pony. Feedback is for feedback for the MLP Forums itself. I'll move it for you! As for the question, My favorite is the newest Princess, Twilight Sparkle. She is the most adorkable.
  14. I have no problem with this
  15. Princess Celestia has been applied for! Applications for the sun princess will end on July 26th.