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  1. Did you catch the horseshoes tied together and hanging from the line?
  2. Just thought about this: in "Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep" AJ and Dash are wearing their power ponies outfits and using their power ponies super powers in the dream. Then the next episode is the source for that reference.
  3. So because DHX is based in Vancouver they get it earlier?
  4. Actually after the G3 crap they start the Equestria Girls trilogy again at five pm (edt) leading up to the new one. Eh, I'll probably just mow the lawn while they're on, or if it rains like its supposed to I'll go to the bar. Hope it dose'nt rain, I really need to mow the lawn, besides, the bar will be all about college football on Saturday. They should just air the G1 movie with Tirek. I only saw that once on you tube like three years ago, and it was in three parts. Well I like to call it that. First, because I thought that was the best part of the episode. And second, "Strawberry Cinnamon Cilantro is about as good as it sounds". Not that I dislike it or anything, I just found it sub-par, and a disappointing way to return from the hiatus.
  5. What part of the episode leads you to believe that the breezies would be truly happy and in no danger if they stayed with fluttershy? The episode makes it clear that if they stayed that they would not be able to return home for a long time. If they couldn't go home they would miss their families and their families would miss them and make them sad. Therefore, they would not be "truly happy". It also make it clear that they would not be safe if they stayed in Ponyville. fluttershy realized that they would not be "truly happy and with no danger" if they stayed, that's why she made them leave. Now if they would have been totally safe staying in Ponyville, and if they would have been truly happy to have never been with their families, and if their families would be truly happy for them to never come home, then, and only then, yes, it would have been totally fucked up for fluttershy to kick them out and abandon them. By the way, fluttershy would be more likable of a character to me if she realized that the other mane five ponies are her actual friends, and put as much effort into helping them as she does into helping all the animals, who are not actually her friends, but who are intact, dependents. Most animals can find their own food and shelter, in the wild without any help, unless they are sick or injured. By coddling these feral creatures she has robbed them of their independence, and made them depend on her for their basic needs. The animals are more akin to being her pets or slaves than they are to being her friends. Her friends (the other ponies) don't hang out with her because they are dependent on her for food or shelter. They hang out with her because they enjoy her company, and like being around her (for whatever reason). That's the difference between your pets or kids, and your friends. Pets and children depend on you for food and shelter, so that's why they are nice to you and hang out with you. Friends hang out wit you because they want to, not because they need to. If fluttershy was half as enthusiastic about helping her friends as she was with helping animals, her character would seem more worthy of the generosity, loyalty, honesty, laughter, and magic that the other ponies offer her. Sorry for the rant. Just my two cents. The reason I brought it up is because you make the assumption that the breezies are her "friends", which they aren't (so kicking them out or abandoning them isn't as big of an issue as it would be if they were friends) nope, not her friends, just some random creatures that fluttershy showed kindness towards, as is her nature to do. She sent them home because she realized that it was more kind to send them home to their families than keeping them as her pets.
  6. colt .45

    MLPForums Shirts?

    Thank you for your reply. I suppose you are right. I guess leaving it in general discussion would only serve to satisfy my own courisity of how many would want a shirt. Just sayin' I'd be more likely to make a "donation" if it came with a "free" shirt.
