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  1. Derplight Sperkle

    General What to do if encountered by OP OC's?

    Hey @Afiqlanz Studios, This topic feels more at home in Sugarcube Corner. There OC topic discussions are to be had. I'll move the topic over for you. As for your question, you can discuss with the other RPer and ask why they feel their OC can accomplish this maneuver. Eating anti-pony missiles do seem to be a little out of hand for anypony that isn't super powerful. Also, I feel that the other RPer didn't want to lose in the particular situation so this was thought up. In the end, I would discuss this with whoever you are roleplaying with instead of coming up with a way that could end up escalating to an OP off.
  2. Just bought my tickets for BronyCon this year. It looks like it will be a blast!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      There’s still time to get a ticket @Rikifive

    3. Rikifive


      But getting there from Poland would require more preparation and most likely much more money. :adorkable: I was thinking, that one year I'd try to get there (especially when I'd finally have something to show perhaps), but from what I know this will be the last one, so... I kinda failed. :P

    4. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      I know how you feel! I am going there from Germany.

  3. Derplight, it's great to see you! I see your couch is still doing well; you too, hopefully. I probably sound like a mother hen with all you guys but, I can't help but worry sometimes. You should visit the hive more often!

    1. Derplight Sperkle

      Derplight Sperkle

      I will come by in the future! I miss you guys at the hive

  4. Happy New Year from Boston!

  5. Derplight Sperkle

    My last laugh

    So sorry to see you go. The ship source will never be the same
  6. Merry Christmas Everypony!

  7. Derplight Sperkle

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    Still no couch stains. I’ll have a nice clean couch this year
  8. Derplight Sperkle

    Web How do i get viewers and subscribers on my YouTube channel?

    Hello @Phasereale, This topic fits more in our Media Discussion section. I’ve moved it over for you.
  9. Nobody would want to ban me. I'm a good little changeling
  10. Oh it will be great to see in person. I plan on being at Bronycon this coming year
  11. Derplight Sperkle

    $500 - Stretch Goal Prize B - Donor Song

    Always gotta vote for the changeling song. Just in case I’m voted later on
  12. Derplight Sperkle

    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    The couch is still safe. Cleaning pie stains will be troublesome
  13. Derplight Sperkle

    Princess Luna

    This app looks good to me. If I disapproved this, I may need to have a vacation couch on the moon Second approval granted.
  14. Derplight Sperkle

    Adopt a User

    Bugbros forever! There is always a spot on the couch for you