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Everything posted by Rikifive

  1. Made some progress in the actual level, as well as added some details here and there (tiles with plants and stuff in teh grass)




    Forever :mlp_icwudt:

    The beginnings are the worst, as I'm not sure what exactly tiles I'll need, so I often end up redoing some things and stuff whenever I discover, that I missed some tiles I need. EDQ7xNk.png

    Rearranged stuff multiple times now, but it should be mostly okay now. Yeah drawing the whole levels instead of just a concept in image-editing-soft first would be a great idea, but it would take ages. :mlp_icwudt: Aside that concept art for style and tiles, I'm just doing a quick sketch of level layout and then building a level basing on that. This gives me that another chance to think of stuff I'll need beforehoof, though it's still not 100% efficient.

    I'm spending way too much time on a single level, I constantly have a feeling, that I should care less and just build, to make the game come to light before 2077. qgWC76l.png

    Hah and now when I think about drawing creatures&bosses, programming their AI and stuff, my mind blows by amount of work a single location requires. I still have to code so many things! ... and draw so many things! HJrej9k.png It would be faster to give up


    Uh anyway, watch out for these I guess 0CHh6vQ.png


    most of the platformers have spikes, so why not add something that will make Twilight explode die disappear in a fancy cartoony way. EPIC!EDQ7xNk.png

    Everything is a work in progress, so progress requires some work, 'coz it's in... progr-- .. vZYwsp7.png ... I mean YEAH! A4N3pr8.png PLACED SOME GRASS! A4N3pr8.png EPIC! A4N3pr8.png

    I'm tired, gotta go to sleep now, goodnight! mTzMRGZ.png

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    2. Rikifive


      @Tacodidra Thank you! oilUbfM.png I'm sure you will. :darling: Heh yeah, just like me trying to get back to practicing more on guitar, I get what you mean. :mlp_icwudt: No worries though, take your time, but you know, it would be nice to see you make some progress. :mlp_wink: :ticking:

      Goodnight! mTzMRGZ.png

    3. EpicEnergy


      Goodnight! Good luck with drawing and programming! :fluttershy:

    4. Rikifive


      @EpicEnergy Thank you, I'll totally need that. qgWC76l.png Goodnight! mTzMRGZ.png

  2. Aww that's pretty cool Could you make one for me?
  3. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  4. This is awesome and a cool idea in general. Having a physical copy of your own game is kinda like a trophy for all the hard work, I may do that myself.
  5. Hello there and welcome to the herd!
  6. Working on tileset for the Everfree Forest to be able to actually put it in game. Also, programmed parallax backgrounds to be a thing. jBKh2oU.png

    Building levels with tiles takes a while, especially in this slow and meh room editorEDQ7xNk.png , but I've placed few tiles to see how it works and here's an early preview I guess. rVzK55c.png


    Yeah it looks pretty :yuck: at the moment, but shush, it's still work in progress. :darling:

    now I really need to go to sleep, because it's 7:24 AM 774cHgn.png

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    2. Splashee


      I have seen foreground art as rather distractible, and usually removed during development in several games. I would say wait with it for now. it can always be added in later. (I have nothing against it)

    3. Rikifive


      ^ pretty much this. Sometimes it tends to be distracting and since I can't really control where exactly the elements will pop out, sometimes they might end up covering important things, for what players will automatically roast me.

      I'll try things after I'll build a level to see how it will feel.

      It's a good idea of course, though I gotta be careful with that.

    4. HereComesTom


      I loved how Everfree Forest looked!  Especially how the far-back navy-blue background got darker as Twilight moved further to the right; it gave a very subtle sense of the forest getting denser and darker.

  7. Hello and welcome back to the herd!
  8. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  9. jk jk Welcome @TBD and have a pleasant experience!
  10. Hello and welcome back to the herd! Your name totally sounds familiar.
  11. Making some progress in the Everfree Forest, but enough for now, going to sleep. qgWC76l.png


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    2. Rikifive


      Oh yes, it should look better- and I hope it will. :P 

      Everfree Forest may contain caves / underground passages, but this is still subject to change. For now I made some of the most important (basic) graphics for that location to help me visualize it better. I haven't got into actual level design yet, so I'll be planning the layout of the whole Everfree Forest soon.

      Also I think of these more as locations, rather than levels, as it will be kind of an open world, where you will be able to travel between locations pretty much whenever you want, unless restricted by story event. Where you'll have to go will be told by story/objectives, but you can go there sooner or later. With that being said, some locations may require being visited more than once, pretty much just like in the show.

    3. HereComesTom


      Backtracking can actually be an excellent part of gaming, sometimes, especially if the environments are interesting and eye-catching, or if changes related to the story have happened to the areas you're backtracking through.  Metroid Prime 3 comes to mind, especially Elysium.  (I hope you've played that game so you'll know what I'm talking about!)

