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Everything posted by SolarFlare13

  1. Okay, so the Nintendo Switch Lite will be coming out in a couple of hours and I need your help. :please: Okay, so I have about $450 (roughly speaking) to spend on a Nintendo Switch Lite. If I were to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite and pre-order my copy of Pokemon Shield, that'll be $410. (...and yes, I'll be getting the yellow one 'cuz that's my favourite colour) :mlp_icwudt:


    Some people have already got their hands on a Nintendo Switch Lite and I'm SO GLAD they included an AC adapter. ^^

    A couple of weeks ago, I asked one of the store clerks at EB games if they were gonna include an AC adapter with the Nintendo Switch Lite and he told me "I would be surprised if they didn't". The main reason WHY I brought up this question in the first place is because Nintendo stopped doing this with the Nintendo 3DS a couple of years ago and now, you have to buy the charger separately. I'm SO glad I dont have to spend an extra $40 on an AC adapter :laugh:


    ...and my dad is gonna get me a case for my Switch Lite, so I dont have to worry about getting one of those. :ticking: Now, I've taken a look at the price of a screen-protector (I want one that has tempered glass, not the flimsy one that protects your screen from dust) and it's about $15. Mind you, this was for the regular Switch, NOT the Switch Lite. :) 

    (I'll have to wait for them to release a screen-protector for the Nintendo Switch Lite.)  



    Okay, so I've got two choices: I can either spend an extra $80 on a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate OR I can spend it on a screen-protector and a 2 year warranty. (remember, I got an additional $250 from my parents and relatives as a birthday gift) :derp:


    Yesterday, I went to EB games and I asked the store clerk how much is the warranty on a Nintendo Switch Lite and he told me it's $65 for 2 years and $90 for 3 years. I wanna maximise the longevity of my Nintendo Switch Lite. I mean, it's an expensive console, after all and the last thing I want to do is to break it. :sunny:


    So what do you guys think? Should I spend the rest of my money on a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate ($80) or spend it on a 2-year warranty ($65) and a screen-protector? ($15) :ooh:

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    2. Tacodidra


      I'd get Smash too! :yay:

    3. SolarFlare13


      @2nd Amendment Brony Nah. 2nd hand is NOT an option and the original has POOR battery life. Not only that, the original has A LOT of defects. :) I already have my mind set on getting a switch lite. 

    4. Widdershins


      Protect or Smash? Lol

       Aye, I may not understand what a warranty is but I'd go with the more protective route. Tis the responsible thing, bro!

      What, it takes another two hundred to preorder Shield?

       And, darn. I can't get yellow now that I know YOU'RE getting yellow! Itsa cheery color, ain't it?!

  2. Ohh man, I can’t wait for the Bathurst 1000 :laugh: ^^ this is gonna be EPIC!!! :ticking:

    Mah boi 'Scotty' is currently leading the championship by 598 points. If he gets through Bathurst and the Gold Coast WITHOUT a DNF AND if he finishes in the top 5 / ahead of Van Gisbergen, he'll claim the title. He's already won 17 races for the Blue Oval, let's hope he can get another one. :mlp_icwudt:


    For those of you who don’t know, the Bathurst 1000 is Australia's biggest race B)

    This is gonna be a dog-fight between the two factory teams: Red Bull Holden Racing Team and Shell V power Racing.


    This has been a part of our culture for more than 60 years: the rivalry between Holden and Ford. You either had a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon AND it was tradition to talk trash about the other brand, ‘cuz that’s just how it was :orly:

    1. Tacodidra


      Good luck to him! :D I hope you enjoy the race, my friend! :yay:

  3. Hey every-pony ^^ :laugh: how are we all doing today? :catface:



    1. DivineDawn1000


      @SolarFlare13 I just went horseback riding and this was my horse! His name is Strawberry!


    2. Tacodidra


      Hi, my friend! :D I'm doing fine – it hasn't been a very eventful day but not a bad one either. :kindness: I hope yours is an amazing one!

      What a cute Pinkie! :pinkie:

  4. Well, it's time for me to go to sleep ^^ :laugh: Goodnight every-pony :catface:


    1. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :rarity:

    2. DivineDawn1000


      @SolarFlare13 Nighty night my awesome friend! Luna will be there shortly!

