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  1. Pucksterv

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    @Chrysalis89 Here you go, hope you like it!
  2. Pucksterv

    digital Puck's doodles and such

    Flight Some wing practice
  3. Pucksterv

    Are you in a relationship?

    Nope. I sometimes miss it but mostly I feel no need for a relationship atm.
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    Open A New Kingdom

    She watched, or to be more exact, listened to the interaction between Princess Cadence and Derpy with one ear turned. It made Urania a little sad, she just had the rare opportunity to make a new friend, her studies keeping her busy most of the time and her grandfather the rest. And it was already over so quickly. She understood of course that the lesson was more important, especially since it had already been delayed long enough. Maybe she could try the find Pegasus tomorrow? Although, knowing her own luck, Urania thought that was unlikely. She sighed quietly to herself, hiding her concerning thoughts behind a soft smile. Her inner monologue would have to continue later. She turned to follow after her mentor. "What is it we're going to look at again, princess? I cannot remember if you told me before or not." Urania asked curiously.
  5. @Loud Opinion apologies, life has been busier than expected. I'll try to work on a post as soon as possible.
  6. Pucksterv

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    @Jedishy have a blep pone <3 (this was good practice for wings!)
  7. Pucksterv

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    No problem <3 I'll definitely let you know :3 @Alex Van Gamer Hope I did her fancy hair justice <3
  8. Pucksterv

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    @TwilySparky, Here you go! Hope you like it :3 (I love her colours so much <3)
  9. I was working on a post a few days ago and I thought I posted it, looks like it didn;t get through :/ I'll have to rewrite it. Though I'm kinda wondering what to do with derpy here, because is she just standing there observing the lesson or do we leave her be somewhere in the castle?
  10. Pucksterv

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    I need some pones to draw for warm up sketches so throw me your oc's or canon character that you would like to see. Requesting something here will not guarantee that I will draw your request. I will pick out one every now and then. Usually it will be an oc that I find interesting by design. Also, please resize your ref pics or put them under spoilers to avoid cluttering! Example of my art on the forums Finished requests:
  11. alright, I'll try to write up a post tonight
  12. Love the new banner, it;s so adorable <3

  13. Pucksterv

    digital Puck's doodles and such

    Thanks! And not that I'm aware of really. Besides the CMC's rock ballad that one time?
  14. Pucksterv

    digital Puck's doodles and such

    Guess I should post this rawring mare here too :3
  15. Pucksterv

    September Art Contest Winners

    So sorry for the late response D: I've been sick with the flu all week >o< Edit: Also lovely work from all the others! They all look so awesome! Hehe thank you! I'm honored ^w^ Thank you <3 Secret is lots of practice. Practice practice! That's all it is.