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I don't keep up with the comics that much, so I don't know.


I do know they had a special that told the story of where Cadence and Shining's relationship began, it was very sweet. Have you seen that one? ^^

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No, I hope to find it sometime though!  :D



Found them! ^^


Here's Part 1 and Part 2 if you'd like to read, it's a very sweet story. ^^

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Do they sell the book at Hot Topic? 


You mean the comics? Yeah, they do. I see them there every time I visit! ^^


You could always buy them online, or just watch the YouTube videos of them though, that's how I usually do it. ^^

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There's plenty out there, just have to keep the thread busy so it will get attention! I bet some members don't even know it's here. ^^"


Which every time someone new comes on, and they state their favorite pony, I'll try to give them a link to the fan club of such.


I've actually seen a few who loved Cadence! ^^


I don't know if they're here or not, but I pointed them this way! ^^


While I'm not as big of a Cadence fan as most in this thread, I still think she's a wonderful princess. ^^


Oh, and this:



Because reasons.

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