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  1. What's Spike's next lesson? Make sure it's something Twilight will approve.
  2. Oh, thank you Twilight. Smolder, How's it like being Spike's Dragon Tutor?
  3. Launchpad, Heard anything from Amunet lately? Just asking.
  4. That's good. Feel better Spike? Smolder, What else do you help Spike with? Aside from flying.
  5. It just takes practice Spike, like how Smolder's helping you with flying, Garble's helping you and other dragons on Beat Poetry. Right Smolder?
  6. That's good. Has he taught you, Ember, Smolder, and some other dragons on Beat-Poetry?
  7. Don't worry about it Pikachu. I know Ash didn't have the best start of being a trainer, but, he's improved himself. Maybe not right away, but, no trainer is perfect.
  8. Spike, How surprised where you when Garble said, "Good Idea Spikey-Wikey"? Was it like, 'Did he just call me Spikey-Wikey?'