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  1. Cookie <3

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Cookie! My real name is ew Dx Age: 20 Gender: Female c: Country: Texas, USA Likes: YOU ♥! :'D And also Trixie. And also cookies, and chocolate, and cakes, and ice cream, and donuts, and sugar..... I also really like animals, pets are life ^u^ AND EVERYTHING CUTE <3 Dislikes: School, life, the fact that everything is about money these days... ): Hobbies: Drawing, rewatching Trixie episodes, talking to birds, crying out of lonliness... Other Info: I would really love to have some new friends!!! I have literally one friend right now and a cockatoo who talks to me occasionally. Send me a message please!
  2. Cookie <3

    Rainbow Dash Drawing (for Ziggy and Angelbaby)

    It's so cute!! Thanks for sharing it!!!
  3. Cookie <3

    Gaming Most anticipated games of 2016

  4. Cookie <3

    Redrawn and Reborn!

    I love how you colored him, it looks great!!!!
  5. Cookie <3

    Hiya! :D

    Thank you so much! I eat them almost every day too, I don't know how I'd survive without them! Hot chocolate + cookies = the best combination I'm drooling just thinking about it...
  6. Cookie <3

    Write a Story About One of Your Childhood Fears

    I used to be terrified of salt! My mom said if I ate too much of it I'd turn into a fish, it was horrible.
  7. Cookie <3

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I really really really love cookies!!! :DDD
  8. Cookie <3

    Hiya! :D

    Great!!!!! Everyone is so amazing and nice and there's never a moment when there's nothing to do, it's great! Plus the fact that everyone loves ponies as much as I do makes it even better
  9. Cookie <3

    Season greetings :D

    I have no idea why but this picture makes me so hungry...she looks so edible XD It's just that adorable!!! Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for sharing this with us!!!
  10. Cookie <3

    Expression Practice

    I love these, you're really good at expressions!!! Your art and coloring styles are so unique! Trixie in her QT crown is perfect >:3
  11. Cookie <3

    eiwly's art stuff

    YOUR LINE ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I have no idea how you make it so detailed it's amazing ;v; Your style is gorgeous <333 And your signatures are very artistic too
  12. Cookie <3

    Hiya! :D

    Thank you to everyone who replied, I feel very welcome already And to everyone who loves cookies as much as I do <33 MEOWKB48, I hope you find some cookies soon...;-;
  13. Cookie <3

    Hiya! :D

    Thank you all XD! I feel so welcome already. YES OREO COOKIES AND CHOCOLATE CHIP <333
  14. Cookie <3

    Hiya! :D

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Google...? How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: MLPTP posted the first episode on their homepage the day it was uploaded onto Youtube and I watched it...I have never stopped since (。☉౪ ⊙。) Cookies are so delicious! They're my favorite food. I especially love the ones with chocolate chips, but mostly I like the double chocolate ones. The ones with the M&M's are pretty good too. Oh and sugar cookies!!! Biscuits are great, but they aren't true cookies. True cookies are pure, and wholesome. They aren't contaminated by the inhospitable nature of society. True cookies are the most delicious things on this planet. I love cookies so much ;~; ... I tend to get so emotional when writing about cookies, I'm sorry I also love ponies though!!! And these forums! ^v^ I don't really have much else to say about myself... ( I had no idea until now that "hiya" is meant to be short for "hi how are you?" and not just "hi" )