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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Charir didn't have too much trouble with the snake, especially after the two other heads were out, as he no longer needed to focus on staying on as much, and he took it down with single well placed and slightly electrical swing, the electricity wasn't on purpose, but some of the electricity from Leviathan's attack had gone through the creature's body and gotten absorbed by him and was released through his claws when he hit the snake. He may have been a kid, but he wasn't totally helpless, if he would have been, he wouldn't have survived even until now. After the snake head was do
  2. @Lucid_Nightlight "Our scales are as dense as they are thick, so while we don't have natural protection against acid, you need more of it to get through them." Ruby explained "And while I would most likely be able to strategize lot better than many others, I wouldn't be a good commander, as my patience for failure is low, and I don't trust others to do things right." she then took off, Quasi hadn't responded to her question, so she would be hunting only for herself, it was up to Quasi if he followed her or not, and if he didn't, she would back after ten minutes or so with a deer that was bigge
  3. @Lucid_Nightlight "She didn't, trust me." not only did the dragon not act like a female with offspring would, Ruby could also have been able to smell it from her "And males don't take care of offspring, or care about them" she got ready to take off "Are you able to get your own food or do I need to get prey to you too?" ---------------------------------------- "You are mixing up not having empathy, and not showing it." Ember stated "As I stated before, I do have empathy for him, I just don't let it distract me." she looked at the blade on her spear "You need to understand what it is I
  4. @Illiad Easle They wouldn't run into trouble in the town, the mare was gone, nowhere to be seen, but Ædriga would still be visibly vigilant, scanning any crowds they passed with her senses to make sure the other dragon wasn't close to them. She nodded and took the map, glancing it quickly before giving it back, she only wanted to check where exactly Ponyville was since she hadn't yet learned the exact locations, but rest would be handled by her good sense of direction, which was a normal thing for her kind that allowed them to navigate both in air and on the ground, she of course didn'
  5. @Lucid_Nightlight "You'll learn to ignore small injuries like that when you get injured enough." Ruby said, glancing around the ravine without any particular reason "Wings are also awfully easy to break, that's why I have learned to manage without them." she hadn't missed the implications of what Quasi said, but was it really surprising at this point that she dismissed it? "I think I'll get myself something to eat, could also check the caves of those two weaklings to see if they have managed to gather any treasure." -------------------------------------------------------- "I'll treat hi
  6. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    "I have also wanted to test my true potential for a long time." Jenna said, writing down some frequencies "If I was able to destroy a forest by accident when I was just a kid, can you imagine what I could do now if I gave it my all?"
  7. "Not wanting to kill us is one thing, being such that I can tolerate them that long is another." Jenna pointed out with slight humor "From what I have seen, we are very boring creatures, we lack the uniqueness of humans." "They say that best creativity comes from the limitations, and in this case I'd say it's true, when your life is short, you're more likely to take everything you can from it."
  8. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "So I guess these will be our first victims." Ruby said half asking when she spotted the chimera, she wasn't really impressed by the species when she took one on the first time, and not only because it had hard time getting through her scales. Charir didn't seem to afraid either as he looked at the creatures under them, and he wasn't, he was just bit puzzled, as he had never seen hybrids like them before, and was wondering how such a mess even comes to existence, not to mention several of them. If Leviathan gave a affirmative response, Ruby would head down, Charir would follow
  9. @Lucid_Nightlight "Don't know what a monkey is, probably something that doesn't exist in this world." Ruby stated, emphasizing 'this' "You see, Sky is an idiot, it may be that in his world things don't evolve, that everything just stays the same, I wouldn't know, I'm not from there, but in this world, they do change." "He lacks the awareness that everything everywhere isn't like in his own world, awareness that even I have, and pride is in my nature." "See those birds there?" she pointed at the still burning pile of dragon, there was a group of birds taking pieces out of the burning meat, they
  10. @Lucid_Nightlight "It is indeed greed that brought down that civilization, greed that comes naturally to us." Ruby stated "My own theory is that since it was so long time ago, it was not us who had a civilization per say, but that we are a subspecies of sorts, some call it evolution, some call it adaptation, but it's undeniable that each generations is different than the previous one, and considering how many generations it has been, a change is bound to happen." "And how many times do I need to tell you, one can't just go and meet an elder, because nobody knows where they are if they sti
  11. @Illiad Easle Besides the previous situation bothering her a bit, Ædriga was fine, she was wondering how many others of her kind were here, she had hoped none, but there was at least one, a fact that she wasn't too happy about. She again didn't take part in the conversation but she did listen while proceeding to get her own harness on and just generally get ready to leave. The extra weight didn't really bother her, she may have been small, but she was still a dragon, and was stronger than she looked. She did look at Ætheron curiously when he talked about the bureaucrats though, because whi
  12. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    "The letter only said where and when, it was my own decision to come here." Jenna pointed out calmly "Like I have said, I'm not forcing you to be here with me, but I won't be leaving until the situation gets too much to handle." "I don't believe running away would help in the long run, and I feel it to be my responsibility in this situation to use my abilities to defend those without them."
  13. "Though I see where you're coming from, long life doesn't sound pleasant." Jenna said as she took a sip again "Because while I'd avoid the illnesses and other problems that humans tend to have when they got old, it sounds lonely." "Even ignoring Talon and the Order, I would need to move around and change my name constantly since I don't age like humans do."
  14. @Lucid_Nightlight "Don't mistake my actions for the norm among my kind, as I have said, I'm one of if not the most friendly one." Ruby pointed out "It is true that we do not kill our young, but it is not because we care, it's because we get only one and the whole progress is annoyingly slow." "The reason why I didn't harm your kind's young, is because unlike my mother, I don't take pleasure from making hatchlings suffer, and hurting them would cause more trouble than it's worth." "Besides, only weaklings harm those with no way of defending themselves." "And I have never felt as if I owe
  15. @Illiad Easle Ædriga shook her head, looking rather serious "No, dragon hurt many if you try hurt dragon, I know, dragon like I but big." this was one of the things she did'n trust the others with, there was no messing with her kind, she would know, she was one of them "And I no think dragon know I, we, dragons, many like other, dragon know others like I." basically she was trying to say that she wasn't unique, most like her just ended up dead "Big dragon look like pony, why? big dragon no want others find it, like I no want others find I." "Big dragon no like other dragons, and I other dragon
  16. @Lucid_Nightlight "Like being dropped in a herd of new unknown species with my eyes covered." Ruby responded "Sensing, or in this case feeling lot of things but not knowing what any of them are, but also being overwhelmed enough to not be able to think what they could be." it hadn't really sold her on the emotion idea, seemed messy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Bold for you to assume you would reach my door." Ember stated, she and Ruby had something in common, both of their houses were, even if R
  17. @Illiad Easle Ædriga didn't resist the hug, but she didn't return it either, instead she just stood there, and if someone could see her face, they would most likely be able to tell that she wasn't really sure what to do, because while the hug felt good, neither her instincts or mind knew how one should react to it. The same went for what Ætheron said, it not only took her by surprise, but even if she would have had an argument, she didn't know words to argue it, which in this case was better, because it forced her to think about it, and while she still couldn't say the mare was wrong, she real
  18. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Charir didn't actually poke anyone, he wasn't that naive, but he did look at the guards a moment longer than the two females did, trying to figure out if the metal was actually growing out of them, but after seeing how it moved related to rest of their bodies, he concluded that it wasn't part of them and instead was just something they wore, which he found bit weird since from his point of view they didn't seem to offer any protection since his claws could penetrate metal, but didn't question any further. He then paid attention to Leviathan again, the reason why he focused on her
  19. Catpone Cerberus

