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  1. Kyoko for me. I love her design, and seeing pictures of her around here was one of the things that got me interested in checking out the show. She also reminds me of Rainbow Dash. They both have that fierce spunky quality to them and I love it  :wub:

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  2. I was an avatarless man and I felt like getting an avatar again but simply didn't know what picture to use. Ended up asking my boy to hook a brother up, and boy, did he hook a brother up. Not many things I can think of that are cuter than a sleeping Dashie.



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  3. Don't think I could ever come close to choosing an absolute favorite song, but a few come pretty damn close.



    This song is definitely one of them. Everything Circa Survive has put out has been fantastic, and I especially love their first two albums Juturna and On Letting Go. Although every song on those albums is great, I especially love a few of them, and We're All Thieves ranks pretty high among those few.



    Another song worthy of a mention. Although Snow Patrol isn't a band I've looked too much into, I really love this song from them. Dunno, just a nice song that really stuck out to me when I first heard it.

  4. Music, definitely. I listen to it every day and I've done so for as long as I can remember. It's really nice because it can get you through so much. It can make you feel happy and pumped for something, and it can also make you feel sad. I just can't see my life without it, and it really surprises me when I find out that some people don't listen to it regularly.

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  5. Made a pure Geargia deck a few weeks ago and I'm really liking it :) Constantly plus and drop XYZs like mad crazy, to the point where you can even eat through Torrentials and Warnings and still get out monsters. Consistent as heck too.

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  6. Loved this one, and probably my favorite so far this season. Fluttershy was so cute in this episode :) and her singing sounds beautiful (even Flutterguy xD). I enjoyed the songs a lot, and I also thought the episode idea was really creative. Hats off to the creators for this one :) episodes like these rekindle my bronydom a bit.

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    Seriously though, best CMC and a really nice character :) I remember taking this test where it ranks your favorite characters from a show, and when I put in MLP characters Sweetie Belle ranked among the top 5 or 6 IIRC. It kinda surprises me that Sweetie's my favorite CMC and not Scootaloo, because I used to be really into doing scooter tricks a good amount of years ago. I initially thought Scoots was gonna be my fav cause we both like scootering, but Sweetie Belle stole that title with her adorable squeaks as well as her cute demeanor.

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  8. Ehhhh the S4 songs haven't been that memorable for the most part to me, but I'd probably go with Generosity. Pretty nice song, and the reprise was sexyyyy. The songs in Pinkie Pride and Filli Vanilli were pretty nice too. Oh yeah, should mention that I haven't heard the songs from the upcoming finale yet.

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