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  1. I'm far too addicted to Warhammer 40k tabletop and other various video games. This quarantine definitely doesn't help alleviate those addictions
  2. Thanks you everypony for the birthday wishes yesterday. I wish it would have been a better birthday this year but it wasn't anyone's fault it was. Better hope for next year!

  3. It will be tough to find me in the banner. You could say it's impossible....
  4. Title: A Trivial Pursuit Air Date: August 17, 2019 Written By: Brittany Jo Flores Synopsis: Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she is paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.
  5. I met @Jedishy after Jeric found you. I got a bracelet
  6. Bronycon was a blast. It was awesome meeting all the other members and staff there. Unfortunately good things must come to an end and the drive home is ahead of me. I’ll be back soon

  7. Getting ready to go to BronyCon next week. It will be a blast!

  8. I take part in a WW2 reenactment group. I'm part of a 101st Airborne group and we do events at least once a month
  9. I've been told I look more mature with facial hair, but as soon as I shave it off, I'm ten years younger. It doesn't help I have to shave it at least once a month
  10. I'm on my fourth and should be my final relationship. Looking forward to moving in with her soon enough
  11. Math is part of my everyday job. Programming is all about variables and doing algebra. It isn't too bad until you hit calculus, then it gets interesting...
  12. There needs to be more green. There simply isn't enough!

  13. I started a new fanfic. It's just begun so give it a read if ya want. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/430678/the-adventures-of-derplight

  14. The room is dark. You hear noises all around the house. Creaks, shudders, and the rasping sound of the unknown can frighten the unaware. However one thing helps to ease your fear of the dark unknown... ...a nightlight! A lucid one at that. I would like to formally announce that @Lucid_Nightlight will be lighting up the dark unknowns of the Roleplay section as our new sectional. Give him a nice lucid welcome! P.S It really isn't that dark in RP. Don't be afraid of us there!
  15. Hey @Afiqlanz Studios, This topic feels more at home in Sugarcube Corner. There OC topic discussions are to be had. I'll move the topic over for you. As for your question, you can discuss with the other RPer and ask why they feel their OC can accomplish this maneuver. Eating anti-pony missiles do seem to be a little out of hand for anypony that isn't super powerful. Also, I feel that the other RPer didn't want to lose in the particular situation so this was thought up. In the end, I would discuss this with whoever you are roleplaying with instead of coming up with a way that cou
  16. Just bought my tickets for BronyCon this year. It looks like it will be a blast!

  17. Happy New Year from Boston!

  18. So sorry to see you go. The ship source will never be the same
  19. Merry Christmas Everypony!

  20. Still no couch stains. I’ll have a nice clean couch this year
  21. Hello @Phasereale, This topic fits more in our Media Discussion section. I’ve moved it over for you.
  22. Nobody would want to ban me. I'm a good little changeling
  23. Oh it will be great to see in person. I plan on being at Bronycon this coming year
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