    Private 1x1 with Unicorncob (rp)

    "Then you're in the wrong place." Jenna pointed out "Because we are quite literally in the middle of it, or well, the middle is there." she pointed towards the school where the military was most focused on "And while I of course will avoid injuries, I can't promise anything since we know nothing about what will happen."
  20. "I appreciate your belief in me but the reality just is against me." Jenna stated "She has an army protecting her, I have two after me." army was figurative in this case but it was still true "But like said, I rather die happy than live long enough to see the world end."
  21. @Lucid_Nightlight "I'm kinda hoping that, there's a reason why I let you come with me after all." Ruby said, a quite the surprising statement most likely"And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I see anything in you, in fact, I still find the whole love and friendship thing ridiculous, but what do I have to lose?" she walked to the head of the dragon she had killed, as it was only recognizable thing left of it "At worst I'm annoyed for some time and have some company, but in the best case scenario, as unlikely as it is, I can feel satisfied once more." "Because as much as I hate to admit it, yo
  22. @Illiad Easle Ædriga shook her head "I no know, only know it dragon like I but big." she didn't know much, or well anything really about magic, so she didn't understand why the dragon had looked, smelled and probably felt like a pony, but she knew it was a dragon, because she could sense its presence, "It know words to hurt I..." she seemed almost ashamed when she said it "...I no want words hurt I, but I no can stop it, words true."
  23. Catpone Cerberus

    Open Casual stroll

    @Widdershins It didn't take more than the first tinge for Cerberus to drop the muffin, and then hiss at it and hit it, after which he turned towards where ever the light was currently floating "So ball of knowledge, what's the deal with this thing?!" he didn't pay much mind to the dissipating dust since he was waiting for his floating companion anyway. As he waited, he pulled out an oven mitt from somewhere, the mitt was white with pink spots on it, and resembled a cat's paw "You think this will help?" ---------------- --------------- ---------------------------------- ------ - ---
  24. @Lucid_Nightlight "I wouldn't say I was ever innocent, I was on the top after all, I had quite the body count behind me." Ruby said looking at the destroyed remains "But I was naive, didn't realize just how the world works, how meaningless everything is." "It doesn't matter what you do, one slip up and those with less principles take full advantage and you'll be forgotten." she looked up "It is indescribable experience, to watch death in the eye while helplessly on others' mercy, but it's also freeing, you have nothing to lose if you have lost everything." she turned towards Quasi "I wanted t
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