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  1. When you've run out of name changes for the month...

    1. Hazy Skies

      Hazy Skies

      Lol, I guess your name really..

      Sticks like glue..

      Ahahahahahahaha xD

    2. Widdershins


      Guess that tends to happen when your an Indecisive Pony. Hmm, need to find a chocolate cigar to waggle...

  2. I'm looking to change my forum and YouTube name, but I'm terrible at coming up with ideas! I'd like to keep it horse/pony related. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  3. Could somepony draw my new OC?

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    2. JeyWiz
    3. SticksLikeGlue


      Oh, if you don't mind brightening up her color tone a tad bit? Since she's now a girl :P

    4. JeyWiz


      Sure! I'll do that too! Oh and btw, is it okay if I do her traditionally? I'm not that good at digital yet.

  4. In need of pony name puns! Please help

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    2. Hazy Skies

      Hazy Skies

      If you want one for your username I'll need a bit more information on what you're looking for..

      I get the horse related part, and the sounds like a name part.. Anything else in particular?

      Perhaps something that described your or your main OC or something?

    3. Hazy Skies

      Hazy Skies

      For example, if you play soccer you could have the name: Hocker Practice

      Other ideas: Mystery Mane, Hay Wassup, Professor Oat, Whiny Winner, Macho Mane..

      Some good ones i thought of: Manesteed, Unstable, Nicker (Nicker is the sound a horse makes when it's vibrating it's closed lips.. Sounding something like "PPRRRRrrRRrrRrRrr", people can make the same sound with their mouth and lips too..)


      If i think of any more I'll let you know :)

    4. Hazy Skies

      Hazy Skies

      Hehe, what if you were named "Nopony"


      That way if you brohoof something it will

      actually say "Nopony brohoods this" hahaha xD

  5. I feel like making a slide presentation about the show and how bronies are breaking gender stereotypes! I know it has been done before, but it couldn't hurt to do one more :P

    1. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      How exactly do bronies break gender stereotypes?

    2. Hazy Skies

      Hazy Skies

      Maybe it's the fact that gender stereotypes suggest

      that boys watch boy shows and girls watch girl shows..

  6. This is what I can somewhat do with my voice and how high I can go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ_jdruQca0
  7. Going to make a new account soon! A fresh start! My name will be "SticksLikeGlue". Why? I wanted a horse pun related name :P

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    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      I think he means a new username.

    3. SticksLikeGlue


      Great, now I'm stuck with this name for 30 days -_-

    4. Scrubbed user
  8. Are there any high notes in your piece? If not, then your SOL for me. I can only go as high as the chorus in Great To Be Different by Forest Rain and even then it sounds choppy.
  9. Something tells me that this is the work of Larson
  10. Hilariously cute my friend! Awesome job! I would've never thought about this crossover.
  11. Ooooo, sandvich! I have best sandvich combo here! Whole wheat bread slices topped with mayo, two scrambled eggs for the "main course", and finally, four pickles for an extra salty kick.
  12. Ok, I'm only going to say this once and drop it. Flame wars are based off of opinions and stupid closed minded people who have nothing better to do with there lives than to troll.
  13. Thank you, admin! Also, I never would've thought of the word "imaginative" before.
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