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  1. I see. Limestone, maybe hard with her attitude, but, she cares, right?
  2. I see. Maud, What're Limestone and Marble up too?
  3. I see. You teach Pinkie's class?
  4. I see. Do you assist with the School of Friendship sometimes?
  5. Maud, Remember when Pinkie sold her Party Cannon for your new bag, even though she got it back, thanks to you, does it show how much she cares?
  6. Fluttershy, Do you know any raccoons that goes by Smokey, Softpad, and Smokey Jr. ?
  7. Oh, that's funny. Twilight, Working on anything new in your lab?
  8. Sunset Shimmer, Did you ever find your alter self in the other world?
  9. I don't mean interfere with Rainbow's work, I mean visit them in their dreams and maybe help with Rainbow's work, like show here how it's done.
  10. Maybe not your duty, but, you can still enter ponies dreams to visit them and help them if you want.
  11. I see. Well, as long as you can still enter ponies dreams, you can visit them anytime you want. Especially during this pandemic. You agree?
  12. What about Twilight and her friends dreams? I'm sure they miss it.