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About this blog


Every month or so, we'll come out with an update on the game. Sometimes progress is super showy & eventful, sometimes it's boring behind the scenes stuff, but they're always kept interesting and have a hopeful message about determination.

The blog is separated into parts to flow consistently. There's a summary/introduction/teaser linking to the full blog post on my website, then from there you'll get screenshot highlights, a list of tasks completed that week, a list of lessons learned, at least one paragraph of an interesting thought/idea/feature, then either a Patreon thank you, articles/videos my stuff has been featured in, or download counts for all my released games so far. Then the blog post ends with a paragraph or two about next steps and my thoughts going into the new week.


The aim with all this is to inspire other developers the way teams like Mane6 inspired us. To show game development is possible, and even though it takes forever, the progress is visible, the results are tangible, and the process is rewarding.

And for the more casual fan, this monthly blog shows that the devs are not dead, the project is still being worked on, and you'll get to play new content very soon.

So saddle up and come along for the ride!



Entries in this blog

March 2023 Progress Report (Ponies Under Construction)

An exciting new Progress Report is here! March 2023 Progress Report (Ponies Under Construction 👷) Gearing up to animate some new ponies for you to catch and battle with! 🐎 Check it out on the YotesMark Patreon! patreon.com/YotesMark Sprites are under construction this month, so a lot more characters can be added to the playable Battle Gem Ponies roster come April and beyond! 👷 🚧 🏗️

Backer Rewards (Wave 1): Complete! [New Merch Shop on RedBubble]

Everyone who ordered Add-Ons from the BGP Kickstarter should've gotten some special stuff  in the mail recently, or can at least expect it to show up before March 1st. (If not, double check your address listed on Kickstarter and let ol' Tony Yotes know if there's been a mixup.) It's been so nice to see the posts of people opening up their packages and we can't wait for the next wave with all the international ones and the PILE of T-Shirts to come!   With this stage of order fulf


Yotes in Battle Gem Ponies

The BGP Development Journey So Far... (As of 2022)

A Retrospective on Battle Gem Ponies Development is up on our YouTube channel now. This marks 2 years since Psyaryu joined the project as lead dev and we've been chipping away at the task list every day since...  It's been a VERY long stay in development hell, but we're well on our way out. Hopefully this project will be all-wrapped up by 2024 and we'll be starting fresh on what's next!


Yotes in Battle Gem Ponies

Battle Gem Ponies 1 Year Later...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcUN3EMbsXc Check out this video about the development journey so far and the upcoming changes to how we do things here at YotesMark. If you're in a rush, the short summary is that the game won't be out for another 12-16 months, the merch store is closing in October so if you want extra shirts better grab 'em now, the physical Kickstarter rewards will start going out in October (excluding all the stuff that won't come 'til release), and we have far reach


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The Battle Gem Ponies Everfree Demo is Here!!

Released to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Kickstarter that made this project possible!   Download Here: https://yotesmark.itch.io/battle-gem-ponies In This Demo You'll Find: - New Battle Mechanics - More Team Customization Options - A Lively Island Overworld to Explore - A New Shop & Currency System - 12 New Pony Ultra Forms - More Advanced Battle AI - Improved HUD/UI - And a Bangin' New Boss Fight Track! [Patch Notes for 0.5.2] - Wild Battles No


Yotes in Battle Gem Ponies

BGP Devlog #4 (Hotfix TARTARUS!)

New Devlog Hotfix TARTARUS! is now on YouTube, check it out! After chipping away at development tools and setup behind the scenes, the Yotes Games team is back with an (admittedly late) update on what we've been up to!  In short, things like new scenery, a debugged overworld, and more videos breaking down specific mechanics can be expected as we charge full-speed ahead into the next year. The team is thankful for how far we've been able to get this year with the help of the Kickst


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