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Had a Dream About Watching a Bad MLP G5 Movie

Misty Shadow


Yes friends, I disliked something from G5...in a dream. I dreamed last night that I was watching this G5 movie that I believe was supposed to be this MLP adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, like a Classics Reimagined kind of thing. The reason I say that is because Hitch was dressed like Tom Sawyer and the way the characters were talking made it seem like the makers of the movie were trying to adapt dialogue from a book while not doing a good job of it. It was so boring to watch I started yelling things like, "This is worse than Rainbow Roadtrip!", "Even the worst Tell Your Tale shorts are more entertaining than this!", and "We're an hour in and I haven't laughed once!".  Then, right after I said that last line, something funny in the movie happened and I yelled, "I jinxed it!". Then I saw that Izzy's head was split in two down to her throat area. There was no blood though and she made a joke about it before she made herself whole again. All I remember after that was her making some movie references before I woke up. 

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