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About Pinkie

  • Wielder of the Rocket Propelled Rainbow Grenade of Friendship
  • Species

    Earth Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Sugarcube corner
  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Baker. Soldier. Dreamer. Slayer.
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  • Physical Description

    Pink. Bit pudgy. Pouffy tail and mane. Covered in frosting. Ready to go >:3

  • Backstory

    PInkie invented the Rocket Propelled Rainbow Grenade of Friendship when she was modifying her party cannon. Turns out if you mix dye, sugar, poison joke with sap from the tree of harmony and then press up up down down down left right on your controller you get infinite friendship grenades! 

    Friendship grenades can be a bit unpredictable. Sometimes they just want to play. Other times they want to help with your homework! Most often though they explode :3

  • Key Moments

    She received the pink heart of friendship for her karaoke work in the epic pony war of the future.




  • Personality


  • Likes

    Explosions, rainbows, friendship, lasers
  • Dislikes

    Quiet, not fun, sour grapes, diffusion lamps
  • Friends

    Everpony :D
  • Rivals

    Captain Limestone Pie, wielder of the Cannon of Sour Grape-shot

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