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  1. 1. It's worth a try. I know he has his not-so-good moments, but, he's improving himself. 2. Thank you Fluttershy.
  2. Maybe, but, he's not always bad, you know. Maybe get Fluttershy to convince him?
  3. That's cool. Anything new from Cadence and Shinning Armor?
  4. That's cool. What about his reports of the Diamond Dogs? Spike mentioned making peace with them between the Abyssinians wasn't easy.
  5. Interesting. So, Spike was able to understand what the dragon was going through. huh?
  6. Oh. What's Spike's latest report on his Friendship Ambassador?
  7. That's good. What about the Dragons,Changelings, Yaks, Griffons, Hippogriffs and Buffalos?
  8. That's cool. Did she mention anything like she and Ahuizotl became friends?
  9. I see. Does it mention anything since Daring Do and Ahuizotl made amends?
  10. I see. Heard anything from AK Yearling/Daring Do lately?
  11. I'm sure he does. RainbowDash, What are Soarin and Spitfire been up to?