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Status Updates posted by SkyBurner's_Legion

  1. Ugh. Soon tired. Got up at 5 and came home at 9:30

  2. So mad cause someone posted a huge spoiler of crusaders of the lost Mark.

  3. Had my first scout meeting today. Was a little nervous meeting all these new people. But it turned out great! Made some new friends and can't wait to go on our first camping trip!

  4. Just came at from a magic draft with some friends. Didn't get any really good cards but I did make a friend. Kinda of a noob at drafting so he gave me tips and even though I lost against him, he gave me his booster pack and got me a promo card. Things like that show people care

  5. Omg my sister just screamed at the top of her lungs cause a stink bug was crawling on her bed.:|

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