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How Would You Rate MLP Forums?

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There are tons of great people here, but at the same time there are those that frustrate me to no end


Not gonna give a rating though

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3/5. I have had a load of positive experiences here, but just as many negative experiences. All this 5/5 nonsense seems dishonest to me. Prepare for a little bit of harsh language.


As for the kinds of people on these forums, I will be blunt: There are a good many open-minded individuals with their own ideals and their own interesting experiences. Buuuuut, they are often outnumbered by the masses of hipsters, clueless dickheads, and utter tryhards. There really are some idiotic people on these forums. The other big, primary category is usually the "undiscovered," which usually consists of brooding teenagers with hard opinions and many insecurities trying to figure out what everything means. Generally nothing wrong with that group.


The admins/mods/etc: Most of them are actually pretty okay or better. But their reputation, in the past, has been brought down by some power-abusing losers. But that's normal for any forum, so for the sake of not starting unneeded controversy (assuming I haven't already) I will not elaborate on this any further.


Site layout? Fantastic. It's actually one of the best aspects of the forums. Nothing too simplified, nothing over complicated. Though an easy means  to block users would probably be useful. *hint hint*


Now, if I weren't so tired, I'd come up with more to rant about or discuss, but hopefully my opinion here is valid to someone. Cheers!

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I'm a one year MLPF veteran... I joined a few days after my 17th birthday and this is the forums that changed my opinion on social media... despite that being the case there are a lot of things I don't like about this place that I started to realize after I turned 18... and those reasons caused me to move to another forums and leave MLPF for about 2 months... but something brought me back and I'm here and over there now....


so personally I'd rate it 2.5/5 or 3/5

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This is a great place, I spend most of my time online there :). I have had a lot of good experiences and also some bad ones, but the good far outweigh the bad :3. However, I won't be rating it, since there is always room for improvement c; 

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Friendly community.

Supportive community.

Creative commonunity.


But sadly:


You can't always say what you really have in mind, because honesty is most times horribly missunderstood.

Some members are creepy. (Like TOO friendly, faked smiles are creepy, eep!)

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:dash: I'd give it a 3/5


:pout: It's strange and hard to put into words properly...


:fluttershy: It's a place that I spend a good amount of time on. :blink: To the point where it has actually has replaced facebook for me. :adorkable: I feel very at home here, :sunny: but at the same time it can be frustrating trying to connect with people here, on a 1-on-1 basis and make friends. :eww: Most in part, I think this is due the the internet being the trashpit it is at times; :unamused: making people paranoid because :okiedokielokie: some people are creepers and ruin trust and fun for everyone.


That's life though.


Positively speaking, I have made friends here that I care about, and I feel they reciprocate. We may all be different, but we connect over a love for a great show, and I think that's something pretty special to have in common. :lol:

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Gotta wonder about those people rating 0/5... unless you're masochistic or 0/5 is your way of giving 'no rating', I think you have much better things to do with your time than stay around a site that you so strongly dislike. :/


Anyhow, I'd have to say maybe 4/5. :) There's a lot of really friendly people here who I owe my life, and I love how active the community is though the Ask a Pony section needs more love~ </3. I do have a few things that I feel take away from the experience- oversensitivity and drama where people should keep their cool, members sticking around that hate being here and make sure you know it, and some other stuff that I don't feel comfortable mentioning -_- - and that makes me legitimately scared and stressed to be here at times... overall, though, it's still the best forum I've ever been on, and I'm glad I joined, even with some of the less pleasant memories I've had here. ^_^

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Best forum.


Best forum!


In all seriousness, I would probably give MLP Forums a 4/5. It has an active community, everyone is friendly, the site's layout & features are great, and the community does a great job at welcoming new members to the forums. However, MLP Forums is not perfect. I have come across a few unpleasant people on this site, and from what I've seen on poniverse's twitter, the site tends to have some technical problems from time to time. Despite some of it's flaws, I really enjoy being on the MLP Forums and would happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pony forum to join.


TL,DR: See the dumb JonTron reference at the top of this post.

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