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  1. Side Bird

    S06:E06 - No Second Prances

    Amazing episode. I think Cranky's line at the end really made it.
  2. Side Bird

    S06:E01+02 - The Crystalling

    Okay. The episode was decent. I give it an 80%. It was not amazing, but it was not THAT bad. It did have some flaws in my opinion, but in the end of the episode most of them were fixed. The biggest being the uncontrolled magic of Flurry. Clearly her magic is powerful but it doesn't seem too overpowered, just stronger than an baby Unicorn as they said. What they did with Sunburst and the Crystal Empire was nice. All in all it was decent, with lots of references here and there. My only big problem was how Celestia said that she and Luna weren't born as Alicorns. Faust said they were, but since she's not on anymore and they changed it I'm sad to see it not canon anymore. Hopefully we'll see an episode on how they got their wings/cutie marks.
  3. Enough Spike, when do we get more Griffons? I do enjoy Spike, but I honestly don't want him to be the main focus of TOO many episodes. Maybe one or two, but his episodes in my opinion, are usually pretty.. Unlikable. However that's just my opinion and I'm sure there are many who simply love his episodes, while I on the other talon find them a little dull or simply goofy. Maybe if they treated him more as his own character and less of a FOIL I'd start liking him a little more.
  4. Side Bird

    Spoiler Fears Confirmed- New Pony Problem

    It's a little odd how Cadence and Shining ended up having such a powerful baby. I see Cadence as the least powerful, when it comes to just bare magic and nothing helping out (Love, for instance) as the weakest Alicorn out of them. (I don't hate Cadence, I really enjoy her character, I simply see her as a little weaker than the others.) Shining himself doesn't seem all that strong when it comes to magic, so it's a little weird in my opinion that their child has that much power. They should have made it either a Unicorn or a Pegasus, their child never should have been an alicorn. That's just my opinion. Babies never do much for a show either, they usually end up dragging it down. So much attention is showed towards them, and they usually end up just becoming blank, useless FOILs that only serve the purpose of showing how one character in the show is kind, sweet, loving, etc; or giving them some backround or roundness. Again, my opinion. However if it wasn't Flurry who caused the storm, say it was Sombra or somepony, then Flurry's magic would simply be out of control; we wouldn't have a grasp on how powerful she is. However again if it does turn out to be her, or she ends up solving the problem, then I see a need for her powers to be drastically reduced or to somehow be shown as being amplified by others means.
  5. Side Bird

    What shows will tide you over until MLP season 6

    I don't watch a lot of TV, but I love House of Cards and the Walking Dead. Naruto too. Those'll tide me over to and after S6.
  6. Side Bird

    General What is your dream job?

    I wanna be a chef. Cooking is the thing that pulls me most, and I love having people enjoy food I make, it's such a great feeling.
  7. Side Bird

    What was the last food you ate?

    Delicious.. Stuffing. Just stuffing, nothing else.
  8. Side Bird

    General So what's the best meat?

    You can not go wrong with chicken! I really enjoy Pheasant though, my friend hunts them and let me have some once, it was pretty delicous.
  9. Side Bird

    General Millenials don't eat cereal?

    Washing a bowl? Pfft, what's that? Who washes bowls anymore? I mean, who even eats cereal anymore? Clearly cereal is a dying food, and why waste the time eating it when you have to clean the bowl? I mean, cleaning a bowl? Who in the whole world does that, sounds like a dead fashion trend to me. Don't even try to bring that back, it only got around 30 likes on Insta. We'll all be eating out of tubes and shiny self cleaning plates and have robots do it for us anyways in 10 years.
  10. Side Bird

    Moments you thought the show was being corny

    When Cheerilee and Big Mac were calling eachother nicknames when they were under the love potion.
  11. Side Bird

    Spoiler Flurry Heart: Show-Centric Concerns?

    Hopefully she isn't just perfect and gets everything right. I always saw Cadence and Shining as flat, non interesting ponies that were more FOILs to show the best in Twilight, and they seemed to have gotten worse over the shows time. I don't have many concerns, but I hope Flurry starts to give them a little shine.
  12. Side Bird

    Do you have a special somepony?

    Hmnn. Do birds qualify? I've been single for about two years now. :/
  13. Side Bird

    What color underwear to you wear?

    I have a lot of Star Wars boxers that I wear I don't really mind the color underwear I wear.
  14. Side Bird

    Hasbro getting sued! pony theme at risk?

    Hey if they have copyrights on so many fonts, do you think I can copyright the color green? All green things shall be mine. Let the money roll in.
  15. Side Bird

    Favourite pony race?

    My favorite would have to be unicorns. I've always seen them with more.. Grace than the others. I'm pretty sure Earth Ponies are the well, lesser liked of all the pony species.