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  1. Did not get a chance to post this for Valentines day here. I hope you like it! More importantly, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your significant other, if nothing else, at least a large bowl of ice cream Thanks for your support! DA Link: http://fav.me/dc3ge3h
  2. Haven't shared anything on here in a while. Small something I did for Christmas. Hope y'all can get a small laugh from it. DA Link: http://fav.me/dbyg7eq
  3. Happy Birthday PonyWaifu!:fluttershy:

  4. I just loved "Flurry of Emotions" so much I had to do some fan art based on the episode. I love the fun little connection Twilight, Spike and Flurry had together. When Flurry tried to wink back at Twilight, I literally died from cuteness. I hope ya enjoy it! Cheers Clickable DA w/ Download Link:
  5. Something new. I wanted to finally contribute some art to this new ship that has set sail since the start of the season. I hope you like it ^^! Clickable DA link:
  6. I will never get bored of drawing this wonderful orange horse :3 Deviantart Link: http://fav.me/db8bgou
  7. This was a quick little collab I did with my streaming buddy over the week. Apparently it has something to do with last weeks episode (which I have still not seen!) Nevertheless, I love cute things. Especially when they come in pony form :3 and who doesn't love Trixie art, am I right?! Sketch and line work done by her and colors by me! It was so cool doing this collab just on the fact that we live literally across the world from each other. The things art can do to connect people is so awesome. <3 DA Link: http://fav.me/db7iyw8
  8. I will update this post whenever I complete a new badge. Here is what I have so far. I hope you enjoy! Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Applejack More soon! Support me here --------------------------------- http://bow2yourwaifu.deviantart.com/
  9. Thanks you two for your kind support it really drives me to continue to draw pone <3
  10. Thanks :3 They are symbols for wealth and money. You know how much Rarity loves her gems. I'm glad you like it ^^ Wow, I am amazed you say that because i will start selling prints this year at the pony cons I am attending at. It feels nice to know there is someone who thinks this is worth buying <3
  11. I have not shared any work (at least on here) for a while now, so i wanted to show you guys what i recently finished after recently getting my new graphics card so that i could begin to draw again I hope you like it! <3 Source: http://fav.me/db4fq7i
  12. I haven't shared any art on here in a god while! Something new I whipped up last week. Protect your waifu's cause RD will be swooping them up if you give her the chance! Direct Link: http://bow2yourwaifu.deviantart.com/art/Rainbowdash-Sends-a-Snapchat-651445867 <3