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  1. @Mickey Adaptus, @Techno Universal Upon hearing the last vox message, Hasdiel lowered his weapon. "Friendly xenos? I'll have to see this for myself," he muttered to himself. He advanced with the weapon at the ready, in case the head decided to be hostile. As Hasdiel got closer, he relayed the requested information. "It looks like a metallic head. It's poking over a bush. Getting into contact now." Hasdiel was within 25 feet of the contact. His instincts were screaming to take a shot at the easy target, but he couldn't anger Elyssios. The Astral Claw was his only way back at this point. With his weapon at the ready, one of his mechandrites lifted a nearby rock and threw it at the xenos' vision to get it's attention.
  2. @Mickey Adaptus Hasdiel had stayed behind when Elyssios headed off into the unknown wilderness. He had to at least try to repair the ship. His comm chatter so far has been with Corthus, the head Techmarine on the cruiser. Repairs were going much too slowly for Hasdiel's liking. He wanted to get back to the fight and avenge his fallen Chapter Master. Hasdiel was outside, trying to get into the engines when his auspex detected movement nearby. His mechandrites stopped their repairs while he moved to the source of the movement. "Brother Corthus, Movement detected outside our location, investigating now." Brother Elyssios radio chatter popped over the vox. "I've detected movement outside my location, investigating now," Hasdiel replied. @Techno Universal Plasma rifle drawn and ballistic mechandrite at the ready, Hasdiel saw a strange metallic head poking above a bush. "Contact. Unknown life form in sight," he relayed over the vox. He aimed the plasma rifle at the life form.
  3. @Mickey Adaptus So my Techmarine will be named Hasdiel and he will be a Lamenter. He will be on your Strike Cruiser as he last saw his Chapter Master's own Battle Barge blown up by the Minotaurs. May I begin posting?
  4. @Mickey Adaptus I do know quite a bit about 40k. I know of the Astral Claws and their part in instigating the Babab War. I will be terrible and make my Techmarine from the Lamenters
  5. @Mickey Adaptus Seems you are the only Space Marine, mind if I join up as a Techmarine by any chance? Be funny to see how a Techmarine react to Equestrian tech
  6. How could have I missed this?! Is it possible to bring in another? I understand if you are not up for allowing another
  7. @Randimaxis, @Red Cedar "..and that is why that your apples grow this way," Twilight said to her friend, Applejack. An apple floated in mid-air surrounded by a purple aura as Twilight kept it afloat with her magic. A book was also floating nearby. Twilight looked at it more time before continuing. "The tree collects sunlight with the leaves and they turn it into tree food. It then uses that food to..." Twilight was about to lecture on when a knock on the door interrupted her. Twilight's ear perked in the direction of the door and her face showed the disappointment. She hated her lectures being interrupted. "I'll get the door. I'll be right back!" The door opened to a very despondent Discord. Twilight had never seen Discord in this state since Tirek. This could mean anything and she put up her guard just in case. "Oh hello, Discord. What brings you here today?" she asked.
  8. Twilight would love to be inadvertently added to this chaos
  9. I got kicked from my gaming clan today for being an atheist and "against their god". My first taste of atheist discrimination.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CuriUndersXeno


      Well it sounded extra Christian so can't blame em really.

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      @Derplight Sperkle

      So long as you didn't force them to believe your way or no way.

    4. Derplight Sperkle

      Derplight Sperkle

      I didn't. No forcing from my end.

  10. @dosey doe We have rules for the character submission here. I may have had the wrong link for the rules earlier. It's fixed now. You didn't see anything...
  11. staff

    The age of ships is coming! Congrats Lightwing! Hides underneath the couch from too much ships
  12. I will be dropping Daring Do. I have found maintaining her difficult and now want to concentrate on Twilight for now.
  13. Hello, everyone! The character database is now back in working order! OC reviews are coming back and I hope to bring many new OCs into the fold. @Blood Moon, @dosey doe, @Maple Bat, @~Natural Beauty~, @Retro City, @blackstarraven, @Iced_Coffee Nerd, @Novaburst I will need you all to resubmit your characters to get them aligned with the database fixes. Please post below once the OCs have been resubmitted so I can delete the old submissions. You will have until June 16th to do so. If I receive no notification, your character will be deleted. If you haven't looked at the rules for OC creation, they are here . I know activity here has taken a huge dive off the cliff. I am partially to blame and I am sorry for it. I want to keep this running and the next two weeks are going to be crucial. Starting Monday, June 5th, all cast characters will require at least one post. Post requirements will be fully implemented on the Monday after. If there is no post next week from your cast character, a FINAL warning will be issued. Not meeting the post requirement the week after will result in revoking of your character. This place is where I first got interested in the site and I want to keep this place running. Many here love this section and predominantly roleplay here. I want to make EqE great again. So lets all work together and make this section a wonderful place to canonically roleplay together! We may also have some new ideas in the works. So stay tuned .
  14. @Oswald CobblePot This belongs in the Everfree Roleplay area. This is Equestrian Empire where characters need to be applied for to be used here. I will be moving this to its proper home, the Everfree Roleplay area.
  15. @Chaotic Overlord would need to make a roleplay thread when he was ready to start. As far as I know, there is no separate thread created.