How do I delete my account?

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The short answer is that, unless you are in the EU, we do not delete or remove accounts. 


The more detailed answer is that removing accounts would destroy community history, and as a general rule of thumb, outright destroying information is not a good practice to have as your default action for most situations. It is for the same reason that members cannot delete most of their own content. This may seem like a conservative approach, but it is in the community's best interests.


As for bans, we're not keen on those either for folks who want to leave. At the end of the day, no matter how dead-set someone may think they are on never returning, the stats show that, more often than not, many people do. Thus, the staff doesn't feel it a productive use of time to ban people when they have their (more often than not) knee-jerk leave decisions, only to receive a Support Ticket from them at some point in the future saying they want to come back, and asking us if we can unban them. Might as well just leave your account be. If you don't come back, you don't. If you do come back, you do.


This all said, we feel we've reached a happy medium in that the staff are more than happy to remove posts, blogs or other content of yours that you feel contains any trace of personal information that you wouldn't want visible on the site anymore. Please note, however, this does not mean we will remove all your posts altogether, nor should you expect us to do so upon your request. Removing all your posts and other things is hardly a far jump from removing your account entirely, but posts or blogs containing things like pictures of yourself or artworks, other creative media, anything remotely personal or things of a related nature can be removed.


For EU citizens only (GDPR Compliance)

If you'd like to request it and are an EU resident, we comply with it as required by law. There'll be a more automatic process in the future, but for now emailing your request to with the email you registered with and confirming your information with our ops team we'll delete your account.

For Accounts Never Used.

In some cases, we will receive requests from individuals who created an account, yet have never made a post, status update, blog, or modified their profile. For these requests will anonymize your account, effectively deleting it and all associated login information. Again this is for accounts that have never been used. 



Really though, we don't want anyone to end up leaving. :) While we're not about to make a blanket generalization for everyone who ever decides to leave, be sure to take a look at this post, and perhaps gain a new perspective on the situation you may currently be facing.

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