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About Collapse

  • Magitech Engineer
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Crystal Empire
  • Hometown

    Dodge Junction
  • Occupation

  • Character Images

  • Physical Description

    Collapse is a creamy mare with a light red to maroon mane and tail. On the slightly pudgy side, she has blue eyes and has a slightly muscular build. She is often seen grinning, or giggling under her breathe.

    Up to this point the eyes is an aesthetic choice on her fly ring. The ring is able to removed, it opens up much like a binder ring and it can clip together around her to form one solid ring. It has good weight to it, heavily machined and almost perfectly contoured. The spokes inside of it can fold in on themselves to allow it to be folded out. The Ring makes a clicking sound when it stops.

    Her fly ring is a two piece contraption. The outer part of it resembles a bike wheel but lined in a thick gold wheel with 12 eyes on the outside of it carved like hieroglyphics, the eyes are all shaped differently in different angles and have different looks to them. An aesthetic choice Collapse chose. There are spokes about three inches long like a bike but solid gold and connected to the inner part that is contained within two half inner parts that contain the crystals that she uses to power it. There is a brake that she can use using her magic to slow it down and stop it.

    The fly wheel is anti-gravitational. She doesn't really control it like wings, you think, and then it flies her in that direction. The speed of it depends on the amount of power it has, it can be very nimble and move in weird ways. 

    It also has a mechanical / electrical hum when it spins and Collapse is within a slight golden aura when she wears it / flies with it, like a bubble.

    It can also come apart completely and there are these crystals that I'll call Gravite shards, a rare mineral with anti-gravitational properties when it is enchanted, and there is another part that I call the directional dampener that changes how the gravitational field around her moves and warps, that ties itself into her magical aura and intent.

    The wheel is frictionless due to a certain compound of crushed up Gravite shards that forms a sort of paste or slurry that lines the inner part. It is a frictionless wheel unless the brake is applied.


  • Backstory

    Spark Driver and Gold Standard were a pair of loving ponies who were engaged. The two mares had matched together perfectly, and worked as smelters, and would forge the weapons used by the Equestrian Guard. The two of them had developed a deep love to the point where they realized that after about 4 years being together, that they needed to find the next way to complete their relationship. Family. The two mares adopted a small tan and maroon filly and named her Lass Gold. 

    The filly would take after the two mares, and she was old enough to remember the pain of being an orphan. When she was adopted, she absolutely fell in love with her parents and loved them very much, to the point where she became very attached to them.

    As she grew older her interest in mechanics and how things worked only grew. She began to put things together and take them apart at a more complicated stage. Yet despite this, she didn't get her cutie mark. When she felt the desire to progress, and focus on her creativity her cutie mark was that of a gold ring. 

    With this set, she sought out to do what others didn't do. She earned the nickname 'Collapse' for some of her failures, but wore it with pride and projected it as her main alias.

    She would excel in her school work and would go to a two year college in another city to achieve an Engineering degree. It was a fairly rigorous school but due to her ability and will she was able to get through all of it. Collapse prefers to do odd jobs for others, repair things for quick gains but has a small business in which she sells her trinkets for good money. As she was working with technology, she got the idea of being able to fly. With that in mind, she did in depth research and constructed her fly ring after finding the proper resources.

    She uses her fly ring when others are not around usually, preferring to be left alone when not in the mood to attract attention.


    Her abilities would be more "Artificer" based. Enough to construct, enchant, maintain and otherwise build contraptions. Less so about anything to do with actual magic capabilities. If she happened to bring along the correct tools and materials to solve a problem, great! If not, she's at a disadvantage. She is an Artificer and a Magitech Engineer. 

  • Personality

    Collapse is a rather curious and inventive mare. Always eager to push the boundaries to what hasn't been done before, with hopeful optimism to back it up.  A detail oriented mare, she is always careful of the details in the tasks she does. She keeps a laundry list of plans and ideas she often reviews and prods over for long periods of time. Always eager to satisfy others (especially mares), she is always cheery and optimistic. 

    Even in situations of great distress she will be a positive voice until the end. She is very dedicated to her work and will even go down if it means she went down doing what she believed in. She is deeply loyal to her friends and cares a lot about them, perhaps a bit too much. Around stallions she is deeply formal, but around mares she is often giggly and immature. She is a lesbian.

    In her earlier youth, especially in school she would often cheat to get ahead and do unfair advantages in games. She was sometimes violent, destructive when in the wrong moods. Although she never acted this way around her family. A talented dreamer as well, she writes down her dreams in her dream journal and enjoys discussing them with others. She possesses a sense of rebelliousness and is willing to challenge the norm in most senses.


  • Likes

    Inventing, Mechanics, Magitech, Fixing stuff
  • Dislikes

    Ponies breaking stuff, rudeness, bullies, those who don't think outside the box, those who cast doubt on her plans and ideas
  • Magic Spells

    An array of simple defensive and offensive spells
  • Abilities

    Intense technical knowledge
  • Friends

    Jump Start, Magloria

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