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About this blog

Not much of a blogger, but I like to use this for those very specific works of writing that just don't fit anywhere else and news updates that would not fit in a status update. 

Entries in this blog

Had a Dream With Pipp the Poltergeist in It

Pipp the Poltergeist, the "ghostified" Pipp from my latest story, was in a dream of mine last night. I dreamed I was with Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show in this resort's outdoor pool area. Rigby was complaining about this coffee he got when Pipp the Poltergeist showed up and started telling us to chase her. We gave chase, and this song about ice cream started playing. I can only remember one part of the song distinctly, where during the chorus, someone is saying, "Ice cream's great! Yeah,

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Dreams

My Top 10 Worst MLP Stories/Writing Mistakes List

Yes, I decided to give myself a roasting while also explaining why I've changed the way I write my stories. You can read this list on both my FiMFiction.net blog and on DeviantArt.  https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1022484/my-top-10-worst-mlp-stories-mistakes-as-a-writer https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow/art/My-Top-10-Worst-MLP-Stories-Writing-Mistakes-982675763 Be warned, things do get a little personal at the end, but it's something I had to explain in order for people

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Lists

My Furlough Ends This Month

Just got a call from my supervisor from Macy's an hour ago telling me that I'm scheduled to come back to work August 20th. After the nightmare that has been trying to find a job these past two months with how unspeakably awful the job market has gotten, "relieved" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. I'm elated over finally having a load off my back. Believe it or not, this furlough period has actually not affected me much financially. My mental health was impacted worse from thi

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Life

New Theory About King Sombra, Radiant Hope, and the Umbrum

I've now merged with MistyBrightShadow, the account that archived all my work on DeviantArt, and have posted my first new theory there.  https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow/art/Sombra-Hope-and-Umbrum-in-G5-Theory-Part-2-974161203 Even if we don't get umbrum in Make Your Mark, hope they can at least be an implied part of the lore.   

Changing My MLPF Name for the First Time

Today, for the first time in history, I did something I had never done in eleven years.  As of now, CloudMistDragon has become "Misty Shadow". The reason I decided on this name is not just because I could end up potentially merging with the DA account that is archiving my stuff, but also because I feel it works as both a good simplified version of that account's name and the name I've used for so long. Changing it today, I feel was the perfect timing too, since my blog just hit 10,000

The Truth About Team Silent

Doing a video game-related essay for the first time, this one tackles a popular misconception about a beloved video game team. If you have an interest in Silent Hill...this should fascinate you... https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow/art/The-Truth-About-Team-Silent-971702169

Possibly Retiring the CloudMistDragon Name

This is something I've posted about on FiMFiction.net too, a consideration of potentially retiring the CloudMistDragon name.  https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1018245/possibly-retiring-the-cloudmistdragon-name MistyBrightShadow is now permitted to start uploading my removed art and stories, but I have considered changing my name on all social media platforms with the exception of Youtube. The reason is because CloudMistDragon was initially something I wanted to use as a name people coul

The DeviantArt Content Removal Situation

By far the greatest casualty of the unfair DeviantArt ban was the removal of all of my content. Thankfully, most of my DA-exclusive stuff is backed up, and after talking with a friend who is a very active DA user, we've decided that this user will be given my express permission to upload my removed and unreleased content.  https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow It would mean a lot to me if you could show Misty some support with follows and faves. As for the guy who got my account

Unfair DeviantArt Ban

I was permanently banned from DeviantArt today just for using an image for a cover for my stories. The image is from an artist who allows for alteration of their work so long as they are credited.  https://www.deviantart.com/ejfirelightningarts And guess what they did? They didn't even message me asking me to take the cover down, they straight-up DMCA'd me and got my account permanently banned. The artist has recently apologized to me in a message on another site, telling me this

Wrote Another G5 Comedy Story!

I wrote a G5 comedy story around this time last year, and now, I've done another this summer. This one isn't about summer specifically though, this is a sketch compilation story with a plot about Sunny and her friends telling stories to each other at a diner as a wraparound.  Hope you find it entertaining! 

