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  1. Jenna nodded to confirm that Oliver had understood right "Well, I don't know what they plan either, I can only assume based on what I already know, as far as I know, I may have been fulfilling one of their sick plans the whole time without knowing." "But that's the sad reality when against those stronger and smarter than us." she stretched her hand a bit "All we can do is to do our best and hope we are lucky." she was rather nonchalant about it.
  2. Jenna chuckled "Considering your reaction, I think there's bit more to it." she obviously knew what it was, she was just teasing Oliver a bit, because she found his embarrassment cute and because he had never asked her to not do it, "But don't worry, it one of the things I like about you."
  3. @Dynamo Pad Ember exhaled amused at Dynamo's comment about the gems, but her smile disappeared for a second when dynamo wasn't looking, her crow noticed it so she gave it seeds so it didn't do anything, she didn't know how to feel about Dynamo's friendliness, because she wasn't sure if she deserved it, and she worried that something would happen to him because of her. Her smiled returned before Dynamo came back, "It's aright, and I take just plain boring water thank you." she found it bit weird that Dynamo would be interested in meat, but she didn't show it.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight just nodded with a smile, since there wasn't really anything to say. When their duet eventually started, Sunlight let Dynamo control any possible dancing/other movement he wanted there to have, going along him and of course singing her part. She also did some fitting effects with her magic as the song proceeded. Jade: Jade nodded and followed right behind Dew, smile of happiness on his face, and his eyes, as to be expected, were and stayed on Dew the whole time. (sorry, didn't know what else to add for Jade.)
  5. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight chuckled at the mention of her mischievousness, though she wouldn't touch anyone's drink, since that could quickly go wrong fir several reasons. Sunlight took Dynamo's hoof and got up with a smile "Lead the way." Jade: Jade didn't say anything and returned the hug, he couldn't have come up with any words even if he would have tried to speak, in the current moment all he could thinks was Dew and how happy he felt, the warmth and peace, was this what it was like, was this what it was like to be alive and enjoy said life?
  6. @Dynamo Pad "I don't really watch movies no, but it's not that I don't like them, I just don't feel the need to since my life is lot more thrilling than any movie could ever be..." Ember replied, and for rest of Dynamo's comments she replied with nods and such, not having anything to really say, for the potato chip comment she moved her head in a 'yes and no'-way, but other than that she didn't give any special reaction. "Just get me as many as you take to yourself, and same for the toppings, and don't waste your money on gems to try and surprise me." the reason why she didn't care for gems was actually a bit more complicated than she had told, but it was something that she didn't tell just anypony.
  7. "Yes, one train station and one bus station." Jenna said with a nod "Because though you are 100% correct that in the city we could blend in, it is the most obvious choice." "We are in the situation where we don't know if we have succeeded staying hidden, so, we need to assume we haven't." "So, if we were to assume Talon knows we are in this city, they will most likely assume we don't know, and thus assume we would go deeper into the city, because it's the most logical thing to do." "Do you understand my logic?"
  8. Jenna grinned "I would be flattered but I know I'm great." she said jokingly, clearly flattered "Jokes aside, I'm glad you trust my teaching skills, and I hope I will be able to fulfill your expectation..." she then exhaled amused "...though, knowing you, there's probably no way I could fail them." the latter was meant as a joke, but it was most likely true.
  9. @Blitz Boom Ruby shrugged, she didn't know enough to determine what was the truth on the matter, but because she knew that at least a one creature besides her had had similar experience with the cat-pony, she didn't believe it was Disocord's, or any other such creatures doing. "Well, ultimately we can only speculate who he was if he actually exists and wasn't just oddly specific hallucination, I'd just be curious to know why to choose me from all the ponies." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Again, Nada just ignored the Conspiracy talk, because she still didn't want to get into such things, even if Berry could be right, and besides, didn't Berry herself say it's not wise to talk about them. "Thank you." she simply thanked as she took all the books "I appreciate it and promise to return these when I have finished with them." the map book was a good addition even if she didn't ask for it, because if nothing else, it would help her to see what had changed since her time, for example, how much bigger the forest was nowadays and what kind of towns there was now. She brought the books close to the pool and put them on the ground.
  10. I made a third dragon egg.


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  11. @Dynamo Pad "I have heard about the movie at least, don't remember if I have seen it though..." Ember replied "...and you really ask if I like pizza, inside the pizzeria?..." she sounded more amused than anything "...haven't seen that before, but yes, I do like pizza, I would have told you when you asked about my diet if I was against pizza..." again, her words may have been a bit harsh, but her tone was as kind as ever "...though really, who could be against pizza? After all, you can put anything you want on them, so in theory pizza is all foods."
