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Now whit the brony fandom being like ":SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: WE WOT AN ADOWABLE NEW WUTIE FILLY AND ME WANNA BELLYRUB HER FOREVER :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub: ". I figure we should start the fanclub at once, don't you think?





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Well, we didn't wait long for some grown-up Flurry  :dash:






Starburst comparing her wings to her cousin from another world (The crystal child is a dude in Kilala97's universe)



EDIT: I forgot about these  :lol:



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I'm actually suprised no one posted this yet:



Silliness aside, I like the overall color palette of the new Princess. She inherited most from her mother, but that's hardly suprising. That blue streak in her mane and tail is a nice touch though.


Those flappers though... It's like she's the Princess of strategical bombers or something. I'll call her B52 XD

Also, I don't know if M.A. Larson had something to do wih her design, but he should totally be her Godfather. I'd sign a petition to Hasbro for that.

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Oh, heck yeah, I'm part of her fan club already for sure.

Little magic feather horse is probably my second favorite Princess right now. XD


Halfway done coloring a picture of her as a teen with one of my OCs.

EDIT: My first fanart of the new Princess (with one of my NextGens in there)!! XD



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Princess Flurry Heart is Princess Cadence's adorable foal, and a new alicorn (winged unicorn) I'm familiar with is born as of January 2016 when it showed up in a teaser last Thursday. I hope I can see her when the sixth season premieres in the beginning of April 2016. :fluttershy:

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Poor Scoots



The fan art of her being older, reminds me  of the baby of that couple of gardeners in the Zelda Oracle series. It was fun yo see what kind of guy the baby becomes


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Am I the only one that just wants to spoil this poor filly beyond rotten and literally bloody anyone who has a problem with her wings, yet have a near fear of what trouble she'd get into just a couple weeks after her birth (thinking both cake foals in one slightly stronger package)?


*insert cmc based head cannon convo here* "BUT WE THOUGHT YOU SAID WE'RE CUTE!"    "Yeah sorry you three aren't as cute... SHE'S CUTE"

Yeah sorry had point out how seeing her melted my heart faster than the cmc's (or the cake twins) did. 

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Well, looks like she became a bad seed  :dash:



I hope she stays cutie




I wonder which VA will voice McFlurry ;huh:? I'm leaning to Britt MCKillip herself, as FiM makes a trend to having mothers sharing the same VA to at least one of their children 

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