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  1. Fluttershyponygal

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because the post count in this thread is OVER 5000!!!!
  2. Fluttershyponygal

    In need of a sprite artist!

    One of my sprite artists who has been a loyal and great guy for over a year now has announced his retirement from the project, his real life job is taking away too much time from his ability to create sprite work so he made the mature decision and alerted me to this and told me he wouldn't be able to work for me anymore after the last sprite he did. As sad as I am to see him go, I understand. As such, this opens up an employment slot for the game I am currently working on. THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP is an MLP RPG I'm making with RPG Maker MV, it's been in the works for roughly 4yrs now and I've been hard at work on it. A link to the thread and my patreon page can be found in my signature if you need more information on the game. Sprite Artist: The Requirements for this position are simple, You must be able to draw in show-accurate style You must be able to cooperate with the other artists on the dev team. You will need to be able to animate to a certain extent as the game uses animated battlers. You must be able to finish all sprites within a single months time. Knowledge of creating RPG Maker MV sprite sets is not required but is very helpful. Do not apply unless you intend to work on the game for an extended period of time. Continued failure to produce sprites within a month's time may result in your removal from the development team and/or not receive payment until sprites are finished. Payment for this position is generally $20-$30 per set. Sprite Artists who remain on the team for long periods of time and show that they can work in a timely manner effectively will be subject to a pay raise. You will be paid around the first of every month and will have one month from the beginning of the month(the 1st of the month) to complete the commissioned sprites. For those who lack the ability to create sprites from scratch but are able to edit a base to the sufficient quality and detail needed, a base can be provided for use.
  3. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    Version 1.3.1 is now live on gamejolt for download!
  4. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    wow, has it really been 6 months since I updated this thread? holy crap, I really do need to post here more often but... STATUS UPDATE: Version 1.3.1 will be available to the public in 5 days time! Patrons already have access since that's a perk of supporting the game's development! :3
  5. Fluttershyponygal

    The "BUSTED!" Game.

    Busted reading the November issue of playpony magazine.
  6. Fluttershyponygal

    The "BUSTED!" Game.

    I busted TBD stealing French language education books to try and speak french!
  7. Fluttershyponygal

    The "BUSTED!" Game.

    Basically how this game works is that you have caught the person above you doing something. It can be anything but the only rule is that it must be either be comical, embarrassing, or even questionable.(Be somewhat nice people!) Keep it PG but there's nothing wrong with leaving things to the imagination... Okay so I'll start: Rainbow Dash caught me looking at Fluttershy's rump and bucked me to the moon!
  8. Fluttershyponygal

    The avatar above you is in jail, what for?

    For making Twilight look dumb in public. (and I'm gonna do myself) Getting busted with the CMC...(I'll let your imagination wonder on that until you cringe...XD)
  9. On any other forum...OP would be considered a troll. On this forum, turn it into a civil discussion.
  10. Fluttershyponygal

    Make up a fun rumor about the pony above. (Please keep it somewhat nice!)

    I heard everyone on this forum likes Pastel Colored ponies.
  11. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    You should see a crystal in town square next to the huge house in ponyville. That's your save point.
  12. Fluttershyponygal

    help wanted In need of an EQG sprite artist.

    Here's a link to the game's thread:
  13. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    heh, it never crossed my mind till now that I should include a save point tutorial lol
  14. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    oh wow, i fell asleep! so sorry but its up now!
  15. Fluttershyponygal

    My Little Pony: The Bonds Of Friendship(TBOF)

    Honestly, I don't understand why more people don't use winrar, its free and far better for compression methods and stability of files.