  7. Wow I never considered just how bad the lesson from this horrible episode is. Is there no end to the levels of suck in this episode? Among many other things that are wrong with this episode, is the way the lesson is presented. It actually does make sense. Let me see if I can use a real life situation that happened to me as a better example of what they were trying to convey in that episode. I work in the entertainment industry as does my really good friend, infact I met her through work. While I find my line of work to be rewarding in ways beyond financial, she does not necessarily. She felt the need to help people, so she moved to Colorado, studied hard, passed her test, and obtained her license to Despenser medical marijuana. She often come back here to visit friends and family, and she usually times these visits when I can put her on as a crew member, not only because she is a friend, but because she is really good at what she does. This more than finances her trip and is well worth the time she takes off from her job in Colorado. Well a while ago on one of her visits she had just broken up with a guy she had been seeing in Colorado, and I had recently broken up with my gf at the time. Well, we ended up hooking up, and realized that our relationship was deeper than just being platonic friends. Well, when the work project we were working on was over, and as the day her return flight was scheduled for got closer ( she usually stays for a couple months at a time per visit) she started to entertain staying here and maintaining a long term relationship with me and not going back to Colorado. To say I would have enjoyed this is an understatement. She is super hot (and loves ponies!) And, I love her. I really didn't want her to go. We have known each other for quite some time, and enjoy being around each other, so there's no doubt that we would be happy as a couple. But ultimately, I had to convince her to go back to Colorado without her feeling like I was rejecting her love. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. She was sad for a while after, as was I. I wondered if I had made the right decision at the time. But now that time has passed we both know that it was the right thing, and that it only made our bond stronger. She knows that I put her long term happiness above what I wanted, which is for her to be happy. We talk on the phone for hours regularly, text daily, and enjoy spending time with each other when she comes to visit several times a year. We both know that our friendship is magic and that geographic proximity isn't going to change that. P.S. making this post made me realize that even a bad episode isn't totally without merit.
  8. colt .45

    MLPForums Shirts?

    Hi Blue Moon, So instead of leaving this thread in general discussion, to gage how much interest the members have in supporting your businesses by buying shirts, you moved it to the support section, where it is less likely to be seen, and therefore not getting the opportunity to see how many would be interested in buying merchandise to support your website? Sorry if this come across like I'm trying to tell you how to run your business, but I'm just going to Sassy Saddle up and say that if I ran a business and people wanted to support and advertise that business, I would want to see just how many were interested in buying that product and then considering if it would be financially beneficial to offer that product if it was in damand. But that's just me. If you want to open a retail establishment and then try to sew all the dresses by hand without any help, then by all means carry on.
  9. This is about tomorrow's (September, 26) line up of MLP on Discovery Family. I know a lot of members here don't watch MLP on Discovery Family channel for various reasons, so if that is your situation then this thread will be of little interest to you. For those that do watch, I found this interesting. According to Discovery Family Channels website tomorrow's line up is: 10:00am- 9:30pm - MLP mare-a-thon 10:00am - "Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep?" 10:30am - "Power Ponies" 11:00am - "Rarity Investigates!" 11:30am - "Made in Manehatten" (*new episode) 12:00pm - "My Little Pony : Equestria Girls" 1:30pm - "My Little Pony :Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks" 3:00pm - "My Little Pony/ Runaway Rainbow" (*G3 movie) 4:00pm - "My Little Pony/ Princess Promenade" (G3 movie) 5:00pm - "My Little Pony : Equestria Girls" 6:30pm - "My Little Pony :Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks" 8:00pm - "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Friendship Games" (Note all times are EDT) So, the first thing I find it odd that they replaced "Strawberry Cinnamon Cilantro" (S5Ep14) with "Power Ponies"(S4Ep6). Admittedly, "Strawberry Cinnamon Cilantro" isn't the best episode of the season ("it's about as good as it sounds"), but to break continuity and air a season four episode (also, not a very good episode)in its place, why?!? They usually air previous episodes chronologically, up to the new episode that premieres at eleven and a half am. That two hour block is always in the