    4. Rikifive


      Heh I haven't played any Metroid game, which I suppose is kinda a shame. :PNever owned these games, so I guess I've missed some stuff. I keep hearing about these games and I have a basic idea what it is about.

      So I'm not getting the reference, but I can imagine what you mean. I think I've played games, that had something similar, though I can't think of any from the top of my head right now. :P

  12. Interesting, dfEG13d.png


    - - - can be chosen this month in the Humble. I was never a fan of fighting games, but .. with ponies it was different. :P Fighting is Magic was a pretty cool game and after all that stuff I've been always curious about this particular game that came after that. Now that I'll have it in my library, perhaps I'll give it a try one day. :mlp_icwudt:

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    2. Rikifive


      Oh yes! That would be something! :yay:

      Twilight the Pony? :D 

    3. Phosphor


      @Rikifive, Yes! And she can charge Gnasty Gnorc's, I mean Grogar's minions with her horn!  :love:

      Hasbro, forget Pony Life, make this game!  ^_^  

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, such game would be way better! :yay:

  13. Hello! Hello! Welcome to the herd!
  14. Sweet Celestia! So much pink, that even my name and my post became pink as well! How adorable, hello and welcome to the herd!
  15. Heeeeello and welcome (back) to the herd!
  16. Rikifive


    Hello @Pastel-chan and welcome to the herd! I'm sure you'll find your place here! Feel free to poke me if you'd ever need something.
  17. Hello hi and welcome to the herd!
  18. Welp, I've been struggling with this the whole weekend...


    While things were working fine all the time, I've implemented .. let's say, "limitations", to make it more accurate to the pixel environment and stuff.

    So, first things first, Twilight's position (x and y coordinates) are no longer float numbers. They always are integers now, so Twilight won't be able to stand between pixels anymore. These integers are used for collision calculations, so that should be pixel perfect now as well (and maybe make stuff easier for the engine? idk).

    For that I had to make the code a bit more messy by adding more variables and calculations (because just flooring/rounding her coords would be asking for troubles)... There are variables that store fractions and once they'll gather 1 or more, the integers are deducted and added to the distance the character is about to move.

    Soooo, if you'll press a key for a liiiiiiiiittle moment, Twilight won't move, but that tiny speed will bump the fraction. If you'll keep doing this, the fraction will eventually gather an integer, passing it into the distance variable, making Twilight move by that one pixel, if there won't be a wall, that is.

    Making her pixel perfect wasn't hard. What I had problem with is the camera movement. If I'd stick the camera to her (like in Terraria, for example), everything looks perfect even when she moves that 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 pixels per frame. However, the camera in my game moves smoothly (but its position is also all in integers ofc), following Twi and the direction she is facing. The longer the distance, the faster the camera moves (like in Cave Story, for example). That generates problems in such tiny pixel environment, because 1 pixel is rather big, so when Twilight moves between pixels and the camera follows her with a bit of delay and not fully static speed, then at certain speeds the camera isn't synced well with her, making Twilight shake between frames, if I could name it that way.

    Camera doesn't have collisions, so I was just flooring/rounding the coordinates to full pixels, but that made its movement less accurate, so I decided to do the same thing as I did with Twi. The camera also has separate variables for fractions, so that its movement is pixel based, thus more accurate to the one Twi has. This... Partially solved the issue, at least she's not shattering at full speed anymore and that was the worst case, so that's kinda a win. When she's just starting to move and her speed changes, there may be occasional desyncs, but I think it's acceptable and I guess that's something I'll have to deal with if I want that camera to be smoother. I recall Cave Story being a bit choppy as well.

    Welp, that's what I could do for now I guess. I wonder if there's a trick to sync that camera to her, but I was trying and trying and every approach resulted in the same thing. That smooth following is what clashes with the pixel environment, but at this very moment with what I have it's not that bad.

    In the end things work, so that'll do for now. :P 

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    2. Rikifive


      @Treeglow Flicker Oh I'm not a fan of it either. :P Depending on what kind of movement and collision you have, it tends to get really, really tricky, I know that feel. It took me a while to setup that properly, imagining behavior, drawing on paper - boxes and walls simulating movement frame by frame to get the idea of what to expect - when and where's collision and what to do to handle that. At first I had some funny things, like teleporting, getting stuck in a wall or the worst - getting the game stuck in a loop, freezing it. EDQ7xNk.png It's a bit confusing yeah, but I think I got it now, haven't bumped into any issues. :P

      @Bas But that's the opposite - Twilight in my game doesn't move fast, but slow - just 1.5 pixels / frame. And if I recall correctly, Ponyvania handles the camera in a different way - it's sorta centered to the character, it is dragged by the character at the same speed, where in my game it smoothly follows the player, introducing tiny fractions.

      (the gif is a bit choppy, 'coz it has a limited framerate, otherwise it would be too large; It's already pretty big as it is)


      Ponyvania pretty much does what I've mentioned earlier:


      If I'd stick the camera to her (like in Terraria, for example), everything looks perfect even when she moves that 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 pixels per frame.