  5. *gives you all a BIG cuddle* ^^ :laugh: >w< :catface:


    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      @SolarFlare13 Thank you my friend! *returns the big cuddle*


    2. Tacodidra


      *cuddles back* ^_^

    3. Cash In

      Cash In


  6. Well that was a nice way to celebrate my birthday ^^ I thought we were going to a chinese restaurant. Turns out, there's a Yum Cha in the PARAMATTA EELS CLUB, of all things X'D


    OMG, I DID NOT EXPECT THAT :D That's the 2nd time I've been to a footy club. The last one I've been to was the Panthers club and that was to get tickets for the Red Rooster Sydney Supersprint back in 2017 :derp: (I bet @TheRockARooster will find this amusing) X'D

    Well, we're entering the finals and they are having a game this weekend. (I might watch the game just for the hell of it) :mlp_icwudt: I just hope ONE of our teams from NSW gets into the grand final :catface: I had some prawn dumplings and some fried rice. My favourite :laugh: I had a good chat with my uncle and I had a nice meal with my parents and relatives :ticking: Overall, I had A LOT of fun and you guys made it A WHOLE lot better with the birthday wishes yesterday :yay: I wanted to get a Paramatta Eels cap, but it was too expensive. XD Oh well, at least I got $250 from my family. That's WAY more than I expected :blink: ohh, I'll DEFINITELY be able to get a Nintendo Switch Lite, a copy of Pokemon Shield AND a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate :ticking:


    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      That's great to hear!!!

    2. TheRockARooster


      Hehehehehehe, I hope you had a really great time, my little buddy. ^^


    3. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear your birthday was an awesome one, my friend! :squee:

  7. I've had a relatively quiet day today. ^^ :laugh: Tomorrow is gonna be a different story, however. :derp: I'm gonna have a party with my family and we're all gonna have lunch together. Like I said before, we're gonna have some Yum-Cha / Chinese food. I cant wait :mlp_icwudt: Also, I think it's better that we're celebrating my birthday tomorrow rather than today 'cuz of the date :D

    I dont want any bad luck spoiling my party. All jokes aside, it's gonna be great :twi:

    ...and I just wanna thank all of you for the birthday wishes. You guys are the best :catface:


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    2. Splashee


      @SolarFlare13 I can't seem to gift wrap the entire Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for you. Sorry, but that would have been my present to you. :sassy:

    3. Widdershins


      Happy Birfdai! I didn't knows youse was having another year! 

      I expected youtoDie!!! S'why I stopped celebrating my birthdays. I figure, if you die every couple of months, kinda defeats the purpose of having a celebration of having lasted another year.

      Anyways, I don't see any bad luck about Friday the 13th happeni-

       *Machete crashes through bedroom Door*



    4. Tacodidra


      Have fun, my friend! :squee: Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate a birthday! :pinkie:

      You're welcome! :kindness:

  8. Yaay!!! ^^ It's my birthday today :laugh: (it just hit midnight where I am) XP I'm turning 23 this year :mlp_icwudt:

    ...and I've just taken a look at the date: :o my birthday is on Friday the 13th. I dunno whether that's a good thing or not, but I will say this: 13 is my lucky number :derp: (...and that's WHY I have it in my username) :catface:



    1. Splashee


      Happy Birthday @SolarFlare13! It is still Thursday here for billions of hours :umad: I don't know how you made it to Friday.

    2. J.T.


      Happy Birthday! :squee:

    3. SolarFlare13


      Thanks guys :laugh: ^^ I hope my birthday party is just as good as the Birthday wishes you all sent me. :mlp_icwudt: Love you guys :catface:

  9. Quicky boops @TheRockARooster, @Lucky Bolt, @Rikifive, @Splashee, @Cash In, @Widdershins, @Totally Lyra, @Catpone Cerberus, @Flutterstep, @J.T., @DivineSoul1000, @Tacodidra, @Muffinnz, @TigerGeekGuy, @Deae Rising Shine~, @ShadOBabe, @Dynamo Pad, @Meemayfox, @FeatherStream, @Sparklefan1234 and every-pony else before my birthday rolls around *which is in a couple of hours time*
  10. I'm just gonna leave this here o3o :derp: :catface:


    1. CypherHoof


      Look like SNES controllers, UK snes cartridges were rounded though ( but a quick websearch suggests some other markets had different looking cartridges, and that there is a "super retro trio" console that can play snes, nes AND megadrive cartridges from one machine. So... erm....

    2. Widdershins


      AND the Switch. The irony is not lost on me!

    3. CypherHoof


      The switch apparently has a bunch of snes and nes games available for download from nintendo, and of course there is a megadrive classics cartridge for it.

