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  1. I'm writing the Guardian off as dead. I'm pretty sure Aku killed him.
  2. My dresser where the bulk of my collection resides, along with several other things.
  3. I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! ready! ready! ready!
  4. Hi just wanted to share a model kit I put together recently. The model is called Dark Spiner, it's a Spinosaurus type Zoid from the Tommy Zoids action figure series. I found it on amazon for just $44 witch is a pretty good price for a Zoid kit. It was easy to build it took me about two hours to complete. The only problem with the model is the electric motor doesn't work very well. That doesn't really bother me to much. This model was sitting in a warehouse somewhere in Tokyo for over a decade.
  5. I'm a Atheist, I've never been to a church before.
  6. I'd named the colony "Matt Damion", because potatoes.
  7. I'd like to move to Washington state. I used to live there when I was a kid. I would love to live there again.
  8. I donated my old toys to Goodwill once
  9. I'd probably take up fishing. No way I'm going vegetarian. If that doesn't work out Fluttershy might notice a few of here bunnies have gone "missing".
  10. Adult Swim pulled the greatest April Fools prank ever!

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      insinuating the whole episode as a prank?

    2. Sporemane


       I was expecting to watch Dragon Ball super but I got Rick and Morty instead.I was totally surprised by that.

  11. Hurray another AJ fan! And welcome to the Forums.
  12. love it her stare is priceless
  13. I haven't seen Moana yet, defiantly going to check this out.
  14. Crooner Trotcetti
  15. I've only moved twice in my life. I moved from Texas to Washington and then back to Texas again.
  16. Sporemane

    Clop SECTION

    I believe that Clop doesn't belong on this forum. Like others have said before. There are other resources for people to use, if they want clop related content.
  17. I read the RT website and watch independent news sources on Youtube. I tend to stay away from any corporate news sources. Unless they are covering major events (Terrorism, Natural Disasters, etc.) then I'll watch them.
  18. Best cross over ever. I would love to see a Dukes of Hazard reference in the show.
  19. Never was a fan of Equestria Girls to begin with, I consider it a novelty. I'm not super concerned that there wont be a movie this year.
  20. I leave the forums for a few months and everything looks different now :blink:

  21. Red Dead Redemptions open world is amazing and full of diversity.
  22. I love this episode! Younger AJ is freaking adorable! This is my favorite episode of the whole season. AJ is best pony