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  1. Pssst...pssst it's my birthday....which means..I am the dancing queen

  2. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV Disney and Studio Ghibli

    Well I think pixar could count. And would you like a recommendation of another Ghibli film if you've haven't seen anymore? I think I can name a few.
  3. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV Disney and Studio Ghibli

    Oh well that's fine but I'll tell you about it! Studio Ghibli is basically "The Disney of Japanese animation" If you're familiar with Miyazaki then you've probably heard of his works such as Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Naussica, and perhaps many more good films his company produced.
  4. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV Disney and Studio Ghibli

    So I'm doing a poll to see which one of the biggest animation studio you prefer? Disney or Ghibli? Or maybe both?
  5. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV The Magical Girl Thread

    Obviously, Sailor Moon of course! But I also like: Cardcaptor Sakura Ojamajo Doremi Madoka Magica Sasami's Magical Girl's Club(been a while since I've seen this one) and here's a new one you probably don't know of: "Yuki Yuna wa yuusha de aru" or "Yuki Yuna Is A Hero!" as it's known in English. I recently finished watching this series and it's pretty good. It's about a group of girls who start a hero club and of course they later become magical girls! Also, there is a character in the show that in a wheelchair, but she CAN STILL KICK SOME EPIC BUTT AS A MAGICAL GIRL, WHI
  6. LazuriteDreams*

    Movies/TV FAILED Show Pilots

    I was wondering was there any show pilot that you thought could've gained a full series? Personally, I think any of the DC comic shorts on CN should get a show. Especially the Princess Ameythst shorts. Either that or Cartoon Hangover's Blackford Manor pilot, which I think is amazing at handling the mystery elements. You can watch it BM here if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvLqgt8q1QU They look like they have potential to be good shows! So what is a show pilot that you wanted to get a full series of? Discuss below!
  7. LazuriteDreams*

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Umm..... I watched.. ........... Castle in The Sky.
  8. Just re-watched Castle in The Sky. Such a good movie

  9. I mean srsly can you believe it's 2015 in some areas? Ppl are living in the future...

  10. 2015 is almost here!!!

  11. LazuriteDreams*

    Gaming Final Fantasy Music

    Is it strange that I've never played FF but enjoy listening to their music? xD I've always adored any orchestrated piece from Uematsu, I really liked this re-do of Fisherman's Horizon, which I think is amzaing! It kinda has that holiday feel to it, reminds me of Christmas actually
  12. Did anyone see the new art for Digimon Adv. 3? It looks so refreshing.


  14. Seems like EQG was just the appetizer! Also, I can't wait for this film. I read about this on EqD and I literally smiled like an idiot xD
  15. Omg,there's another pony movie coming out!!

  16. Sailor V= The Bruce Wayne of the Sailor Scouts.

  17. Hmm. I really had to think about this. Lol I mean the show already has a japanese dub, but seeing a japanese-style animated series would be new. I mean of course the style would probably change but if it's any style I'd like it have, it'd be Little Witch's Yoh Yoshinari. I remember back last year he posted some pony fanart and seriously oh my gah look at this epicness right here I just really adore his western cartoon-esk style too and you can see why I like his art so much. And his animation style is just wow. Sorry for my fangirlness but yeah I think pony coul
  18. I just watched Akatsuki no Yona and it's pretty good. Bow and Arrows ftw.

  19. Omglob you guys there's more preview pages of the manga! source From what I could find, no confirmation of it heading to the west(or translation) has not been made yet. But I'd certainly like to read this for myself too! Himekawa sure does know how to write cute all over! edit: My apologies if you are not aware who Akira Himekawa is. Himekawa is a duo two female manga artists. You'd probably recognize their work if you are familiar with "The Legend of Zelda" comics series they've worked on.
  20. act 8: Sailor V, OTPs, and an epic showdown.

  21. fuwafuwa everyday

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  22. omglob I didn't realized someone posted it already! From what I heard, the manga will be serialized in Shogakukan (known for publishing famous works such as Detective Conan, Utena, and the Pokemon comics). So this could be interesting! (This is the actual new cover art for the official manga btw)
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