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Charm Crave

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    Limbo Pass: She was a spirited and youthful mare who let her ocean blue mane go wild in the wind. Her coat was a shade of green almost as lively as she was. Her red eyes were just as captivating as her sprightly motion. She was always energetic, even for her age, but her cutie mark took that to a whole new level.

    Charm Crave: presents initially as Limbo Pass, albeit smaller and more wide-eyed. After this initial impression, Charm's distended and deranged mind forms a giant worm-like creature with enormous jagged teeth emerging from a cliff-sized white face and crazed multihued eyes dart around for its next meal. The mock 'Limbo Pass' appears as a mere tiny appendage at the end of the beast's thrashing tail.

  • Backstory

    The entity that became Charm was, at the age of 22, known as Limbo Pass. She was a ritual dancer in the crystal empire. She was a spirited and youthful mare who let her ocean blue mane go wild in the wind. Her coat was a shade of green almost as lively as she was. Her red eyes were just as captivating as her sprightly motion. She was always energetic, even for her age, but her cutie mark took that to a whole new level. One day, back when she was still a blank-flank, she had to attend a funeral. Her parents tried to drill her to be respectful, but she was having none of it. She ran off and ran into some of the ponies that were planning on attending. They told her that they were sad for their loss, but they couldn't lose slight of everything she brought to them. It was a celebration to remember everything the pony was.

    Limbo Pass goes to the host of the funeral and asks if their is anything she can do to make it feel more like a celebration. The host suggests a dance to represent the pony moving on to the other side.

    The moment of sorrow loomed, and Limbo's parents were apprehensive. The dread that Limbo wouldn't behave lingered stronger than the funeral itself. Then the moment of truth. A prop passageway was set up, and Limbo approached. With fluid movements, and a powerful riythem, Limbo uplifts the mourners. Some everyone is reminiscing and making friends over common memories.


    With that, she was given her cutie mark: A staircase leading up to an archway.

    Overall, Limbo Pass was the embodiment of motion. When she talked, she always moved her hooves and expressed her face. She liked to communicate, but she preferred to use gestures and other such methods when it makes seance.

     She liked cheering up others, displays of optimism, pastries, and cheese and disliked rats.

    Her rival was discord (what could it mean~).


    After the funeral, Limbo Pass fell into a inexplicable coma. It was in this coma that Limbo was visited by beings, which appeared to her like worms. They came in her dreams, from beyond the edges of her consciousness, and although she did not know it consciously she understood at some level that they came from Nowhere. 

    Her parents were devastated and tried to minister to her with the best the Crystal empire could offer. She was brought before the Heart, but even its magic was powerless to restore Limbo Pass. In a last desperate attempt, Radiant Hope attempted to cure her by trying to isolate her cognition from her soul, hoping that that would stimulate Limbo into life - he wanted to cut the link between body and soul, but left cognition to link to the two. The spell seemed to work at first, Limbo Pass woke; however, unbeknowst to anypony, the coma was all that was keeping the Nowhere worms at bay. Meanwhile, Limbo's soul resided in Mansus, it was confused and alone at first, separated from its body, but when its mind called out to it it became whole.

    Limbo Pass was oblivious to the danger of the worms - she put them down to a coma-nightmare. She continued to act as the happy dancing pony she had always been.

    One day, Radiant Hope, her one time healer, seized power as dictator! The Empire was plunged into slavery and hopeless conflict with Equestria, resulting in the evil spell that erased the Empire from existence. When Limbo Pass's body was sent into stasis, her cognition lost its anchor in the world, and - with the soul separated in Mansus - it was able to escape the stasis imposed by the vile enchantment. 

    As Limbo Pass's cognition spiralled free from her form, reality had no bearing on Charm. This could have promised a way out of Radiant's folly, but instead it woke a greater horror: the worms. Her purposes called to the beings of the void and her desire to return home was one of the first things they consumed. Every time she reached out with her mind to reconnect with her body the worms feasted, not on her body but on her will. Soon her mind degenerated into the most basic of impulses - impulses that the worms were slower to feed on. Eventually, they flattened into the base desire to consume her environment and find sentience like her own. By thinning her purposes out in such a base way, she was able to spread them out. In the dimension between worlds, neither Mansus nor Tartarus, that she found herself, her cognition forged pathways and began to touch upon the other dimensions, always seeking to consume. She had become unrecognisable as a mind - presenting instead as a giant worm-like creature - a being defined by consumption rather than by personality. However, she would initially appear to ponies as a mockery of what she once was - a form that appealed to her: ocean blue mane waving despite there being no wind, red eyes open despite seeing nothing and body always moving despite lacking any purpose beyond consumption.

    A new festival has begun for Charm.   



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