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  1. I wouldn't have been satisfied with that in the slightest. I had a great time with s4 and parts of 5. I've left off at the beginning of s7 and will pick up there soon. That being said, from what I've been hearing, I am not looking forward to s8 and 9. Ending at the end of s5 or 6 would be my vote so far.
  2. I saw I think 1 movie of g1 prior to g4. It didn't appeal to me in the slightest. Back then I was waay more in to Real Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Turtles, Mysterious Cities of Gold, etc. I was a late comer to g4 as well, I'm just now getting to s7. It's entirely possible I may even stay a g4 loyalist in that I don't care much for other gens. Even the g5 movie was a turnoff to me. FiM was/still is something special, and I'm highly skeptical they can reproduce, or otherwise follow it with with an equal successor.
  3. Mine was a backpack, which was swiftly followed by a Twilight Sparkle sweatshirt. I have since obtained several more of the different backpacks out there as that is one type of item I collect, and many get used in rotation.
  4. Are people forgetting the one episode where I thought AJ was acting counter to the convictions here, 'Somepony To Watch Over Me', when her absolute refusal to trust Apple Bloom ended up causing AB to put herself in unneeded danger to prove herself? I think the super obsessive checking on her every 10s and most of the other behavior during that episode qualifies as a 'losing it' moment. As much as I like AJ, being 1 of my favorites, she's certainly not without her moments.
  5. Thing is, I don't even have a list of all of what exists beyond the series past 7 and the movie. The only EQG that I'm aware of are Forgotten Friendship and Rollercoaster of Friendship. I've a feeling there's more than that, and probably other specials/official youtube deployed content etc. I'd prefer not to miss anything.
  6. Is there a definitive watch order out there? I found one with heavy looking that stopped with the movie after s7. That clearly misses everything past that, including all the specials/EQG content etc. Currently on the EQG specials recommended between s6 and before s7. The one I was going by: 'Season one, two, three, Equestria Girls, Season four, EQG: Rainbow Rocks, Season five, EQG: Friendship Games, Season six, EQG: Legend of Everfree & EQG Specials: (Dance Magic, Movie Magic, Mirror Magic), Season seven, MLP The Movie '
  7. I liked this episode, especially how Starlight manages to solve the situation even with a lack of access to magic. It was good to see Trixie again, in another positive display. While I liked the reformation to a point, there are certainly other points of view on the subject. There really isn't much of a point in villains if they're just placeholders for a reform. I think a more balanced approach here would be if half of their original nature were preserved, as in .. you don't stay that way for such a long time and just suddenly shed it in one event.
  8. I liked this one, and it was one of the better portrayals of RBD as well. Plenty of good humor and both of Vapor and Sky were interesting new additions. I kinda get why Vapor didn't like the attention she was getting, she had the stereotypical helicopter parents. I can't say I didn't slightly enjoy Sky's fall from grace for a second .. but I don't care for overly cocky ponitudes. I do love the dynamic with RBD and Twilight, perhaps more than anyone else paired with Twi. I loved the whole 'princess of flying' bit .. that was great. I liked it enough to watch it twice back to back, and the
  9. I was going to say Twilight but Pentium made a good point and I agree that Spike is simply the choice to go with.
  10. This is one of my favorites from this season I think. Who knew Big Macintosh could yack so much. I suppose I get what is suggested to justify his mostly silent nature, but I think it is too much to the extreme. He could simply have decided to talk less rather than limit himself to two words the majority of the time. It was good to see so much more about him in this. Not entirely sure how I feel about AJ being embarrassed in to a life of honesty.
  11. Let's be real, you don't get too far in to this episode before it's obvious that this isn't a 'take this seriously' episode, and the demographic it's intended for wouldn't to begin with. I liked the over the top POV stories, but my favorite is still pirate AJ. Twilight's knowledge toward the end of things came from where it always does, clearly .. from books. I liked Spike throughout the episode.
  12. *wipes all the 'this is trash' commentary out of his mental receptacles*. At no point during this did I think it was bad or trash. I do, in fact think there are number of people who have a (whether conscious or not) bias against her, or a lingering desire to see her return back to being a villain. I also don't believe there should have been more harsh treatment of her (consequences), as if the consequences that came were not enough to do the job, then the point is moot, and too much of a consequence is simply going to set her up to not only fail but likely lose faith that she can succeed.
  13. I've never really been a fan of Flim and Flam, but I have to hand it to them .. that strat they concocted to use on Gladmane was great. Smug shy was an added plus. I think this was just an overall fun episode that didn't demand a lot of reading in to it.
  14. I'm kinda neutral on this one. Gabby is great and all, but she can be overbearing and too bouncing off the walls like Pinkie can be sometimes. Given the nature of most of her kind, her approach might be too much for them to swallow. There is usually resistance to change that comes at a normal pace, much less at a breakneck one. The overall moral was good, as is how much she helps everypony, and so was her becoming part of the cmc, which I think balanced out the annoyance aspects. I don't particularly feel like it was a standout episode though.
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    I very seldom change my wallpaper (22 years of having a pc), but I thought it was time to make it more MLP.
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    I can't help myself, I have always found this amusing.
  17. Definitely Germanic, and they probably have a bit of beer stored in them :p jk
  18. I very seldom change my wallpaper (22 years of having a pc), which has primarily .. over the years, either been some pink gradient, a Lion King Nala image, space related image or ... now this:
  19. "Are sparks supposed to be coming out of that large case on that desk over there?"
  20. I love it when a plan comes together.
  21. I better go find Spike .. well, that might be difficult ... hmm, there's some books, time to organize!
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