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  1. Adariousmist

    New here

    Most of the time you will find me pc gaming, specifically games such as 7 Days to Die, Valheim, Empyrion Galactic Survival, Stardew Valley, Rimworld or one of the other host of games in the arsenal. I've been a pc gamer since 1997. I tend to also spend a fair amount of time on twitch and mod for a stream as well. Many find it easier to refer to me as Mist. You would be surprised how many times I've been called Adrious or they couldn't pronounce it at all. I have quite a few videos on youtube, most of which are game related, including such things as WoW, steam games, and even Everquest.
  2. Well I mean (as a brony), if Hell ever opens a Dairy Queen chain it might happen, but otherwise it's not going to. I never bothered with mlp in any prior generation and I happen to be a FiM person. It's tough for me to think of Twilight or AJ in any other way, and they are my favorites. Frankly, I find both Pinkie (who is my favorite color) ... and Rarity to be highly annoying. I'm very early on, just in s2 now. I've already picked up a number of things for my meager collection including 4 backpacks .. one of which arrived today, and some of the TCG as I wanted that Twi poster. I me
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