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Everything posted by Felicity505

  1. Ok people, anyone want to enter??

    I hope you peeps do, this is on deviantart, but you can send me the art via  MLP Forums

  2. Oo, so I'm thinking something more like this:and less like this:https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=0LKzVLQD&id=1B344B1B090F33AC4563196B864863C3DAC82E2D&thid=OIP.0LKzVLQDk2EhLYsjV-OAzQHaIV&q=mlp+meme&simid=607991668447380383&selectedIndex=26&ajaxhist=0
  3. Help me, I am in a bad mental state right now, I feel the urge to commit suicide. This is not good and I know it. This is also not worth laughing at, it is serious, very serious

    1. Felicity505


      YEAH, My Family Support Me Through These tough Times

    2. Gestum
    3. Felicity505


      Thanks, but I can deal with it and my friendz, but I am grateful that you want to help :)

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  4. Id k why, but mlp forums is telling me I have to fill this in :/
  5. Thanks for following me!

  6.  Also, I am not BronyCooper, just using the art that I did of her OC, that's all!

  7. E will let you known that all of the art I produce is 100% drawn by me and me only, just in case you were questioning my art.

  8. I have no school tomorrow!! I am so happy!!!!!!!

    1. Felicity505


      Nah, it's fun to kick those bullies asses XD!

      But it's still horrible having to stand up for everyone else because your the only one strong enough :(

    2. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      yeah that does sound bad.

    3. Felicity505


      It is, coming home every day with some injury or another from trying to help me friens, screw my horrible life


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  9. Hi, got something big off my chest with so eone, and I feel good!


  11. Goodnight, peeps, you can still talk to me, but I am still at school, so I won't pick it up until either the morning of the afternoon, anyway, bai!!!!

  12. Soooo, I have a new piece of art for a trade:image_2018-02-28_221457.png.db7271dd0a84756a0341e0c5b533ae67.pngshe is called Ashe (Aishite Motto) and is the oc of a friend of mine, hope you like him!! I am also feeling a bit under the weather, myself, forget 'fever' I threw up twice yesterday! I am not feeling good, you got any advice, peeps? I really need it!


    1. Felicity505


      Yay, I'm happy! I'm drinking the tea and honey at the most inappropriate time, it's about 10:40 pm here, and I am so tired!

    2. Meemfestivefox


      It'll pick ya up some and hopefully give ya a good rest. :squee:

    3. Felicity505


      Yuo, Thanks For The Advice, But Imao Go To Sleep Now, Night!

      In your dreams not a chance yet

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  13. And Imma probably pass out in a min as I am ill (with a fever) and I need to rest, so good bye peeps! (I am only doing this to make mum happy, so you  an still talk to me!! X3!)


    1. Felicity505


      But I am seriously gonna pass out soon, tho

    2. Meemfestivefox


      Feel better. -Hugs-

    3. Felicity505


      I feel better, thanks -hugs back-

  14. Bored. Dunno what to do. Help

    1. Kyoshi


      Would you like to tap dance on the moon with me?

    2. Felicity505


      Yeah, sure, I would lo e to! Wait, how about dance around in bed on the moon <3! Just kidding! Or am i... No, I'm jk, it's fine!

  15. Uhhhh, Crystal Sunrise I guess? Here's her reference, but she is a CRYSTAL pegasusI hope this is enough!
  16. Ok...? And I'm not sweating it, it's just that my drawings are naturally awful!
  17. Hello. Any people here, I am very bored, ya got anything I can do that isn't drawing and checking my internet?

  18. Ok, my drawing is so dreadfully awful that I can hardly look at it, I officially can't draw XD!
  19. I'd love to!!!! Thank you for accepting! Here she is! It took me one hour, but I'm quite prouddo you like her? I hope you do!!
  20. Sweet! Also, thanks for following me!

  21. Soooo, I'm now gonna do trades in art and art only so if you want me to draw something for you, then you dr a something back for me, simple!