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  1. Would be cool to see an MLP stealth game reminiscent of the Thief series where you play as, of course, a pony thief. There would be one mission similar to one of the missions in that series, where after you find that Princess Celestia seems to be plotting something a bit controversial, you go to the castle in Canterlot to get information from her. Just as soon as you're getting close to Celestia's chamber, you hear one of the guards shouting to Shining Armor that Celestia's been murdered. While you're still in the castle, the whole place and all of Canterlot is then put on full alert. Even Luna's in the castle too. You then go to Celestia's chamber while avoiding being detected, and use magical powers on her body to see her final vision so you can find out who was behind the murder. This little fic here is actually based on this idea. There would also be groups like a religious order similar to the Hammerites, and a cult that worships King Sombra.
  2. vgmaster9

    Hi all!

    I do, and I think it would be PC, because I grew up with it. I still play PC games to this day, probably even more than console.
  3. Even though I'm not really capable of making a full story, I'm alright at brainstorming random scenes. If I actually made a fully fledged fic, this is what the intro would be like. ---- It is another late night in Canterlot. Princess Celestia is on the verge of going to sleep in her chamber. A black fog then suddenly veers through Celestia's room into her chamber. Celestia turns around and sees a black ghastly figure, shaped like a giant ink blot. It also has big glowing bright red eyes the size of oranges. At the sight of Celestia, the figure narrows its eyes giving her a death glare, as if it wants to do something very deadly to her. It tells her with a purely evil sounding voice, "Yooooouuuu..." "What's the meaning of this!?" Yells Celestia. The figure then pulls out its clawed hand, then pulls Celestia towards him with its powers. Celestia can then feel her neck starting to crack, as the figure is using its powers to choke her. "You shall pay for your crimes against me and my people!" says the black figure. Then suddenly, the figure breaks Celestia's neck, who now falls flat on the floor. The figure then looks down at Celestia's now lifeless eyes. "My revenge is now complete." A moment later the figure hears a loud knock on Celestia's door. The figure then vanishes through her window. The guards break in and discover Celestia's corpse.
  4. What else it could have is the villain having a subordinate (look up "the dragon" on TV tropes), Vinyl and Octavia being actual characters (though that's optional), completely new characters and good development for them, the villain having a deep backstory, and an after the credits scene creating a possibility of a sequel (also optional). Also, Lauren Faust would write and direct the movie.
  5. If there would be a full length MLP movie set in Equestria to conclude FIM, what kinda stuff do you think it should have? What I would like to see is the movie being around 2 1/2 hours long, a well written story, an awesome villain (something Discord, Chrystalis, and Tirek would pale in comparison to), a handful of songs that are very well put together (around 4 or 5), good pacing, elaborate animation quality (like the COTN video), and lots of funny, action-packed, sad, dark, beautiful, and cute moments, making it an all-around epic movie. How about you?
  6. I hope the fandom won't change for the worst because of copywright laws.
  7. vgmaster9

    Hi all!

    I never really had a favorite pony, but if I had to chose it would probably be Twilight Sparkle. Also, right now I'm on season 2. It's going ok so far, Discord wasn't a bad villain.
  8. Yeah that's what I was thinking about. This issue is probably going to keep snowballing to the point where the fanbase is completely broken.
  9. I'm wondering this because there's been many legal actions by Hasbro as of late, such as them taking down Ask Princess Molestia and C&D'ing Jananimations. How much is this really going to affect the future of the MLP fanbase? Will Hasbro cause many content creatures to veer from making MLP stuff? How much would this possibly get?
  10. vgmaster9

    Hi all!

    I just started watching MLP last week and it ain't bad. I never really became all that interested in the show up until that point. I'm just getting into the fanbase right now so I hope there will be plenty of content for me to enjoy. I also hope this fanbase will still remain big and strong for years to come.