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  1. Happy b-day, cuz.

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    2. Stormfury 🌩️

      Stormfury 🌩️

      "Oh-ee-yeah (Tale Spin) / Oh-ee-yoh (Tale Spin),

      Friends for life, through thick and thin,
      With another tale to spin."
    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Stormfury 🌩️ You’re “Colt Cloudkicker”. B)

    4. Widdershins


      I'm your COUSIN?!!?>

      I never knew this. Does this mean I owe you money? It usually does, and it better not.

      Because the only value I have to my name are this giant, fist-sized, precut, clear rocks. And I can't even see what value there would be in a see through gem that ain't even got any color to it.


       I've never caught anything of Tailspin. ... probably, mostly because that sounds like some sort of suspicious maneuver in the Furry Fandom.

      But I must reassert that I'm not Monkey Uncle! I may be an uncle and prone to monkeying around.... but never both simultaneously. ... i'm working on keeping the body hair, smell and habit of leaving my own filth around. But other than that, yes, I do have the physique of an orangutan



      You’re “Colt Cloudkicker”

      "Coltkicker" sounds like an arrestable offense in Equestria.

      "Hai, I'm here helping out to see if I can get my Cutie Mark in-" /PUNT!  *tinkles into a star in the distant sky*

  2. Bat Pony: Stormfury. Hoping to be top Pony bat-su.
  3. They're ass...they'll always be ass... Just eat the crackers.
  4. Mr. Krabs: The hooks, me bucko! They're back. Beware the hooks!
  5. "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques Dormez vous? Dormez vous? Sonnez les matines Sonnez les matines Din din don Din din don."
  6. Can Paul Blart: Mall Cop dance?

    1. Yoshi89