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  1. Yes, Pharynx has changed, turns out he was trying to protect the hive.
  2. Spike, Did Starlight, Trixie, or Thorax told you about the new hive?
  3. Pinkie Pie is one of those unforgettable characters.
  4. Spoiler

    I think Garble would be one of those enemies that can't change. Like Queen Chrysalis.
  5. I don't usually think about it, but, most likely they're either half the age of their Mirror counterparts. I'm only guessing.
  6. I don't think so, Big Mac is one of the stallions in Ponyville for Spike to have some Guy Time.
  7. Yes, I agree. Spike has developed.
  8. I like the changelings, one thing I wanna know is, why some have crystals on their chest.
  9. Spike isn't a background character, he's one of the main characters.
  10. Sugar Glider might be nice.
  11. Spike has come a really long way, being a better character is an improvement.
  12. Well, Princess Spike was a miss for me, cause I can't see Spike taking Twilight's name for personal use.
  13. Starlight isn't replacing Spike, Starlight is learning with Spike and Twilight.
  14. I'm glad that Zecora appeared in season 7.