      But I do enjoy some of the classic snes games, even if they ARE a bit dated; super bomber man 3 for example is GREAT fun as a party game, and supports up to five players.

  11. Hey every-pony ^^ :laugh: How are we all doing today? :mlp_icwudt: :catface:



    1. J.T.


      Applejack looks so fluffy! :kirin:

    2. Tacodidra


      Hi, my friend! :D I'm fine, thanks! :kindness: May your day be every bit as amazing as that apple kirin! :mlp_icwudt:

    3. Widdershins


      I am disappoint wif Kirin design.

       Now @J.T. I am right muffined you invoke the name of that holiest of qualities of Fluffiness! The fluffiness quota of aforesaid Kirin is entirely localized in just a few bands about the body. Lion's mane, back of fetlocks and only the underside of tail! Such is much constrained fluffiness that I turn my snoot up at. Fluff is not to be restrained!

       Then again, this beggars my belief as to the meshing of scale AND fur which simply does not happen within one congruous species! It's like how in the Furry fandom when authors try to have their muffin & eat it too by having their OC a Wolf-Dragon hybrid while just piecemealing disparate parts. You surely cannot have all options!

       Why, that's even to call upon whether ponies even have fur to begin with!

       Poor kirinform! She can't even wear hats with that horn! 

      ...though those ears are Tol' Boss, yo.

  12. You know, I'm surprised nobody has invented a device that records your dreams. O.O :ooh: Now THAT's something I'd like to see :ticking: I have some pretty interesting dreams, but I hardly remember them half the time :derp:



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    2. Rikifive


      Writing down asap works; To this day I remember the dreams I wrote down there, even though I destroyed that notebook. It got risky once or twice, so I just decided to get rid of that. :adorkable:

    3. Muffinnz


      @Rikifive if you don't mind if I ask, how did it get "risky"?

    4. Rikifive


      @Muffinnz It is kinda like a diary - a private thing no one else should be viewing. Some dreams tend to be rather ... I don't know, personal? Ones, that are better to keep for yourself.

      There were times, when my notebook was where it better shouldn't be. :P .. Along with my diary (I wanted to give it a try so I had one at some point).

      In the end I decided to get rid of these before someone else would find them. :pout:

  13. Well, I just had a chat with my mum and it looks we're having Yum-Cha / going to a chinese restaurant for my birthday :laugh: :catface: I thought we were going to RSL for my birthday, but it looks like we're chinese food instead :mlp_icwudt: I dont mind. It's nice to have something different for a change. Usually, when I go to RSL, I put SO much food on my plate I can't eat no more when I get to my 3rd plate. :derp: (it's true what they say: you eat with your eyes) That's the problem when you go to these 'all you can eat' buffet's (I swallow too much air and I have a bloated stomach) + I've had Yum Cha in the past. It's really nice. :ticking: When it comes to chinese food, try everything. That's all I can say. :D




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    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      I love Chinese food! 

    3. Tacodidra


      Sounds like an awesome thing to do on a birthday! :yay: Have fun, my friend! :ticking:

    4. Widdershins


      Well now, Chinese food is regional, so to speak. Like my impression was that most Asian food was heavily based on fried food... when that's just America's take on it. Ya ain't gettin' genuine Asian foods!

      The trick to eating is to pace yourself and take your time eating. Savor and enjoy the flavors! I'm almost always the last person though holding everybody back from leaving, lol! Oh, and drink plenty of water! Not soda, water. I consider sodas to be more of a dessert. All that bubbly and sugar can sit poorly with anything else you eat or take up room with carbonation. 

       Not to Toot my own Horn (Huh, wonder if unicorns can toot out their horns?) but I DO consider myself an expert on eating!

  14. Well, it's time for me to go to sleep :laugh: ^^ Goodnight every-pony :catface:


    1. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :)

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  15. I'm just gonna leave this here o3o :derp: :catface:



    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :D Pure adorableness! ^_^

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Neat. I'm going to assume that's Vapor Trail, unless I'm wrong of course.

