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Make Your Mark Chapter 6 Review

Misty Shadow


After watching all of Make Your Mark Chapter 6 hours after its premiere, I got straight to work on my full review of it, which I now have up! :coolandhip:


I'm really going to miss reviewing MYM if this is the end of it, but I think I'm going to like reviewing the next part of G5's story. :winking-izzy:

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With all due respect I can't believe everyone is loving chapter 6! Everything was so rushed, so many plotlines left unresolved, the fact the dragons were hibernating made no sense and it was LOADED with more continuity errors then all of Make Your Mark COMBINED! Chapter 6 killed what little hope I had left for the show's future quality and it will take a GIGANTIC effort to bring it back.

The show's world building is so mangled and broken I think the only way to fix it is to declare it non-cannon and start over from A New Generation. 

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