current season for as long as I can remember. SCC wasn't great, but it wasn't so bad as to change formula and replace it with an equally mediocre season four episode. Maybe they just didn't want an hour and a half of Rarity focused episodes. Would that have seemed too much like a Rarity movie? Next up: Runaway Rainbow and Princess Promenade. Stop it with the G3 already! We get it nostalgia and all that, but this has to be like the fourth time this year that they have aired these two "movies" (actually direct to VHS/DVD hour long episodes). Yes, we get it. They feature some of the voice actresses and pony names used in Friendship is Magic. The only reason I can see for them to air this is to show how much better the current generation is by comparison. If they really want to go all nostalgia on us why not air some G1? The ones with Tirek and Smooze come to mind. Show some real roots. Those also had Apple Jack in them. They even had a human girl named Megan in them, we could pretend that was Mc Carthey as a cartoon child in the eighties. Likely reason is because it is owned by the network it aired on as opposed to being owned by Hasbro (as G3 is). Anyway, it was kinda cool to see the G3 stuff once for nostalgia, but it dose'nt warrant repeated viewing. Throw some G1 in, Disco Fam! ...rant over. Last thing. Whenever they have premiered any of the other Equestria Girls movies on Hub/Discovery Family it has aired at noon on Saturday right after the two hour morning block of MLP FIM. However, tomorrow, Equestria Girls Friendship Games will not air until eight pm. The big difference between the other Equestria Girls movies and Friendship Games is A.) The other movies were theatrical releases. Which is disappointing that Friendship Games was not. I saw Rainbow Rocks on a big screen with theatrical sound, and it was awesome! I was looking foreword to seeing this one in a theater as well but... B.) The other two movies didn't air in the middle of a currently running season. So there's that to consider. I guess the fact that Friendship Games wasn't released as a theatrical movie has something to do with Disco FAM premiering it in their Saturday Family Film Night time slot, as they want to generate ratings in a prime time time slot. Anyway, anybody have any thoughts about any of this?
  10. colt .45

    MLPForums Shirts?

    I like this idea as well. If enough people respond to this thread positively, it could encourage the administrators to take note, and look into making that happen. Here's the thing. Most of the designs that people would want, would likely feature licensed characters. The MLP Forum would need to get permission from Hasbro to use the likeness of their licensed characters on any merchandise sold. Of course permission could easily obtained by simply paying the license fee. I still think it is a good idea, so I offer this as a simple alternative to waiting for MLP Forums to obtain a license to market t shirts. Make your own. You can buy special paper for your computer printer that will turn images into an iron on transfer. For instance, I really like the current banner. I would totally wear that as a t shirt. So, I take a screenshot of this page, and cut the banner and expand it to the desired size, then could print it onto the special paper, and iron it on a shirt. Done. Does this violate copyright laws? Yes, it does. Is this illegal? Yes, it is. However, unless you are mass producing, manufacturing, or trying to sell, or make money off of shirts, it is highly unlikely that Hasbro will pursue any legal action against you for making something for yourself. However, if interest is high enough, MLP Forums may want to look into obtaining a license agreement, as it would also promote the website. Or they could opt for a design that dose'nt use any licensed images, that just says "MLP", but I doubt anybody really wants one of those. Or maybe they do, I've been known to be wrong.
  11. Sad to hear Taco Bell has discontinued the Diablo sauce ( glad I grabbed handfuls of it and have a small stash). The diablo sauce is made from habanero peppers. In my opinion, habanero is the hottest pepper I can enjoy without it just being ridiculous. Even then, when cooking with fresh habanero peppers, I find one pepper will go a long way. One pepper chopped up fine is more than enough for a big pot of chili. You can try adding like half of one ( chopped fine) to a jar of off the shelf salsa, and it will kick it up nicely. Add more or less to taste. Tobasco brand hot sauces make a habanero based sauce that is pretty close to what they put in the "diablo" packets. They sell it in the grocery store, and it might be easier to find than fresh peppers. My personal favorite is datil pepper. I grow these, they are not as widely available as habanero. I find that datil peppers have almost the same "heat" as a habanero, but a nicer sweet/smokey taste. If you search online, you should be able to find datil pepper vendors, or products made with datil peppers. Or try these guys I would recommend the four pack of sauces to start with. I am also a huge fan of their chips. It looks like they have a recipe page on the site as well.
