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I'm not much of a Taylor fan honestly. I don't dislike her, just never been able to get into her music. My sister loves her though.

This specific song isn't bad at all, sounds nice, Taylor does have a great voice. Instrumental is maybe a bit generic, it does sound like a lot of other radio/pop songs. Good song overall. I'd say 5/7.

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I’d rate it a 3: Poor.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opposition considering how popular Taylor Swift seems to be, but to be honest she sounds EXACTLY like everyone on the Top 40 supermarket playlists for the last 20 years. She makes the same inflections, tonal interpretations, slurves and generic touches I’ve heard a million times. At best she’s boring. At worst she’s an imitator that got lucky…very lucky. I know this sounds more vitrioloc than it needs to be, but I assure you I’m unbiased because I’m not emotionally invested one way or the other, so this opinion is at least an honest one. I’m not a fan. Sorry.

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