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  1. Synnett

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    93375 Hey guys! It was a nice show lol.
  2. Synnett


    Well, I realize now, but I didn't a few minutes ago.
  3. Synnett

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Back from my show. (Yea, I played guitar in a show but forgot to tell you guys, woops.) 93371
  4. Synnett


    Ah okay okay... I thought he said new moderators, didn't think of administrators lol. Well, gratz!
  5. Another one of these threads? Well, okay lol. I was getting along really well with Sugar Cube, but now I'm less active, and she is too busy to really care for me, with tons of peeps gravitating around her. Fluttershyfan94 is less active, I see Celtore sometimes too. The rest of my friends quit the forums.
  6. Synnett


    Hmm... I don't understand. Weren't Aquila and SCS mods already? o_O I'm a bit confused...
  7. Hmm yea... I've been on a few other forums. There is this small pokemon community, the forums are quite inactive but it's the best pokemon website I've ever found. I somehow managed to get 1000 posts here, over the course of almost two years! I like small forums. And there's also this forum about a video game... Well, they decided to change the mods, and the whole thing went wild. Mods, abusing power, decided to ban me for a noob reason. Since everyone liked me here, there was a huge rage on the forums. Then the mods said thay whoever complained again would be banned. 3/4 of the peep
  8. Probably today, it's the cancer festival in my family right now.
  9. Synnett

    Gaming Least favorite pokemon?

    @, Omfg. Sorry, but your posts are so annoying!!! What are you trying to do? Forcing people to like the pokemon they dislike? Or just feeling a satisfaction when finding counter-exemples and bash the other guy? If they dislike a pokemon, let them be. -_- Now, for the topic: -Psyduck line -Machop line -Drowzee line -eggecute line -Hitmonlee/hitmonchan -Tangela -Mr.Mime -Jynx -Magmar -Snorlax -Dragonite -Pichu -Cleffa -Igglybuff -Politoed -Aipom -Quagsire -Snubbul -Tyrogue -Hitmontop -Smoochum -Elekid -Magby -Delibird -Lotad line -
  10. Synnett

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    10/10 Much fame.
  11. I didn't pass my math ;_: But I did well in my science exam... very well.

  12. Somehwere between -459.67°F and ∞°F I'm adaptable. The temperature where I live is kinda messed up.
  13. Synnett

    Favorite anime?

    I don't like anime, they sux! "look around" "forever alone" "cries in a corner" The animes always end up doing some kind of fanservice, and they repulse me like the plague. No offense if you like this lol.
  14. Synnett

    Mega Thread Champion RD92's Rock Music Thread

    You guys might like this: Harmonium - Un musicien parmi tant d'autres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkDNsKPLXaM French music, sounds weird, but the music is epic.
  15. I like crispy ones, so granny smiths mostly. And there is also these yellow ones...
  16. Well, I can't really speak any languages properly. I always mess up. But I can write and read very well. French: perfect grammar. English: quite good, not perfect. Latin: I can somehow read this and I know a few words. Spanish: I can read, but can't write.
  17. Maybe something like Spyro, where you have different characters and you need to save lets say Celestia.
  18. Yea, I heard about this... but I don't have any. But I guess if you concentrate enough you can feel like you have hooves/ wings/ whatever.
  19. You think you are what you want to be... you gotta ask friends for this lol. My friends say that I'm a Fluttershy.
  20. Waiting for the results of my math exam. o_O

    1. SCS


      Good luck!

    2. Celtore


      Hope you did well!

    3. Synnett
  21. Synnett

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    87951 Lolnope "running away"
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