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About this blog

Not much of a blogger, but I like to use this for those very specific works of writing that just don't fit anywhere else and news updates that would not fit in a status update. 

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Unfair DeviantArt Ban

I was permanently banned from DeviantArt today just for using an image for a cover for my stories. The image is from an artist who allows for alteration of their work so long as they are credited.  https://www.deviantart.com/ejfirelightningarts And guess what they did? They didn't even message me asking me to take the cover down, they straight-up DMCA'd me and got my account permanently banned. The artist has recently apologized to me in a message on another site, telling me this


This is my first ever blog on this site that is going to be somewhat of a vent. Who here is tired of nontroversies? Who here is tired of everything needing to be "controversial"? I know, this is absolutely nothing new. But it's something that continues to grow ever more baffling. The world sucks right now, worse than it ever has in modern history, yet as it continues to get worse, people continue to get better at creating non-issues. Look at all the real ones we have. It's growing ever more diff
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