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  1. Big commissions that I finally finished:
  2. Kirin Ponka! Isn't she a cute?
  3. Gender neutral parenting is "we will not reveal the babies gender or address them as him or her." I get where these ideas come from. Parents want to give their children the freedom to choose for themselves, I understand this. Problem is here, Gender is not equal to sex. Gender is something someone decides themselves. Sex is something biological. It is a fact, you cannot deny it. Someone is born as a boy or girl. There is nothing wrong with addressing your child as the sex they were born with. It becomes a problem, when you enforce the stereotypes and gender roles that supposedly belong to this sex and deny them the right to express themselves in anyway that does not fit the norm. When your child is exploring their gender, you should give them the freedom to do so. Part of a child's journey, is to explore their own identity which includes their gender as well. If they decide what gender they associate with, it is your duty as parent to support your child in this decision and address them with the respected pronouns. So yeah, parents shouldn't be enforcing ideas about sex and gender. But they shouldn't fall into the other side of extreme either. There is nothing wrong with saying that you shouldn't force stereotypes/roles and you let your child be who they want to be. If this what people mean with gender neutral parenting, I am all for it. But going into the extremes by saying, this child is neither a boy or a girl, as example Grimes was trying to do with their newborn son, could just as well be damaging to a child. Especially when today's society isn't exactly accepting to minority groups.
  4. Yes, very easily. It's a pain What's your favourite ice cream flavour and why?
  5. I'm scared/disgusted by ladybugs. I had a nest in my room 2 years ago and they were everywhere O.O. Seeing them now makes me shiver
  6. Hallo daar!

    Wij hebben een brony groepje!

    Link to our Brony group.
    We speak Dutch, English, French and German! <3

    1. Pucksterv


      Heya. I'm not really usually joining random groups ^^
      I might take a look but I probably wont say much.

      Thank you though ^^

    2. Sunamena


      Thanks for considering =D


  7. Who are even BOTH ponies in you pic and sig?

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    2. Pucksterv


      He says he wouldn't call himself a brony as he is not active in the community.
      He just likes the art and I made him an oc.

      No my bf is not Lightwing xD
      Lightwing is just my forum crush ;p



    3. You


      Well, at least he is or was into MLP. That's quite a common interest if you ask me!

      And for @Lightwing - I don't know too much about that pony, TBH, as Lightwing doesn't seem to post much, nor the gender/sex.


    4. Pucksterv


      Thats fair, but thats not the only reason I am dating him. I like him for any many other reasons

      And maybe Lightwing doesn't post much these days. I haven't been around much either lately.
      Back in 2015/16 we were both pretty active on the forums and chatting ^^

  8. Wow, TIL you live pretty much nearby :<

    I know some other ponies in NL or BE, some of them are here, too!

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    2. You


      Why not more than just a bit? :confused:

    3. Pucksterv


      Sorry, I was just trying to correct what you said since you said it might be off

      I can speak Dutch just fine. 

    4. You


      Got some training from @Sunamena lol!

  9. I meant it as a joke. Of course he knows I have a crush on him xD
  10. @TheRockARooster Thank you ^^