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This is my first ever blog on this site that is going to be somewhat of a vent. Who here is tired of nontroversies? Who here is tired of everything needing to be "controversial"? I know, this is absolutely nothing new. But it's something that continues to grow ever more baffling. The world sucks right now, worse than it ever has in modern history, yet as it continues to get worse, people continue to get better at creating non-issues. Look at all the real ones we have. It's growing ever more difficult for people to pay their bills. The economy is a wreck and continuing to worsen. An entire town of people is suffering from the fallout of an environmental disaster. Tens of thousands people died in a natural disaster not too long ago. I can think of five things right off the top of my head that I don't care about. People daring to have fun playing a Harry Potter game. M&M's. What two of the world's most spoiled and filthy rich, overprivileged elites are doing or their complaints about how "bad" they have it. People daring to have fun playing Atomic Heart because we all know that the money a video game makes goes straight to funding military efforts (sarcasm). A toilet joke in My Little Pony, which is totally a new low for the franchise despite being nothing new for the franchise (again, sarcasm). 

There's a reason why this is my first vent (sort of) blog. I'm the kind of guy who normally doesn't like to complain. However, my patience has limits. I'm tired of saying, "It's just a video game/just candy/just a cartoon/whatever.". We don't need made-up problems. Made-up problems have no solutions. They're just temporary distractions people come up with so that they can have something to talk about before they find something else to complain about. It's a waste of time. I like to say that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy. Complaints can be valid, sure. There's a time and place for criticism. But what problem has ever been solved by creating a "controversy" out of nothing? Just live and let live. Let people be controversial/"controversial". Because seriously, what can these so-called "controversial" things and people actually do to you? If they bother you, why would you want to give them more attention, influence, and notoriety? Focus on your own life and let it be. 

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You literally read my mind with this. The world sucks right now, and I don't care about youtuber drama or video game drama...I care about actual problems that affect actual human lives. If everythings controversial, that shows that society is not capable of dealing with actual controversy when it strikes. When it does, people don't seem to care. No wonder why the world sucks right now. At least thats just one of the many reasons. 

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On 2/25/2023 at 11:35 AM, Props ValRoa said:

You literally read my mind with this.

I doubt that. :okiedokieloki: May I make a "nontroversy" out of the misuse of language?

But, yes, I agree with both of you. If everything is the worst thing ever, then how do discern what is important?

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