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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Kothen

    General What forums are you banned from?

    Banned from some sub reddits for my political views.
  3. Kothen

    Your College Life

    Well I start a new Semester Tomorrow and I'm going to be working overtime. Im a 2nd year 2nd semester student and I recently decided I want to get into medical school. So now I'm taking tons of additional classes and have to actually work and study. But honestly its not too bad. College isn't "hard" per say its just your work ethic. If you do the work, go to class, study your notes, you'll do fine.
  4. Not a Movie, But the Series Nutshack. I feel physically ill every time I see that horrendous art style.
  5. It sucks though being made fun of for something so innocent. We are painted as these pyscho weirdos for enjoying a show. We aren't hurting anyone, but people online say crap like"Oh, we need to nuke all bronies" or Insert some insult with Autism or "Show for little girls" I know Im insecure, I wish I wasnt but if someone doesnt like me, I feel bad because, I didnt do anything to deserve that hate. It just sucks having a bunch of people hate you for no good reason.
  6. God I hate youtubers like Leafyishere. All his videos are unfunny and the way he talks reminds of one of those kids who tries to be edgy by being a douche.
  7. Kothen

    Dislike the FIM intro?

    Never liked the intro. Its pretty much the most "Girly" part of the show.
  8. Kothen

    Are we REALLY that hated?

    It just suck seeing a pony video or something pony related in a video and the dislike bar is visible and the comments are "Kill them all!"
  9. Kothen

    Are we REALLY that hated?

    I guess I just care too much about what people think about me. Insecurities I guess.
  10. Like holy beans. I normally avoid Cringe videos because the reactions are usually more cringe than the actual content. But the results in this video Thats Insane how much more we are hated compared to the other "cringe" fandoms The others were pretty even split.
  11. Kothen

    Crystal War Pinkie

    I loved the look of the ponies in the S5 Finale and humanized Pinkie Pie toting my favorite handgun as well.
  12. Kothen

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Wishing I had friends who cared. Tired of always putting my happiness in others.
  13. Kothen

    General How do you cope with loneliness?

    Badly, I either nap or play games with an empty feeling. I almost always feel lonely and after awhile you feel empty inside. I tried making friends with other people but it always never ends up good.
  14. Kothen

    What do you say in extreme pain?

    "Son of a f*cking sh*t bag c*ck sucking mother f*cking *sshole God Dammit" Or some other mix of offensive words that come to mind in that moment of anger.
  15. Kothen

    Movies/TV Worst Movie You've Ever Watched?

    Birdemic, I havent watched it fully myself but I've seen reviews. I can't believe someone sat there and thought "Hey, this is good enough for other people to see!"