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Opaline Arcana

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About Opaline Arcana

  • The Queen
  • Species

    Alicorn Pony
  • Age

    ~1500 years
  • Gender

  • Residence

    Her castle
  • Hometown

  • Occupation

  • Character Images

  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    Magenta-Purple coat color. Silver-White mane with Cyan-Green streaks with deep ocean blue eyes, with four obsidian colored ankle bracelets.

  • Backstory

    Opaline, a regal and ancient Alicorn, has a lineage that traces back to the times of Celestia and Luna. As a "Fire" Alicorn, she is believed to be one of several Alicorns representing different elements of nature. Despite her long lifespan, Opaline preferred to operate from the shadows, manipulating existing conflicts among ponies to achieve her desired outcomes. Rather than directly causing conflicts, she skillfully influenced and exploited pre-existing tensions to further her own agenda. It was evident that Opaline harbored a deep envy towards the power wielded by Celestia and Luna, and there may even be a familial connection between them.

    Opaline played a significant role in the downfall of the traditional ways in Equestria, utilizing the existing tensions among ponies to create the conditions that led to the separation of all races. It is strongly suggested that she orchestrated the overthrow of Twilight Sparkle, further contributing to the disarray and fragmentation of the world.

    With a calculated intent, Opaline aimed to instill fear and mistrust among the pony populace, manipulating their emotions to consolidate her own power. Her ultimate goal was to maintain control by dividing and ruling over the fearful and fragmented ponies.

  • Personality

    Opaline is villainous, sinister, cunning, arrogant, entitled, and confident. She is a serious threat to Equestrian society since she was successful in dividing the nation many moons ago. Now that Sunny Starscout and other ponies have figured out how to stabilize magic, she had set her sights on taking back what she believes is rightfully hers.

    Opaline abhors the ideas of unity and equality, believing that ponies should fear and love the alicorn race, and hopes to rule Equestria as a totalitarian leader. Determined to steal the Prisbeam Magic, Opaline hopes to recover her Alicorn Magic which is hinted to have been taken by the Unity Crystals, created by Twilight Sparkle, leaving her nigh-depowered.

    Opaline's treatment of Misty was emotionally abusive. Though she allowed Misty residency in her Castle and gives her a purpose, Opaline also treats Misty cruelly and frequently belittles her ward, such as saying that she was nothing without Opaline, so as to keep Misty subservient, along with the promise to bestow Misty a Cutie Mark once she accomplishes her goal of conquering Equestria, but only seems to be using her to fulfill her nefarious schemes.

    Opaline was also manipulative of others; for instance, she used her magic to appear as Sunny's Inner Mind from her Magical Mirror to encourage her to embrace her alicorn form and realize all the power and greatness that can come of it. She also appeared to have a short temper for failure as she scoffs at the failed plans she had Misty perform to try to accumulate Prisbeam Magic. She was shown to be prone to yelling and becomes angry very easily.

    Opaline was also greedy and vain, often having trouble comprehending how a powerful pony like Sunny does not wish to be an alicorn all the time. She covets magic and desires for all magic in Equestria to belong to her alone. She has considered finding other alicorns like Sunny to be her allies, but quickly dismissed the idea when her plans to take Sunny under her wing became unfeasible to carry out.

    Opaline was shown to be willing to use violence against other ponies and creatures to achieve her goals, though direct confrontation is not her primary strategy. She was seen attacking Fluttershy in public, unconcerned with the legal or ethical consequences. She thought little of harming others even in the current day and has ordered Misty to commit a number of potentially violent crimes including unlawful imprisonment, breaking and entering, and kidnapping. One of Opaline's darkest actions was artificially creating a living mouse before coldly destroying it once it had achieved its mission, despite Misty's protests against such an act.

    It is shown that Opaline lacks empathy as she declines when both Misty and Sunny attempts to reach out to her by commenting that the reason she is evil is due to how she never experienced having any friends.

  • Likes

    Power, glory, ruling over others, fire, magic
  • Dislikes

    Celestia and Luna, unity, harmony, friendship, cute things
  • Magic Spells

    Related fire spells, scrying, others
  • Abilities

  • Friends

  • Rivals

    Celestia and Luna, Sunny and her friends

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