      The problem is the smooth approach I have, where the camera has its own dynamic speed depending on the distance to target, rather than being dragged by the character at the same speed. In short, what I have is something Ponyvania doesn't have.

      Besides, I'm a member of that server already, I've been invited by someone earlier, don't remember by who though.


      @HereComesTom Yeah, your game has a simple system, where the character either moves at static speed or doesn't move, so no sliding, friction and that stuff. Moves and suddenly stops. :P There's nothing wrong with that of course, it all depends on what you want to have in your game and such static speed is a totally viable option used in many games. So, this decision is entirely up to you. :P 

      Though one thing I could suggest considering is to smoother the vertical speed a bit. The character is going up at static speed for a specified amount of time and then suddenly sharply goes down at the same speed without slowing down in the middle. So basically jumps are "V" shaped, which is a little bit odd in my opinion. With horizontal movement it's totally fine, but vertical speed is usually smoothed a bit to a "U" shape. MamJ89C.png

      A perfect example would be "Contra" from NES. If you hold a key, the rambo-guy moves at static speed, when you release the key, he suddenly stops (unless in midair, where he continues to move at that speed), so it's similarly to your game. However, the jumps are smoothed a bit, where the character slows down before reaching the top and starting to fall. :P

      So yeah, that's the one thing I could suggest, but it isn't an issue of course, that's mostly a matter of the style you want to have.

      As for camera, there's the same thing, it's a matter of preference and the style you want to go with, so I'm unable to give an accurate answer. :P 

    3. Splashee


      @Rikifive While I watch your gameplay, I don't sense the camera the way you intend it to do. So let's think simple...


      Twilight's position is key here. Take Twilight's integer position only (the stage coords), and the state she is in, such as walking in a direction, ducking, jumping, her speed, anything that the camera should interact to, and now you have all the data you need, but the camera will act on them in reverse. The camera doesn't follow Twilight. The camera is relative to her stage coordinates. The relative value must be integer and fraction away from Twilight's integer position only (for pixel perfect drawing).


      The camera is placed on its own defined x and y axis relative to Twilight, so many integer and fraction needed to get what you want, as far as camera movement goes. But the position is always relative from Twilight's integer position, when her frame movement and collision has been calculated (her final position for the frame). Lastly, you clamp the camera to the outer parts of the map as a visual step (you don't modify the distance from Twilight).


      Example: Camera starts dead center to Twilight (same position), such as local_cam_x and local_cam_y are both 0 (biased to center of screen). As soon as Twilight does anything, like ducking, the camera will starts changing the local_cam_y in such a way that she is looking downwards. If Twilight walks forward, the local_cam_x is increased in the opposite direction, making it look like the camera is pushed backwards, but now, believe the camera moved outside the stage boundaries? The final camera position is clamped to the edges of the stage.


      When the camera has been calculated, all the sprites including Twilight herself, should be displayed on the screen relative to the camera. Result is the same as you have now, only you have more control over custom movement, and you don't have to think about those nasty jumping between pixels trying to target an odd coordinate.


      I recommend scrapping the fraction and going back to floating point. Always round to floor (that's what integer does, and also that's what all your favorite games did in the past), and round at the last possible moment (when the sprites are being shown). Trust me, just do it. you save yourself headache later. You will get the same result as you do now, same errors as you do now. The issue is in GML, using floating point as default anyways. When you do integer + integer, you fail and lose more pixels than if you let floating point add up the fractions. (this is a floating point problem, not an integer problem. Floating point will always lose precision if you start modifying anything beyond the decimal point, as floating point values are stored as exponent and mantissa, not as an integer plus a fraction!!!).

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, that's one of the approaches I was thinking of giving a try, but it was really late when I was working on it (that status update was created at almost 5AM), so I kind of couldn't think straight lol. I tried that, overcomplicating things and it didn't work hah. I'm still not exactly sure if it will work well in the way I want it to behave, but that's something I'll have to test.

      The camera is already basing on Twi's target position (her coords + direction offset) specified in integers and follows that point on its own. ... in a very simple system at the moment. Welp, currently the camera does its job and allows me to easily switch target it should follow, so it will be fine for now. This is something, that can be adjusted anytime, so I'll get to it later.


      believe the camera moved outside the stage boundaries?

      Clamping is one of the first things I did - implemented, not added at the beginning of the calculation process, that is.


  19. I hope so! Have a good time here!
  20. Hello and welcome to the herd then!
  21. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  22. Hello hello! Interesting read, nice. No questions though, your intro pretty much answers the potential questions I could come up with.. Welcome to the herd!
  23. Ooh my bad, all that time I thought it was Rarity because it was hard to tell due to tiny eyes. I zoomed it in and these indeed are green lul. Also that explains the order of emoticons, silly me. (you can turn me into a banana if you want )