  12. Let's see if I can explain why this didn't bother me. First, no, Rarity has never indicated having any interest in investigation in the past. Intact in "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" the whole idea of forensic investigation seemed to be a foreign concept to most of the ponies. So, there you go. You're right on that point. But... Here's why it worked. Near the beginning, Rarity says that she is a fan of mysteries. (the fact that it is of the noir genre isn't mentioned, but it totally suits Rarity s character that it is, as seen in the style that she is imaging the investigation in her head). Her interest in this style of mysteries has inspired her to create a fashion line based on said style. Just as we would expect from Rarity. The next thing that makes this work is also foreshadowed in the beginning of the episode. We already know from having watched the show that Rarity is a very detail oriented pony, but in case you didn't already know that, they make a point to re-enforce that in the opening scene at Canterlot Carousel. It was more about Rarity using her skills and attention to details to help prove her friends innocence than that she was an amazing forensic investigator. Rarity being a detective was A) her using her imagination that she was a character from one of the books she had been reading, and Dash is known for "big adventure" (says so in the into song). Well, Rarity finally got to have an adventure with Dash, and it wasn't just camping or in a race or something. It was her showing loyalty and generosity to her friend, when Dash's integrity was on the line. Not just adventure for the sake of adventure, but adventure done with a real pourpose. And with style and class, as we would expect from Rarity. Hope that helps you be able to enjoy it more.
  13. After last weeks lackluster episode, MLP is back with a strong episode! After several episodes exploring the dynamic of AJ and Raritys friendship, we finally get an episode dedicated to Rarity and Dash. We've been given little tidbits here and there of how their friendship works, with Raritys girly girlness and Dash's tomboyishness, I always knew they were better friends than what we have been shown. And now, finally, we have that episode. The are direction was amazing in this episode. It's episodes like this that make me proud to be brony. This is the type of episode you can show to anybody, and say "see, it's a really good show. That's why I watch it!".
  14. Blue, pink, white, orange, yellow, purple. Pegasus, earth pony, unicorn, earth pony, pegasus, unicorn. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack, fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle. If it wasn't for the song, then how would we know what order to put the ponies in when displaying pony mercy on the shelf? Without the song you might put fluttershy next to Pinkie, or AJ next to Dash! It would be as if Discord came in and rearranged all my ponies. Absolute CHAOS, I tell you!!! Big Adventure! Tons of Fun, a Beautiful Heart, Faithful and Strong, sharing Kindness, is an easy feat, and Magic makes it all complete. Sums everything up quite well. Introduces all the mane characters. And "I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you all shared its magic with me" perfectly spells out what the show is about ( Friendship is Magic). Its a lot like the theme song to Gilligan's Island, it sums up the plot, and introduces the characters. Not sure what more you could want from a theme song for a TV show.
  15. Here's the thing most of you may be too young to remember. When Scrappy was added to Scooby Doo, he was a forced in character. He was added into later seasons as the show grew stale, (kinda like when they added celebrity guest stars)so after several seasons of us being used to the dynamic that Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby shared, they throw in the annoying little pup. That is the main reason for the Scrappy hate (that, and he was a bad character). Spike on the other hoof, has been a part of the My Little Pony franchise since before Friendship is Magic. So, no. Not comparable at all.
  16. In the fan-fic I'm writing, I actually explore this. I have them growing up together. With Vinyl being Pinkie's first friend, before moving to Ponyville. And Vinyl being the first non family member to attend a Pinkie party. Whenever Pinkie needs a DJ for a party Vinyl is her go to. I'd say Vinyl got every high profile gig of her early career , from Rarity's fashion show to the Canterlot wedding reception, because of her friendship with Pinkie.
