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  1. That's cool.
  2. Okay. Did you make peace with Capper?
  3. Stygian feeling regret of the pony of shadows, runs away from home, they're able to find him through his dreams by Princess Luna. His later found by Zecora, brought him to her hut. Wakes up from slumber, finds Zecora and Mage making tea and medicine to help him. Later, the Main eight(Including Spike and Starlight) bring him home.
  4. Twilight and Spike can help Stygian.
  5. Spoiler

    Revenge of the Queen sounds cool.
  6. I think all the Pillars are equal in power.
  7. Yes, but I think you're an official member now, since the Storm King is defeated. And you and the Parrot Pirates are free.
  8. Tempest/Fizzlepop, Did the Parrot Pirates made you a member of the crew, like they did with Twilight, Spike, and the others?
  9. Stygian can be friends with Spike.
  10. Tempest/Fizzlepop, Did Princess Skystar make you a shell necklace?
  11. Luna and Discord could help Stygian overcome his guilt about being currupted by the Pony of Shadows, cause they understand what it's like.
  12. Cool
  13. Bulk Biceps could help Spike with getting stronger.