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  1. Pucksterv

    General What things freak you out the most?

    Heights, not my thing Phone calls Asking someone for help in a store Wasps scare the shit out of me I love dogs but as a delivery person they also scare me Edit: and crying babies. They don't scare me but I can't listen to it, breaks my heart. Literally have to go into another room cuz I can't handle it
  2. Pucksterv

    Open A New Kingdom

    (sorry for the long post and amount of dialogue) Urania smiled and gestured the mare to follow her. "Don't worry about the stained glass. I am pretty sure you won't be able to break them. I know because I've tried... or well, not tried but you know.. I'm not also not the most, lets say coordinated pony myself." She scratched her head as she tried to laugh away her embarrassment. "It was on my first day here too..." How long ago was it, a year, maybe already two had pasted since then. She couldn't recall very well, time had a way of passing her by too quickly. But she does remember that first day. She had left her coat at home even though her grandfather had insisted she'd bring it. It had been way too hot outside for the past month, how was she suppose to know summer decided to take a break that day. She was standing outside platform 1 at the Manehatten station, clutching her bag as she shivered on her tiny legs. The train had been delayed for another 10 minutes and the student were beginning to get anxious. Urania didn't mind except for the cold. She liked observing the ponies around her. "...there is no way for anypony to break the glass since it was build and protected by magic..." Urania was half asleep, leaning with her head against window. Half listening to the ponies around her and half observing the fast moving surroundings outside her. "I heard they were looking for a new student to fill an internship at the castle since the last one left and moved to Ponyville." One of the mares seated behind her babbled to her friend. "Ooh do you think I'd have a chance at it?" her friend replied excitedly. "hmm, I doubt it. I have the highest grade in the class after all." The mare said in a bragging tone. "hmm really? Last time I checked Urania still has you beat by 250 points." "Pfff, like they'd ever take a weirdo like her." The two mares giggled at each other. "You do you know I can hear you right." Urania grumbled quietly, her faces still stuck against the glass. The girls continued laughing. She sighed, eyes following the tree line as her eyelids slowly drifted close. "...luckily princess Celestia reassured me that many times." "And this one is quite new. I am sure you all have heard about the adventures my student and her friends." Celestia chuckled proudly as her wing pointed at the stained glass. Urania was furiously scribbling in her notebook, trying to redraw the masterpiece in front of her. "Hey look where you're going, you idiot." Lost in her notes. she bumped into the two classmates from before. "Whatever." she scuffed back. "Hmm she's got a lot of nerve." One of the mares said as she slapped the notebook out of her hooves. "hey! What was that for!?" "Girls, could you quite down back there?" Urania sighed and nodded, picking up her notebook. She quickly returned to the rest of the group but not before she 'casualy' bumped into the mare as she walked by, this time on purpose "Oops." she said sarcastically as she stuck out her tongue and turned her head. Next thing she knew she was thrown against one of the windows with a loud bang. She couldn't remember much after that, she just somehow ended up at the nurse station. More worried about the glass than her own head. Somehow that brought her here. Almost standing in the same spot as 2 years ago. The moonlight outside shone through the stained glass window, decorating the floor with dancing colours. She was pretty sure she could hear the grey pegasus gasping in wonder. "Sure brings back memories." Urania smiled.
  3. Pucksterv

    Request Shop I'm back to draw your oc

    If you've got some time, maybe you could draw this cute tiny mare. If not, let me know. (cm's are a bit unclear but one side is the constellation Aquila and the other is Lyra) Also, really cute art so far <3
  4. Pucksterv

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I was thinking about buying a PS4 or not... I wanna play DBH
  5. Pucksterv

    Beard vs mustache

    Beard, if groomed well that is
  6. Pucksterv

    Terrible Therapist game

    Don't worry, it's just a phase Doc, I have the uncontrollable urge to burst out in a song every 5 minutes. What do I do
  7. Pucksterv

    General What's Your EDC? (Every Day Carry Items)

    Phone, wallet and keys. If I bring my bag with me however it's my sketchbook, pencils, powerbank, charger, d&d dice, passport and maybe a bottle of water
  8. Should I decide on the content of the letter myself or did you have something in mind @Janicethelight
  9. I may have something in mind for later as well but that can also wait for a more convenient time.
  10. Pucksterv

    Open A New Kingdom

    "Ah hehe, that's me." Urania smiled to the grey mare. "Thank you so much for going through to the trouble of delivering the letter to me personally. I really appreciate it." She took the letter from the mare and stuffed it into to her bag. She noticed the mare kinda looked sad, worried even. "Derpy right? Do you have to go back home right away? If you still had some time, I could show you around the castle. B-but only if you would like to of course." The princess hadn't called her back yet so she figured she still had some time left to show the kind pegasus around. She did after all come all the way down here, would be harsh to send her away immediately. "If you want, we could even look at some of stained glass art. They're really beautiful." Urania smiled again, hoping to put the mare at ease.
  11. Pucksterv

    Open A New Kingdom

    Urania raised a confused eyebrow at the words of princess Cadence. She was leaned down and she mentioned babysitting... it felt like one of those cases again, where she was mistaken as a filly. Honestly she couldn't blame her, she was rather petite looking. But it was enough to make her bite her tongue in anger. "I... wouldn't want to disturb any official business. Besides, I can take this opportunity to take my baggage to the guest room." Urania quickly spoke, mostly towards her mentor. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Princess Cadence. If you'll excuse me." She bowed down swiftly without once daring to look her in the eyes. Lifting her bag off the ground and onto to her back, she disappeared into the hallway before either one of them could say anything else. "pff the nerve... I know she is the princess of the crystal kingdom but still. Some ponies have no-" Her quiet mumbling was quickly interrupted when she heard a voice echo through the hallway. "Hello?" Urania's voice reflected into the main hall along with her hoofsteps. There stood a cute grey Pegasus, ditsy eyes taking in the beautiful sight in front of her. It reminded Urania of the first time she came to the castle, she must have had the same wonderstruck daze. "Can I help you with something?" she said as she approached the mare.
  12. Pucksterv

    Create a Paradox

    If you restored a ship by replacing each of its wooden parts, would it remain the same ship?
  13. Hey you got amazing art <3 Keep up the good work!

    1. Sulfur


      Thank you very much. <3

  14. Pucksterv

    digital Pixel art

    Nice! Very cute so far ^w^
  15. Pucksterv

    Back from the dead?

    Aaah I didn't see all these comments until today <3 Thanks everyone <3 Thanks thanks! C: Thanks, I'll try not to the disappear this time hehe oof I just changed it but thanks anyways :3 Thank you! I will surely be posting more :3