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  1. Gah, sorry for my brief period of absence here. My phone and the internet have evidently been plotting against me as I've barely been able to access the forums at all today. But I think whatever the problem was, it's fixed now. I hope you're all still having fun, while I am fighting my mobile to fix stuff. I will do what I can when I can, though right now I might be confined to making really basic posts.
  2. I dunno really, when I started this it was cause I was in a rush to get some RPing done, hence mine and Star's furious amount of posts per hour. I wouldn't shut down the RP though, just maybe have someone else moderate it. Like I've said, I'm confined to mobile, which the forums function at a subpar level on mobile, so, I was painfully unprepared to run an RP of this scale. You guys feel free to keep posting though and enjoy for the time being.
  3. Yeah sorry for it getting so out of control. What may well happen is Stardust and I may switch to a 1x1 RP to continue this mini fan fiction And in that case, some more spots can be open for people who might post at less of a turbo-rate.
  4. He smiled at her story. "Maybe, but I guarantee I was far less interesting. Didn't even know I could sing back then. Maybe it's better that everything happened the way it did or we wouldn't be here right now." He stretched his legs, shifting the blanket a bit.
  5. The stallion somewhat relaxed again. He chuckled at some memories, "Well..." he thought some more. "...I got kicked out of Cloudsdale when I was young for sneaking into flight camp." He laughed. "I uhhh, I got away with it for a little while." The stallion just grinned. "Good times, that."
  6. The Stallion had no idea what exactly was happening and no idea how to handle it. His heart started pounding. He decided to take a chance, even though it made him beyond nervous, "I-I- I meant you. Your mane. Is lovely..." he trailed off again, not knowing how to continue.
  7. "Clever girl." he chuckled. The stallion hesitated, but then leaned his head against hers. He relaxed and enjoyed the music. He couldn't help but stare down at the top of her head since it was right there. There were almost black and blue hairs in his mouth and nose, but he was not deterred. The mare's naturally messy mane still seemed to glisten in the night. It was...things. Skyjumper couldn't quite pick a word. "Lovely." He mistakenly said out loud. He slapped a hoof to his mouth.
  8. In no specific way, he adored her excitement. He noticed how close she was but this time he couldn't even react to it. Her enthusiasm made the whole thing seem more natural. Even though he didn't quite understand much of what he was being told, he paid attention for whatever good it did. When she discussed her wish, he laughed, "Y'know, I wish I understood all this like you did. Earlier you were so worried about being 'weird' but honestly, it's all a part of your charm." He smiled at her, "We're friends now, we can be weird together."
  9. He looked at the stars also. "Right you are." He smiled normally again. "I don't picture you doing much to ruin our friendship." He couldn't help continuing, he didn't want to leave her to her thoughts with no sense of closure. "You can tell me anything you want, whenever you want." He looked back at the mare, "And as for those thoughts of never meeting...aren't glad you can be wrong about the right things?" His tone was a tad cocky, but he meant no harm.
  10. The stallion's confidence wavered a little. "We...well, we've had a few close encounters aaaand..." he trailed off, partly because he wasn't buying that smile of hers. "Is...has something been wrong?" He asked nervously. "I mean, I know we're new friends, but don't be afraid to tell me if something is wrong."
  11. He stayed still like he was petrified until she did what she needed to do and settled. When it was quiet again, he tried to vanquish her redness, and his own, "It uhm...it's okay. Thank you for that." He smiled sheepishly. Another moment passed. "Uhm...so what...what has been happening with us all day?" He chuckled nervously, but there was a bit more conviction in his words, "Is there something you're not telling me that I should know?" The sheepish smile held strong.
  12. He laid back like Stardust had and smiled. The mixed shades of night violet and fading-sunlight orange were now filling the sky. "And thank you, for having me." He shifted to get more comfortable and accidentally bumped his hips into hers, causing him to blush out of embarrassment. "Woops! Sorry."
  13. He less-than-graciously flew into the house in a single motion and grabbed a large blanket and splayed it out on the roof. He made sure to pat it down nicely every which way and make sure his weight didn't cause it to slide off of the roof. "There we are." He looked at her for a moment in her wonder and awe of the sky. In the fading light, her mane, tail, and eyes almost seemed to glisten. He stared for another moment, and then just sat down.
  14. Her question caught him off guard. 'What was I thinking about?' He looked at the mare, 'Ohhhhhhh. Yeah. Yup. That's- she's what I was thinking about.' He was looking at her and not saying anything for perhaps a second too long than was socially acceptable. His facial expression was perhaps a bit too intent as well. He quickly snapped out of it when he realized. "Dahhhuhmmmm," he bit his lip, "how...nice you have been to me today." His brain was shouting at him to fly away from his awkward display, "I wish I could do more in return right now." He gulped.
  15. He followed her out, watched her lock the door, and soon both of them took to the sky. The flight was relaxed, and quiet. And over a short enough time, they found themselves on the complete opposite side of town, and then out a little further, to a small house very familiar to Skyjumper. The house was neither in the town, nor was it not part of it. He had them land on the roof. It wasn't at too steep of an angle so it wasn't hard to stand on. "This...is my house." He smiled, "And the trees here," he pointed to the trees on both sides of the road that connected his house to Ponyville, "act almo
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