  17. First let me say that I have always found it weird that ponies wear clothes sometimes, but are usually naked. So I never really understand the whole fashion thing. Shouldn't Hoity Toity have been in this episode somewhere? So every single dress that Rarity makes is a one off, one of a kind, never to be reproduced dress? That's not how it works. The designer usually isn't involved with manufacturing, much less being a one pony sweat shop. I have thought that was the idea of being a designer. You design a fashion, then people ( or ponies ) see it, like it, and want to buy it. Then, the design gets manufactured, and sold in stores, so it can be bought. Sassy totally had the right idea. The problem was Rarity shouldn't have been manufacturing all the dresses. Rarity should allow her designs to be mass produced, and sold at "Canterlot Carousel" chains all over Equestria. Sassy would have been a great CEO for that chain. If Rarity dose'nt want her designs to be mass produced, then opening a store probably wasn't the best idea in the first place. If all she wants is to make one off original designs, she should continue to design for high profile clients, like Sapphire Shores, and not bother with trying to operate a retail establishment. The moral/lesson I am getting from this episode, is that mass produced = poor quality. Which is really odd message for Hasbro to be sending. I would have hoped for a stronger episode to relaunch the season. Not a bad episode at all, it just isn't how you come back from a hiatus. "Cutie Markless", is how you come back from a hiatus. This was mid-season filler. Which technically, it is mid season, so whatever.
  18. So I was at Target again today, and where they have all the collectors cards and stuff ( usually near the registers ) is where I sometimes find cool pony merch. And I found this... She is about an inch and a half tall, and made of soft squishy, silicon latex. They come in an opaque, pink plastic cylinder so you don't know which one you will get (like a blind bag). There is also a crystal Rainbow Dash. I think it was $2.99.
  19. I haven't read the comics ( but if you tell me the issue number I might since I do love Sunny and would like to know more of her back story, and the comics are only ninty-nine cents from google play. After all I bought the "Time to Shine" book based on your posts). With that I'll try to answer. First off, prior to entering Celestias school Twi didn't have a cutie mark. Once she was a student, just like Sunset, she had a CM. Not sure why you mentioned that. I don't know what Sunsets entrance exam entailed. It is my understanding that Celestia ran a school for gifted unicorns, thereby leading me to believe she had many students, one of which was named Sunset Shimmer. Celestia recognized a great deal of raw magic potential in Sunset and made her a prized pupil because she wouldn't wanrt to see that potential wasted (or perhaps corrupted). Since the chosen one, whose cutie mark had been foretold by the tree, had not been revealed to her yet, I suppose that Celestia took interest in personally mentoring Sunset simply because of Sunny's aptitude with magic. As to what her goal was in grooming Sunny, Remember Celestia knew Starswirl, so I imagine that she was hoping Sunset would, with her guidance and instruction, one day be as powerful of a unicorn as Starswirl. The situation with Twilight is completely different. While Celestia knew that Twilight was special because her cutie mark was on the tree, she didn't know exactly what Twilights destiny was or how exactly to make it happen. I base this on the following facts; 1) Celestia didn't teach Twi about the elements, Twi discovered their existence by doing her own research, and reading. 2) Celestia didn't even know that the magic of friendship would activate the elements. Luna and Her activated them with alicorn magic. 3) Celestia never even mentioned the tree to Twilight, or the fact that her cutie mark was on it. It would seem that Twi found out about it's existence in "Princess Twilight" 4) I don't think Celestia even knew about the magic of friendship before she observed Twilight demonstrate it. Here's why. When she told Twi to get her face out of books and make friends, I think she was just giving her some good advice. She knew the importance of friendship, and that book learning can't teach life experience. Celestia and Luna were students of Starswirl way back in the day. When Twilight was alicornated, after finishing the spell that Starswhirl couldn't, Celestia tells Twi that it was because Starswhirl didn't understand the magic of friendship. If Starswhirl didn't know about it then he couldn't have taught Celestia and Luna about it. To further emphasize this, Celestia also says that Twilight discovered a new kind of magic. In other words it didn't exist before Twilight. Celestia didn't teach Sunset or Twilight about the magic of friendship, because she didn't know about it because it literally did not exist. By the end of the second season Celestia was well aware of how powerful this new magic waswas, and set about testing it first with the Crystal Empire and finally with giving her Starswhirls un finished spell. After the alicornation of Twilight, Celestia tells Twi "We are all your students now". Sunset is important for two reasons. The first is that the very first thing Twi did as princess, was defeat evil Sunset then offer her friendship. The second being Twilight's first student. Not just any student, but one whose magical ability rivals Twilights. This is why her coming back to Equestria and being Luna's student makes so much sense. Once Sunset fully understands, and then masters the magic of friendship, it will be through the filter of having been Luna's student, just as Twi discovered it through having been Celestias student. Then, when the time comes, they will have the skills to rule Equestria together, as Luna and Celestia do. As for how Cadance became Twi's foal sitter, I would assume that Twi's parents put fliers up around Canterlot, and Cadance tore the phone number off and called it. As the Crystal Empire hadn't re emerged yet so other than spreading love all over the place she didn't have much else to do. BTW, I happen to think that Cadance had a lot to do with getting Twi the chance to audition for Celestias school.
