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  1. Water based activities,some sports like soccer and using some forms of social media
  2. Yep,I only sing when im with friends or myself,and i think i am intermediate at singing and whistling
  3. Yep,its old but it still does its job well.I Also use an Air conditioner sometimes in addition
  4. Sure,if i could bring some technology along and it is for a day only.
  5. Its Definately Transalantic and not British even though sometimes they sound the same.
  6. This game is amazing but it has a unresponsive screen bug which i am still waiting for a fix.
  7. When im randomly browsing the internet or youtube.Most of the time i got an idea for photoshop thanks to that.
  8. Twilight:Science(non fiction) Rainbow Dash:A book based off Daring Do or some flying guide for pegasus Pinkie Pie:Cooking guide with jokes in it. Applejack:A motivational self help book? Rarity:History of clothes and fabrics Fluttershy:A novel about Fictional animals?
  9. 3/10 might be a challenge but i can manage it. Eat 10 of your most disliked food and not throw up.