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  1. *sigh* Probably. I'm depressed, introverted, misanthropic...and I like My Little Pony. Can anyone guess what I look like? *tips fedora*
  2. I don't really care--I've decided to ignore most of the events of the last three seasons. The show has gone in a direction that I'm not happy with.
  3. Twilight. She's essentially a demigod.
  4. What? The show is not ending! It's going to last forever! Haha! HAHAHAHAHA! *carted off in straitjacket* ---- I'll miss all of them, but I think that I'll miss Pinkie, Twilight, Rarity, and Discord the most.
  5. Well...I'm tired all of the time, my body hurts, I'm forgetful, I rarely leave the house, and I constantly complain about millennial culture. My body is in its twenties, but my soul is in its eighties. "Damned millennials. They're ruining everything! Oh, wait...I'm a millennial!"
  6. Only once...a loooong time ago. We were friends for several years. Unfortunately, I lost all contact with him when the forum we were on shut down.
  7. Nah. I'm not a jealous man. Also, it's a work of fiction--if your waifu hooks up...just pretend it didn't happen. I don't think that it's wrong to love a fictional character but if you are so obsessed with said character that you get jealous of their love might have a problem. You don't want to end up being one of those people who marries a pillow shaped like an anime character. That's no way to live.
  8. Pinkie - SPMBB (Super-Powered Mutant Bubblegum Blob) Rarity - Perfection Twilight - Perfection Deux* Fluttershy - OV-TC (Occasionally Violent--Tread Carefully) Applejack - Maggie Apple TRhee Rainbow Dash - Trouble *"Sir, back away from the ponies with your hands up. You're scaring the children.
  9. "Let me get this straight--a herd of angry ponies attacked your studio and destroyed your storyboards..." "No, no, officer! Bronies! They left spittle and season nine merchandise everywhere." ---- No, 'twould be a very bad idea. Remember the whole Flash Sentry controversy?
  10. For the crimes of knight incineration, peasant devouring, and princess kidnapping... ...the jury finds you guilty.
  11. I reckon that people would take issue with a twenty-six-year-old weirdo hanging around. Oh, and I'm not into roosters--sorry. Spend too much time combing their feathers. Combing. Get it? HA! I'll see myself out.
  12. Does being robbed of my peace of mind count? That happens frequently.
  13. If I hear ONE more person so much as mention politics, I'm going to jump off a... ...wait. Well, time to jump off a cliff.
  14. Friends?! Where?! *flees in terror* I don't You know? Yeah, I know this is a Friendship Is Magic board, but it's generally easier to get along with imaginary ponies than it is to get along with humans. I don't mind the occasional friend, but I'm not a "Pinkie Pie" type of person.