  20. Cadences cutie mark wasn't on the tree because she isn't linked to the elements. Her cutie mark is the relic that powers the Crystal Empire. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Celestia didn't know that Twilight would end up with the cutie mark that was on the tree before she gave the entrance exam, but once she saw it she definitely knew they she was the one. Again, I don't think Celestia mentored Sunset the same way she mentored Twilight. Sunny was her star pupil, and until she saw Twilight, was probably the most gifted in magic she had ever seen. However, I think that when Celestia saw that Twilights cutie mark was a symbol she recognized from an ancient relic she knew that Twi was the chosen one that Starswirl had told her about ( from the Journal, I know you've read it). That is why Celestia set upon a different course of education for Twi than what she did with Sunny. I love Sunset Shimmer, I really do. (in fact I'm about to go buy me some Sunny merch right now) I just don't believe her to be the catalyst to FIM that you do.
  21. The flaw in this theory goes back to the tree of harmony. It had Celestia and Luna's cutie marks on it before those marks were on their butts, AND another symbol. It's that other symbol that makes this theory not work. It wasn't Sunsets cutie mark. Sunset may have been a special student of Celestias, but when Twilight hatched Spike and got her cutie mark, Celestia recognized that Twilight was destined to be a bearer of the elements. Something Sunset wasn't predestined to do. If the events that unfolded that would lead to Sunset leaving Equestria had not happened, and Sunset was still Celestias student when Twilight got her cutie mark then what? Would Celestia abandon Sunset as her student? Would Sunset be jealous that Celestia was spending more time mentoring Twi? Basically what I'm getting at is I don't think Celestia mentored Twi differently than she did Sunset based on her failure with Sunny, but based on her knowledge of Twilights destiny. Not that this is meant to take anything away from how awesome Sunset Shimmer is. She still has the prestigious designation as being the first thing Twilight did as a princess, helping Twi not only embrace the title, but to know what it means to be the princess of friendship. I think it was the tree of harmony that made FIM happen, more so than Sunset Shimmer. (that should have been the first sentence, instead of the last)
  22. That makes more sense, and you are probably right. But since the title of the thread is "what things I see that younger viewers wouldn't" I went with the Friday the thirteenth movie, because presumably younger viewers would know about muppets.
  23. Pegasi are bullshit! Horses can't fly. And in real life unicorns hardly ever shoot lasers out of their horns, they are mostly just used for telekinesis.
  24. I've been watching cartoons for a long time, and I've seen a lot of anvils fall on a lot of heads, and I can't recall even one that has caused death.
  25. Wow, I could buy another copy at the book store and bring it there and sell it to finance the trip! The physical, hardbound book is beautiful, and is awesome to have on my shelf. I also have an e-book version I got from the Google play store for about five dollars (US).