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  1. A nuclear bomb goes of and Equestria spewing with radiation. Some of the ponies (including the main six) are able to survive and each create there own cults, and groups dedicated to there element. Some of the these thrive and become huge nations (such as rarity and and twilight) that stand out from the rest of decomposing and ruined land. In direct conflict with these nations are the fighting front(Apple jack and Rainbow dash) who want access to the these cites instead of scavenging and barely being alive. From inside the big cities, although the people know that there is a war, it does not af
  2. Noone

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    one piece and erm fairy tail was alright.
  3. I have an 8 core AMD processor, 16 GB of ram, An AMD 7870 Radeon HD series GPU, 1tb+160gb hard drive, And am running windows 8. Oh yeah and I have a raspberry pi hooked up to another monitor.
  4. Meh, I'm British so that might explain it. I don't really understand most of their rules like if you pirate two things you apparently get the same penalty as a terrorist. And if I am correct jailbreaking is illegal here in the UK, you don't get a crazy fine like in America but it is still illegal.
  5. First of all, jailbreaking is highly illegal and in the USA you could be fined $500,000 and/ or 5 years in prison. Every game that you can get on IOS devices you can get on android, either from the play store or converter. Second of all, Samsung's technology out dates apple's. Apple now are trying to sew everyone for no good reason, they also think they have invented everything. And finally, all products which you have bought from the apple app store/ iTunes store are property of apples and can be removed at any time. Also a lot of apples features are Google related. So to conclude, unless
  6. 5/10. it was a wit weird. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2WTQQi-oZo
  7. Just got my tablet, gunna go pimp it out.

  8. 6/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm368W0OsHo
  9. @Azura @Stevenearthpony Revving her engine furiously, Zaptrik waited as the timer counted down. Three! ... Two! ... One! ... Go! . She blasted off and all that was left in her trace was a blur of yellow and black. Ahead of her was was a gang member. She tried her hardest to get around him but he kept on blocking her. Placing her hoof over the nitrous button, she embraced to go at 480mph!
  10. I'm sorry but nothing beats the old ones like San Andreas. Games nowadays are focused on taking your money through DLC. I miss the days when unlocking something in a game meant you actually had spend time playing the game.
  11. Urgh, 2/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  12. Good song but its over played so 7/10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCbUFzx33T8
  13. @Azura @Stevenearthpony "Yeah, it's my prized possession!" Zaptrik replied proudly as she sat down on the hood of her car. She then opened her door and reached into the glove compartment of the car. After searching around for a bit, she got out a Bluetooth headset and gave it to Azura. She then said "here, you can contact any member of the team through this". Their conversation was then interrupted by the announcement of the start of the race. Zaptrik quickly jumped into her car and called out to Azura, "Seya at the finish line!" . (OCC: Sorry about that )
  14. I'm not a fan of dub step, but I enjoyed this one 8/10
  15. Fpr MLP:FIM season 4 I want paco to make an apearance.

  16. @Stevenearthpony @Azura Zaptrik decided to try and go for second since she could tell Blast was so confidant. She drove her car in the starting position right behind Blast. She then contacted him on the the Bluetooth "Hey Blast, keep your headset on throughout the race so I can contact you if there is any trouble". She felt that Blast an her made a great team. Looking at the clock, she saw they had about 15 minuets until the race was going to start so she got out and checked all her components to see if they where running smoothly. As Zaptrik opened her hood, she caught a glimpse of r
  17. Although Zaptrik had her nitrous on full blast, she wasn't able to beat Blast. "Damn, I thought I had you there". After about three minutes of driving down the highway Zaptrik and Blast made it to there destination. The entrance looked like a junkyard with broken cars piled on top of each other. She could here the reeving of engines and the chanting of fans. As they came closer they saw the competitors all lined up ready to race. It seem like they had modified their vehicles with armor and tire spikes made out of old car parts. "Here goes nothing," Zaptrik nervously said as they entered the s
  18. Zaptrik contacted Blast over her Bluetooth "It says here, 1st prize is 1200 bits 2nd prize is 500 bits and 3rd prize is 100 bits". She then continues "oh, and there's no entry fee as well". She continued driving beside Blast at 290mph. With Zaptrik's hoof on the nitro button, she challenged blast to a race, "hey, seeming as were not to far away, how about a little race to the start". She knew she could top 450 mph with her new nitrous system all installed.
  19. @Stevenearthpony "Alright then" Zaptrik replied. Unlike Blast, she turned east indicating and obeying the law. She had already had a close shave and if she began to start driving recklessly, the cops would surely come. She speed up to Blasts speed and drove by his side. ( OOC: Gtg, seya later)
  20. Yes, Iv'e allready been welcomed but, thanks. Turn on your damn phone or go on skype.

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  21. "Awesome" Zaptrik replied as he jumped in his car. As she twisted the ignition key, the car roared. She then speedily caught up with Blast. She turned her Bluetooth headset on and contacted Blast "So, where do you think those gang members are then". She then turned her head to the car radio. Just above it there was a touchscreen inbuilt computer. She got of the tracking page she was previously on and opened up a webpage. After searching for 'races in Detroit' she said to Blast " I've found a gang race in the east of Detrot, we can enter if you want since I'm running a bit low on cash". @St
  22. Alright 6/10.
  23. Noone

    Dripping Dreams

    It's good. It seems like an interesting character that you could make a good in depth back story to. All I would say as an improvement would be to put her wings down for one reasons. It will make her look a lot more sad and depressed. Also I would recommend just using this is that OC is for role plays.
  24. @Stevenearthpony Zaptrik looked up at Blasts car and said " Nice job!". After observing Blasts car for a wile she quickly realizes that she has to change that tire. She opened her boot at got out a device to hold up the car. After placing it under the back of her car, she pushed the crank handle a few times until she was able to remove the old tire. She quickly replaced it with the new one and pulled pushed the handle of the device until the car was flat on the ground. She then got in and called out from inside her car, "be right back, just testing this thing out". She reversed out of the
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