    3. Xeltor


      who's that again

  16. I think I've found the perfect pick-up truck for you: Dodge Ram SRT-10. It's got the same engine that's in the Viper B)


    1. HeavenSunset


      That looks badass

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      AWESOME :wub:

  17. *gives you all a BIG cuddle* :laugh: >w< :catface:


    1. Tacodidra


      *cuddles back* ^_^


    2. Meemayfox
    3. Bas



  18. Here, have some cute pics of Autumn Blaze :kirin: o3o :catface:






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    2. Prospekt


      @Lady Kiriness is best Kirin but Autumn Blaze is close ;)

    3. CypherHoof


      Nah, @Treeglow Flicker is cutest Kirin on the site. But Autumn Blaze is cutest canon Kirin :)

    4. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      I heard my name and cute in the same sentence. :P

      Autumn Blaze is definitely cute though. Just looking at her makes me happy. :kirin:

  19. Hey Pokemon fans!!! ^^ :laugh: there has just been an announcement that there will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow and it will have some information about Pokemon Sword and Shield. :o With only 2 months left until the game comes out, I hope they reveal the 2nd evolutions of the starters. At least. :rarity:


    @Odyssey, @Widdershins, @Cash In, @Dynamo Pad, @AveryGamerDude, @Photon Jet and any-pony else who is a Pokemon fan :mlp_icwudt: (I hope I'm not annoying you guys with these posts. A part of me feels like I am) :please:

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    2. Widdershins


      @SolarFlare13 OMG, OMG! DID YOU SEE THAT?!!?

       Alcremie's shiny form is green! LIME CREAM! MY FAVORITE! YEEEEEE!!!

       OH MY GOLD!!! MULTIPLE FLAVORS?!!? This means that not only do those little topping barrettes change its basically got, like a dozen different colors! Ooh! Please be there a caramel! I love, love, love this!!! :pinkie::blue_baloon::wub:

      Cramarant is adorable, I do love my goofy birbs and I expect you like a new type of duckie about too!:crackle:

       And of course we'd get a tea-based tea-ghost! That's hilarious! Been a while since we've had a monotype ghost too...hmm..

       They seem to be avoiding talking about the starter evolutions, that's usually a main selling point, but they've always put that off as long as they could. Almost as they're not proud of them anymore.

       But still, curry is a nice throwback to the communal game of cooking that baking Pokeblocks & Poffins were! Camping is a nice way to socialize, show off your pokemon and spread the love! 

       Most importantly, I am SO glad I can TAKE MY BLOODY HAT OFF!

       I'm super satisfied & excited with what they've let go of information! After all, half the fun is in playing the game ourselves to see that which we've deemed important to ourselves! Oh, and Solly? Think the "Pokémon Jobs" thing was a way to get a boost to EVs to your team of pokemon.

      ….still... rather quite.. peeved, that a certain type is being ignored yet again. But I love what I'm getting! I am!...:okiedokieloki:

    3. SolarFlare13


      @Widdershins Oh. Yes. the Ice type. :mlp_icwudt: Speaking of which, I'm thinking about putting an Abomasnow on my team :ticking: I've always wanted to have one on my team (ever since gen 4). Having a Pokemon that has access to 100% accurate Blizzards? YES PLEASE!!! :catface:


    4. SolarFlare13


      I just hope Pokemon Sword and Shield can offer a decent challenge. I've been playing Pokemon Red for the last couple of weeks and...WOW!!! :blink: It's WAY more challenging than any of the pokemon games I've played so far :confused:

      Seriously, I thought I was over-levelled when I was fighting team rocket in the Silph Co. Oh no. I was wrong. Gary had a FREAKING Venusaur that was 1 level HIGHER than my starter (Lv. 40 VS Lv. 39) and it was on par with my Nidoking (who was one of the strongest pokemon on my team at that point. The highest level pokemon I had was my Lv. 43 Raichu. I raised it to Lv. 43 just so it could learn Thunder and fry his Pidgeot and Gyarados) >:)

      Realistically, my Nidoking was the ONLY Pokemon on my team (besides my Fearow) that could defeat his Venusaur. (My fearow was Lv. 38 or something like that at the time.) I 2-hit KO'ed it with Earthquake. :mlp_icwudt: 

      ...and if that wasn't enough. Giovanni's Nidoqueen was the exact same level as my Nidoking. So I had a Nidoking VS Nidoqueen showdown. Luckily for me, I had Earthquake and I knocked it out in ONE hit :sneer: MAN, that was satisfying :catface:

      After that, I had an INSANE grinding sesh and got my Dugtrio to Lv. 47 to beat Koga just so it could learn earthquake. I was originally planning to clean sweep him, but it keeps getting 1-hit KO'ed by his weezing when it uses self-destruct (I know I could've used Dig, but that's not the point.) :derp: For some odd reason, my earthquake always knocked it down to 1 HP. :confused:

      So then, I used Nidoking and the same freaking thing happened: Swept all of his pokemon and his Weezing had 1 hp, but this time, it managed to tank the self-destruct. Yeah!!! Don't mess with mah Nidoking, boi B)

      Of course, I used my Lv. 48 Dugtrio at the time to beat the sh*t out of sabrina. It was CLEARLY the fastest Pokemon on my team and even tho psychic types were broken in gen 1, the majority of her pokemon had low defenses, so I just used earthquake on all of them XD 


      Y'see, this it what I'm talking about. the modern pokemon games just dont offer the same experience as some of the older pokemon games. :mlp_icwudt:


  20. Mine would have to be collecting Diecasts. ^^ I like to collect race winners and V8 Supercars (mainly Fords)
  21. Hey guys ^^ what do YOU think the art-style for G5 is gonna be like? :O :o Are they gonna use the movies art style? :ticking:


    or are they gonna go with...this? :lie: (...and yes. This was made by Hasbro)


    I'm gonna be perfectly honest here: A LOT of the classic cartoons are getting digitized these days and they're NOWHERE NEAR as good as the originals. Inspector Gadget and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are some good examples of this. I hope this is NOT the 'art-style' they're going for. :please:


    More to the point, which art style do YOU prefer? :pout:

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    2. Anti-Villain


      I've seen excellent CGI renders on DeviantArt, but I agree that The Movie's style might work best.

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm not sure, but I do prefer the original style.

    4. Widdershins


      Well, you don't have to worry. It'll be neither. No company is gonna keep using the movie animation, especially when they'll intend to do a long running show again that they'll have to keep up with. Even nowdays, they have to cut corners on animation to put it out, so they're not gonna do anything as costly as that.

        And that... "animated" short is rather shockingly jerky. That's pretty terribly done. Like, straight out of an computer animation class... That's so clearly points on a program that you're pulling apart into way too exaggerated movements for even Pinkie. There's no way they would consider that, even if it was to keep under budget.

  22. Well, that was a nice way to celebrate Fathers Day. :laugh: Me, my mum and my dad went to a 'all you can eat' buffet and we had dinner together. I had some fried rice, some chicken nuggets, some chicken Caesar salad, some fruit and some chocolate. :mlp_icwudt:

    Man, I tell ya: when you go to one of these 'All you can eat' buffets, you wanna eat everything that's there, but after 2 - 3 plates, you can't. :D ...and in case you're wondering what Fathers Day is,'s to celebrate all the good things your father has done for you. Personally, I think it's just a marketing gimmick (there's NO real significance to this day), but hey. I love my dad and I care about him :catface: 

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear you had fun! :yay:

      For some reason, we celebrate Father's Day in November. :o

    2. CypherHoof


      The day for this varies a LOT worldwide (the UK celebrates it in march, for example) and the "why" also therefore varies - In some places, it is to celebrate a specific father, in others, for "equality" to Mother's Day, and in many, largely a commerical thing (aka a "hallmark holiday")

      But regardless - many of us don't show enough appreciation of the sacrifices our parents made or make for us, so showing them they ARE appreciated is not a bad thing :)

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      Sounds neat :D. I didn't too much for the day here, except for going out with my dad for lunch.

  23. Well, it's officially the first day of Spring here in Australia and it's only goin to get warmer ^^ :laugh: :catface: I will say this tho: this has to be THE warmest winter we've had in years :blink: It has been unusually warm (with temperatures going up as high as 19 - 23 degrees celcius), which straight up tells me Summer is gonna be HOT!!! :o Like I said before, I prefer Summer over Winter any-day of the week. :mlp_smug: As some-pony who lives in the tropics, I cant stand the cold :scoots:


    Also, my birthday is in a couple of weeks time. (September 13th) I can't wait for that!!! :ticking:




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      I am more than happy that Spring has started here. I'll take it over any of the other seasons.

    3. Widdershins


      Last "Winter" here hit nearly 80 degrees Farenheit…. bleh, hate heat!

    4. Barnstormer

      Barnstormer have seasons Down Under? I thought it was just all heat and Fallout-sized scorpions and other critters 24/7/365 :P 

  24. Hey every-pony ^^ :laugh: how are we all doing today? :catface:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sparklefan1234


      I'm doing great! Awesome Best Pony plushie, btw. :mlp_yeehaa:

    3. DivineDawn1000


      @SolarFlare13 Much better now that an awesome pony has shown up!

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm fine. Yourself?