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  1. @@Gloomfury "Would you mind if we stayed here for a bit?" Glacier asked. Before Shamrock had time to reply, Glacier had bolted off across the flat park. Several small bushes lay between her and the hills and she slowed down before she crashed through them. She breathed a sigh of relief after inspecting the bushes; they were thorny. They also contained large blackberries. "Do you want some berries?" Glacier exclaimed after turning to face Shamrock.
  2. @@Gloomfury "I feel honoured you can share such personal information with me," Glacier replied. "You both sound like such strong and sharp ponies, both physically and mentally. If I only I could've met your father. I'm sure we could have all learned from each other." The pair had now walked through the entire residential section of Fillydelphia and were nearing an open grass park. Beyond the park lay several rolling hills and the countryside. "Where shall we go from here?" Glacier asked.
  3. @@Gloomfury, (Feel-tacular!) Shamrock's hat fell backwards on Glacier's head as it toppled from her horn. The nuzzle on the neck made her blush slightly. When Shamrock had finished speaking, she wrapped her forelegs around her and squeezed gently. "That sounds like a great idea to live a life by," Glacier whispered. She waited a few minutes before she continued. "If you don't mind me asking and you don't mind telling me, how did your father die?"
  4. @@Gloomfury The instant Shamrock finished speaking, Glacier's head dropped and a frown spread across her face. "Please do not joke about having strokes, Shamrock," Glacier said in a serious tone. "My father suffered from them when I was younger. They are no laughing matter." She closed her eyes and sighed softly as she thought about her father. 'I haven't seen him in so long. I need to meet him again.'
  5. @ You're in. It doesn't matter that you have to replace someone as I really just want people to play. Demirari still needs someone to RP with so you can hang with him if you want.
  6. I made Rock, Paper, Scissors with Python!

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Awesome! Do you have a link?

    2. qqq


      I don't actually know how to post stuff like this online.

  7. @@Gloomfury Glacier chuckled as Shamrock did. "Perhaps they could tell that I'd spent some time in the wilds," Glacier replied. "And yes, it would be good to get in some training. I still don't really know what's going to happen so a small bit of experience would be good." She smirked and continued: "Let's hope I only go with some of my insticts and not all of them."
  8. Today was a triple whammy of wins! I found out that my card sleeves I ordered i October are FINALLY being shpped and that due to the hideous delay, I get ffree stuff.. I also found Half Life for PS2 ffor just £2.50!

  9. @ Glacier's face erupted in a deep blush when Shamrock kissed her. "Shall we continue?" Glacier asked. "This dancing idea sounds quite interesting. Are there any important things I need to know beforehand? Although you said you hadn't done much dancing, it wouldn't be fair if I showed you up with my lack of talent." It was stilll fairly early in the morrning so the streets were quiet and the light was still dim. Cats prowled the street and patrolled their territory, eager to protect it from potential invaders. One large black tomcat strolled up to Glacier and looked into her eyes. Afte
  10. RPs haven't been going too great lately. I've noticed that A LOT of people sign up for them and then never post.
  11. @@Gloomfury When Shamrock nuzzled her neck, Glacier smiled. "Ok," she whispered into Shamrock's ear. "I'll make sure I do." ​ When she finished speaking, she pulled Shamrock into a soft and warm cuddle. "It's great to meet a pony that sees me as more than a feral beast. You're a wonderful mare, Shamrock. I'm honoured to have met you."
  12. @ and Econ, feel free to join whenever. I can't be certain when everyone posts because Demiraria, Gloomfury and I are the only ones that ever do. Storming, yes. The RP is still open but, as stated, few users ever post. I'm tempted to boot everyone and restart.
  13. @@Gloomfury Glacier shook her head. "I didn't mean like that," she replied,keeping up with Shamrock as she wound onto the streets. "It was more of me reminding you of what I'm like in cramped spaces with lots of other ponies. I don't want to embarrass you by freaking out when I'm in a small space with lots of others. Sorry I'm so picky over these things...."
  14. @@Gloomfurya You seem to know much more about the local area and its happenings than I do," Glacier replied, still stretching her limbs. "It'd be best if you lead the way. Just remember the whole physical contact thing." Glacier returned to her plate of pancakes and took the pancake she had started eating. She chewed and swallowed quickly. Soon, she had worked through the entire pancake. Quickly, she moved on to the remaining pancakes and hastily worked her way through them.
  15. @@Gloomfury Glacier scratched her chin with a hoof. "Well, it'd certainly be something different," she mused. "Dancing' s an one of those things I never did when I was in society. What sort of dancing are we talking about? A rave? A waltz? Something completely different?" Glacier stood up and stretched out her legs. "I can only apologise for the horrors you're going to s3 when I dance. I've never been known for grace."
  16. @@Gloomfury For a short while, Glacier pondered Shamrock's question. "I haven't really got any plans on what to do," she replied. "Hopefully, you've got some ideas as I can't think of anything I'd enjoy that I can do around here." She turned her head to the side and placed her chin on top of Shamrock's head and smiled. 'There's got to be SOMETHING to do around here. It's a big place after all.'
  17. @@SkyHeart There's no bothering involved. I'd prefer that you were honest about it. If you want to make a character sheet, you'll need to be on the desktop site (not the mobile version). From the main page, go to the Character Database in the RP section. In there, you can find a button to "Add Character". Click that and then you will be given a plave to write in a name, age, backstory and more. They're sort of necessary for joining any RP on the site and once finished, you can link people to the Character Entry whenever you want to play an RP.
  18. @ Your character seems like a good fit for this RP. Begin when you're ready.
  19. @@Gloomfury Glacier took the plate of pancakes from Shamrock's hooves. "Peaches are good," she said with a smile and a nod. "I like preety much every fruit or vegetable on the planet." She sat on the floor and used her magic to lift one of the pancakes. Instantly, it ripped under the accidental force Glacier put into her levitation. With a despondant look, Glacier ducked her head in shame and annoyance. After a moment, Glacier put a piece of pancake into her mouth and began to chew it. "These are pretty good," she exclaimed "Thank you."
  20. @@Gloomfury Slowly, Glacier stumbled to her hooves. Her eyes were half-lidded and her rolling in the night had given her already shaggy mane a bad case of bed mane. "Morning," she murmured as she tried to wake herself up. The smell of the pancakes drew Glacier's attention. She walked away and looked over the city from the garden whilst thinking. 'That must be Shamrock's breakfast. I'm sure I can find another wolf in the forest for mine.'
  21. If you haven't already, read the webcomic "Blaster Nation". It's quite good.

  22. @@Gloomfury It didn't take long for Glacier to fall asleep again. Just as before, her sleep was dotted with growls and squirms as she battled with creature in her dreams. The warmth of Shamrock's body added an extra layer of reality to her dreams and made them all the more vivid. After some time, the growls subsided and her soft breaths were the only sound she made. (Shall we do a time jump or is there anything you want to do?)
  23. @@Lightwing / @@Lightwing2 Your character seems good to me. Start posting when you feel ready.
  24. @@Gloomfury The feeling of hooves on her body woke Glacier with a start. She struggled and squirmed to break free but upon seeing that it was only Shamrock, she quickly settled down. "I'd suggest you refrain from touching me in my sleep," she warned. "When I get woken by something, I get defensive and aggressive." She lay down again and quickly gets back to sleep, her legs places gently around Shamrock.
  25. @@Pat.Rio.T. I have an idea for how to get him on the air-ship. I'll send a PM so no one else knows about it.
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