  12. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight just smiled, drinking more "I hope you don't seriously taste something different, because it really is just regular water..." she then said with a chuckle, she had to make sure, she finished her drink and waited for Dynamo to do the same ", you ready for the duet?" Jade: Jade chuckled warmly while Dew joked around, and just generally had a warm smile on him when she spoke. "Of course..." his tone was polite and calm, but one could notice the excitement in his tone, which was very rare, in fact, almost unheard of when it came to Jade, he kissed Dew's hoof. "...How could I not?"
  13. "The feeling is mutual." Jenna simply stated "And I can't wait to get to train you, it lot more fun than practicing alone, even if I can't yet give my all." she smiled at Oliver, she gave encouraging pat on his back "You'll become a great fighter."
  14. "I can schedules from my contact, we need to figure out the best way to the best place to board." Jenna replied, showing the tourist map she had gotten from the post office "There are all the stations..." she pointed them out "...but only these two are valid options, because others are so far into the city." she pointed at one train station and one bus station.
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  16. Here's a cute cat video, for some reason youtube doesn't allow embedding this specific video so it's only a link.

  17. "True, though the car we came here isn't technically stolen since the licence plate was linked to one of my fake names, but it still stands, because new car owners who all happen to be female will also raise suspicion." Jenna stated "We just need to figure out how trains and buses go around there."
  18. "I usually sit on my computer surfing on the web." Jenna admitted "And I don't really see that being too interesting together." "But we can go sit somewhere if you want, we don't necessarily need to do something to hang out."
  19. @Nightmare Season Blue slept few hours after that, and woke up sometime in the night, she stretched a bit, and changed her position a bit in a way that she would be able to drink from the stream. She wasn't comfortable sleeping in the open like this, because even when she knew it was very unlikely that there was any of her kind around, she felt like she could get attacked at any moment, she thought about it as she drank, and after she had finished, she had made a decision. She got up from where she was laying, and quietly made her way towards Nightmare's cave, after arriving on the entrance, she pushed her head in and sharpened her senses, after which she quietly sneaked in and laid down close to the entrance, hoping her new acquaintance didn't mind her sleeping there.
  20. @Blitz Boom "I thought so first too, but he being a draconequus doesn't fully fit." Ruby responded "He was very friendly, sounding like he really cared, he didn't announce himself to be king, spirit or master anything, and generally he just didn't seem like one of those." that and she could sense that he wasn't one "Also, why would draconequus wanting to make sure I done come to their way make cats friendly towards me?" "Also, I forgot to mention, apparently his name was Cerberus, isn't that like of some kind?" ----------------------------------------------------------------- Nada waved after Berry, bit surprised how quickly she left, after which she closed the door and floated to check that all windows were closed to kill time. She was close to the door when Berry arrived back, so it didn't take long for her to open it, and she was holding a glass of water when she did "There really was no hurry, you didn't need to run." "Would you like a glass of water." she offered the glass to Berry.
  21. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: Sunlight chuckled and sipped more of her drink, she then replied with joking tone "Oh dear, I thought you wouldn't notice..." she faked a expression disappointment for a second before changing to a humorous grin " careless from me" she sipped more of her juice, after which she gave Dynamo a kiss directly on his snout. Jade: Jade let out a sympathetic chuckle "You worrywart..." he said with a kind tone before leaning his head against Dew "...only thing you have done is taking my heart..." his tone then changed to bit more serious, but it still stayed soft and calm "...when I say I don't long for the hotel, I really mean it, because, as selfish it may be, I don't want to leave the happiness you bring me, I know my choice of words is probably a bit manipulative, as you denying would make you most likely feel bad now that I have said them, but that isn't my attempt, I'm just being honest."
  22. @Dynamo Pad "I don't really have any specific artists or genres..." Ember stated "...I just like to listen any upbeat or otherwise motivating music while training, I must admit that I don't actually even know the artist or genres of some of them...." she had never actually bothered to even look at the names of most of the songs, not to mention artists or genres, she didn't pay any attention to the restaurant since she didn't know it was where they were going, "...but my crow likes love songs, I guess there's something about their beat and such, since I know for sure it doesn't understand the words."
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  24. Jenna nodded "That's an agreement then." she smiled "So, that's tomorrow pretty much planned, is there something you would like to do today still or are you supposed to head home soon?" It was starting to be around late afternoon/early evening.
  25. "That's the thing, the other form of transport should be something else than a car, otherwise there's no point to bother with a change." Jenna replied "And that's exactly what needs to be planned, there's a train track nearby, and there's also most likely a gas station where trucks stop somewhere around there, there's also things like buses, we just need to figure out what is the best pet right now."