Finally Heard Back From Unemployment

Unemployment finally mailed me my Certificate of Understanding after I was able to get on a video call with them. I should finally be getting some benefits before I get a job, which could be very soon with Goodwill calling me back Tuesday about whether or not I got the job when I interviewed with them Thursday. Very happy I have something good to report this time. 

Job Applying

I'm applying for jobs right now to fill the gap in the wait for my furlough to end, so please wish me luck. To my displeasure, unemployment has not helped me out in any way whatsoever and I had to get in touch with a manager from Macy's last night about why I hadn't received my call for my return-to-work date within two weeks. I was told that they "hadn't received word yet on return dates for furloughed colleagues". I'm very tired of this, very unhappy right now. 

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Life

Reviewed MYM Chapter 4 in More Detail After Watching It Again

I may have reviewed MYM Chapter 4 already in its discussion thread, but that was just for a warmup. This is the real review I always wanted to do for it.  https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow/art/Make-Your-Mark-Chapter-4-Review-971157815 I also wanted to do this after watching all the episodes more than once because I didn't just want the writing in the review to be just right, I wanted all my thoughts to be just right as well. This chapter deserves that extra polish for a revi

Got Furloughed at My Job

Some very unfortunate news that I've already made a status update on and will elucidate more on here as promised. I was called in for a meeting at the start of my night shift and informed that my department would be hit with a mass furloughing, impacting at least seventy-one people. This confounded a lot of people, myself included, seeing how these past few days have been very busy. However, according to upper management, the workload is actually lacking, so they've decided to furlough full-time

My Essay for Izzy Moonbow

Twilight Sparkle (moderator) told me that it's better to link to forum threads for these essay posts with blogs instead of posting my whole essay in a blog, so here's my new thread showcasing this essay I did for an amazing character like Izzy Moonbow for my birthday. 

Got a Steam Deck!

I recently finally got myself a Steam Deck!    Yeah, that's Devil May Cry 4 on there. It's funny how the console told me the game was unsupported on Steam Deck when it actually plays fine for me. That's the only thing I really don't like about the console, that confusion for some of these games that will actually play fine with some minor tinkering, if you even need to do that at all. Other than that, it's awesome. 

MLP G5 Make Your Mark Chapter 2 Review

Even though I've kind of already reviewed this chapter, I felt that it deserved a much more detailed review in the style of my MYM Chapter 1 re-assessment, so here we go.  https://www.deviantart.com/mistybrightshadow/art/MYM-Chapter-2-Review-Pre-MYM-C4-Release-970987346 Prelude Make Your Mark Chapter 2 is currently my favorite piece of G5 content. At this moment in time, it’s the second most positively received part of G5’s media, with the most positively received part being the m

Received My Raise at Work After Being Officially Recognized as a Top Performer

I mentioned in my last blog that I was potentially getting a raise, and now, I officially am getting one.  Although it's not that much extra money, it's certainly going to add up, and I am grateful to have any raise in pay. I was also extremely happy to see that I am now officially recognized as a top performer. My supervisor told me that I'm one of the top performers out of seven. Honestly, the boon this has been to my feeling of self-worth is more valuable to me than the money. 

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Life

Another Work Award, Potential Raise

Since I have not made a blog about work in quite some time, I guess it's finally time to update you guys on how I'm paying the bills. Work was mostly slow for a while in the winter with the least active peak season I've ever seen, but lately, it's been a lot more busy with a lot more stuff to do. Coinciding with that, they're getting stricter at my job with people needing to meet productivity. It's not given me any trouble though, I received yet another award from my job last night. 

Misty Shadow

Misty Shadow in Life

Twilight Sparkle's Greatest Accomplishment: Creating the Unity Crystals

This can also be found on my DeviantArt gallery.  https://www.deviantart.com/cloudmistdragon/art/The-Importance-of-the-Unity-Crystals-in-MLP-956978736 Opening Twilight Sparkle did a great service to Equestria in making the Unity Crystals. This, I know for sure, is a controversial statement. However, I’ll even go a step further and say that what Twilight was revealed to have done to help Equestria in the second issue of the G5 comics is her greatest accomplishment in the series we
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