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  1. Big commissions that I finally finished:
  2. Kirin Ponka! Isn't she a cute?
  3. Gender neutral parenting is "we will not reveal the babies gender or address them as him or her." I get where these ideas come from. Parents want to give their children the freedom to choose for themselves, I understand this. Problem is here, Gender is not equal to sex. Gender is something someone decides themselves. Sex is something biological. It is a fact, you cannot deny it. Someone is born as a boy or girl. There is nothing wrong with addressing your child as the sex they were born with. It becomes a problem, when you enforce the stereotypes and gender roles that supposedly belong to this sex and deny them the right to express themselves in anyway that does not fit the norm. When your child is exploring their gender, you should give them the freedom to do so. Part of a child's journey, is to explore their own identity which includes their gender as well. If they decide what gender they associate with, it is your duty as parent to support your child in this decision and address them with the respected pronouns. So yeah, parents shouldn't be enforcing ideas about sex and gender. But they shouldn't fall into the other side of extreme either. There is nothing wrong with saying that you shouldn't force stereotypes/roles and you let your child be who they want to be. If this what people mean with gender neutral parenting, I am all for it. But going into the extremes by saying, this child is neither a boy or a girl, as example Grimes was trying to do with their newborn son, could just as well be damaging to a child. Especially when today's society isn't exactly accepting to minority groups.
  4. Yes, very easily. It's a pain What's your favourite ice cream flavour and why?
  5. I'm scared/disgusted by ladybugs. I had a nest in my room 2 years ago and they were everywhere O.O. Seeing them now makes me shiver
  6. I meant it as a joke. Of course he knows I have a crush on him xD
  7. @TheRockARooster Thank you ^^
  8. @Lord Valtasar There are probably some methods of reviving them I think? I'm sure someone has made a YT tutorial about it ^^
  9. @Lord Valtasar I used copic markers, yes :3 Would love try out watercolour someday!
  10. Some traditional stuff I did during last weeks stream! Twiggles and a friends oc <3
  11. Wow! That looks so awesome; great work!
  12. Forum: I will forever have a crush on @Lightwing Pony: Starlight's smile uwu IRL: I have a crush on my instream/discord mod who happens to be my BF But don't tell him that o.o
  13. I do commissions, but I rarely open them since they take a long time. Plus I am not sure that my art would fit video games nor do I really have any expertise on game design/art/assets . To keep things on topic, here is some other art I did recently:
  14. Ah, thank you so much <3 Your compliments always make me smile <3
  15. Hehe, thank you! A lot of hours in tryin to make it smooth o.o
  16. Hey hey, I'm back with new stuff! First of all, here is the finished animation from before:
  17. Some old work from last year :3
  18. image.thumb.png.9e4d6f72c723f9483fdc46a42b41334f.png

    My screen just died ;w; so little delay on those requests heh.....

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      @Deerie Hmm the store itself is alright, that voice tho xD

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      @Pucksterv yeah can't complain about the sales and stuff but gooodd that tune XD

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      Lord Valtasar

      i got stuck away from home and my equipment so no art for me either