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Mango Eve

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About Mango Eve

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    Pegasus Pony
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    Zephyr Heights
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    Maretime Day
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    Orange through pink display plumage with fluffy tips, indicating to any pegasus in the know that Mango wanted to attract and to impress in equal measure.


  • Backstory

    Mango, as a young filly, had lived with her parents at the base of Zephyr Heights. She had played among the ruins of ancient pony artefacts for as long as she had known what is was to be a pony. It was only when she heard the drone of Zephyr patrols that she was reminded that the non-winged ponies that were depicted in the murals were not her kin.

    *A few years pass*

    Mango's parents fell ill. (Father, Mixolydian - orange, black mane, quaver cm, and Mother Alabaster Skies, white fur, blue mane/tail, wine glass cm) They were not troubled by death, but that did not stop their filly worrying. There were no advanced medicines for Mango's parents, as she knew the royal pegasi possessed, or the earth ponies in Maretime bay. With her meagre funds of course a gutter pegasus like her would not be able to afford the care either. 

    *A few years pass*

    Mango looks out to the sea at the base of the great mountain which is Zephyr heights. She knows this will be the last time she sees this view. She has already made reconnaissance missions to Bridlewood, Zephyr Heights' capital and to Maretime bay. The contacts admired her colour, both of her personality and her body. But she knew passionately that her soul resided here - at the base of Zephyr Heights, where the sun hit the sandy shore. 


  • Likes

    Exploring, languages, music.
  • Dislikes

    Small-mindedness, disease, modernity.
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