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  1. If you watched FiM in order starting with Season 1, how long did it take you to realize you were watching real art instead of infantile garbage? For some the turning point was “Bridle Gossip.” I have a friend who wasn’t convinced until “Luna Eclipsed.” For me, I had my suspicions that this show was actually good after “Friendship is Magic, Part 1.” Specifically, after the first ninety seconds. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic starts with a lore-establishing prologue. This is a common trope in epic fantasy, which reminded me of some of my favorite works, such as The Lord o
  2. First of all, I’m just so happy there is news. Any news, good or bad, is better than no news. I was really getting a little worried that the movie would be postponed. The September 2021 release date was given way back before COVID-19 hit, and then there was nothing. I was afraid that they had fallen behind, and they were going to postpone the movie. So to get news at all is proof they are still working on it. Kidscreen article Before I get on to the Hasbro Investor Event, let’s roll the clock back to the Kidscreen article. This article told us two things. The first was
  3. That's beautiful! (usually looking at a flower)
  4. Why am I the only one who thinks that Rainbow Dash is the youngest of the Mane 6? She straight up says she was the first in her class to get a cutie mark (see "Call of the Cutie"). Notice in the Sonic Rainboom race, one of the colts she raced against already had a cutie mark, meaning that not everypony at that school is in the same class. It must have been a school with a broader age group, just like any school in our world. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were at the same school but in different grades. But that didn't stop little Rainbow Dash from challenging Fluttershy's bullies, who were proba
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