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  1. Big commissions that I finally finished:
  2. Kirin Ponka! Isn't she a cute?
  3. Pucksterv

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    thicc spooky boi 8/10 <3
  4. Gender neutral parenting is "we will not reveal the babies gender or address them as him or her." I get where these ideas come from. Parents want to give their children the freedom to choose for themselves, I understand this. Problem is here, Gender is not equal to sex. Gender is something someone decides themselves. Sex is something biological. It is a fact, you cannot deny it. Someone is born as a boy or girl. There is nothing wrong with addressing your child as the sex they were born with. It becomes a problem, when you enforce the stereotypes and gender roles that supposedly belong to this
  5. Pucksterv

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, very easily. It's a pain What's your favourite ice cream flavour and why?
  6. Pucksterv

    Confession Time!

    I'm scared/disgusted by ladybugs. I had a nest in my room 2 years ago and they were everywhere O.O. Seeing them now makes me shiver
  7. Hallo daar!

    Wij hebben een brony groepje!

    Link to our Brony group.
    We speak Dutch, English, French and German! <3

    1. Pucksterv


      Heya. I'm not really usually joining random groups ^^
      I might take a look but I probably wont say much.

      Thank you though ^^

    2. Sunamena


      Thanks for considering =D


  8. I meant it as a joke. Of course he knows I have a crush on him xD
  9. @TheRockARooster Thank you ^^
  10. @Lord Valtasar There are probably some methods of reviving them I think? I'm sure someone has made a YT tutorial about it ^^
  11. @Lord Valtasar I used copic markers, yes :3 Would love try out watercolour someday!
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