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  1. Of course it was worth it! The show made me happy for seven seasons, and the fandom still makes me happy--good enough for me!
  2. A guy eats a bunch of eggs and somehow doesn't kill his roommates with farts. Cool Hand Luke
  3. Well... 1.Star Trek: Enterprise was great 2. Star Trek: Discovery is HORRIBLE 3. Cheers is "meh" 4. Spongebob Squarepants was never funny
  4. That is a completely different situation. I'm talking about people who grew up in a majority English-speaking country and speak English as their first language--they should know better (says the guy who never knows when to use commas ).
  5. 1. When people say "anyways." It's anyway! No "s!" 2. When people spell "lose" as "loose." 3. When people pick their noses in public and/or without washing their hands! What the heck, man?
  6. Fire. I'm TERRIFIED of large bodies of water; I'm less afraid of drowning than I am scared of what lives in the sea/ocean.
  7. Absolutely not! I don't care how despicable a book or its author may be--burning books is horrible and terrifying. It's a major sign that a society has serious problems when people regularly engage in this kind of behavior.
  8. Cool Hand Luke--awesome movie! I've been watching older films lately...I'm getting really tired of the shallowness of a lot of modern movies. Yes, I know that I'm a pretentious a-hole.
  9. Exactly. Pinkie always comes out on top; she's insane...but almost never fails.
  10. 1. The MCU is a convoluted disaster filled with annoying cliches 2. I like the Star Wars prequels 3. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is my favorite Star Trek movie (not the Wrath of Khan) 4. Return of the Jedi is better than The Empire Strikes Back
  11. It's almost 2020, man. We really doin' this? I'm an equal opportunity misanthrope--I'm not a huge fan of people in general.
  12. You lazy mooch! Go out and get a job. Oh, come on...don't look at me like that. Cut it out with with the doe eyes!
  13. This is Mr. Banana. This is an older photo. Unfortunately, I think he's sick. I feed and water him every day but he keeps getting thinner and thinner. On a more positive note, my therapist thinks I'm doing better!
  14. I respect that. I just didn't feel that the show needed to "semi-retire" the Mane Six/Seven. There was still story to be told. Also, the last episode time skip was kind of a punch in the gut for me; it felt as if the writers were kind of stealing away fans' ability to "continue" the story through fanfiction.