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  1. The School of Friendship is a good idea

    I'm good with it, as long as the characters and show stays the same, I don't mind School of Friendship.
  2. Is Zephyr Fluttershy's younger brother in EQG?

    Maybe Zephyr went through a growth spurt.
  3. Spike's friendship with Starlight

    Yes, Spike was worried for all Equestria, also it shows he's gain some of Twilight's personality. Spike was under pressure, but glad that Thorax and Ember got along, Spike did bring out the best in Thorax and Ember. Spike's episodes are getting better, showing he's improving.
  4. Movies/TV The Land Before Time Fan Club

    I've always enjoyed The Land Before Time series.
  5. Tempest Shadow appearing in the show.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Tempest on the show, maybe even mentioned on the show, like they could say she's out with Grubber spreading what Twilight taught her.
  6. Is Flurry Heart an unnecessary character?

    I have no problems with Flurry Heart.
  7. Spoiler Saffron Masala Fan Club

    Yes, I agree. I don't know about banishing Zesty, but I do know she would like if Spike was a costumer at the Tasty Treat, like Spike could like their spicy soup or something.
  8. Spoiler We should see Sunny's family soon

    Maybe Sunset gets homesick and pays her family a visit in Equestria.
  9. Any Short Ideas for Dog Spike?

    I would like to see that. That would be cool Maybe Spike the Dog and Spike the Dragon(who turns into a dog) will meet each other.
  10. Starlight Glimmer Controversy

    I have no problems with Starlight Glimmer, she's Twilight's student and friend.
  11. Spoiler Father Knows Beast (season 8 spoilers)

    I don't know, normally I'm not big on spoilers, but, I do know for sure, Spike will never leave Twilight and the gang.
  12. Spoiler Why doesn't twilight wear shoes?

    Maybe she wears them on special occasions, but she doesn't wear her crown all the time because she doesn't want to be treated any differently except on occasions. Just a guess.
  13. Best Non-Pony Species

    I can't decide, I like all the non-pony characters.
  14. The MLP comics should continue after the show ends!

    I don't know, too soon to tell for me, but, I think the g4 show will continue on, it's the best version.
  15. Why did Celestia keep Sunset under her wing?

    I'm sure Celestia knew Sunset would return eventually and I'm also sure that Twilight must've kept her informed about Sunset's progress in the other world from her previous visits and the journal.